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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all. I am posting this in the hope someone will be able to tell me how to go about putting this mess right & hopefully get an idea how much trouble I may or not be in. As a single man I have been on ESA & Housing Benefit for some time due to both cancer treatment and being diagnosed with, but not yet treated for PTSD. Just over a year ago I married my soulmate against a backdrop of personal issues. I/We have not yet informed the DWP of either our marriage or the fact that she now lives with me. My wife works 16 hours a week earning approximately £128 per week. My main question is how much trouble am I likely to be facing? Apparently my wife could claim tax credits if she were single...is this the same under our circumstance? We have very much wanted to sort this issue for some time but fear of what may happen & health issues have prevented this. I just want to come clean and be able to have one less thing to worry about. What is our actual entitlement? Will I be prosecuted? Is my home at risk? Any answers or help would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  2. Hello, I recently experienced a severe change in circumstances which meant I was removed from my residence in London and had to move over 55 miles away. In London, I'm tied into a 12 month contract with Parkwood Leisure. I emailed them, explaining my change in circumstances an that I was under severe financial strain and therefor couldn't afford to pay my membership - I provided them with proof of change of address etc. I also took the following steps: - tried to find someone to transfer it to - asked if they had a gym near my new address, so I could transfer it to someone here (they don't) - Offered to pay them a smaller amount (2 months fee) to effectively cut the contract early, which would be beneficial to both sides and is all I can afford. So far all I have received is strong arm emails just reciting the same contractual terms, with no compassion showed by what appears to be a pretty awful organisation based on other posts I've read about people who've been admitted to hospital etc (Parkwood Leisure). I suppose my question is - is there anything I can do? I'm tempted to just tell them to do one and take a chance, if they file a CCJ then I'll just pay up but as you can imagine a gym membership is definitely not high on the list of debt priority (unless it has to be, with a CCJ). I'm not too familiar with CCJs, but from what I understand: - If you pay in 14 days then it wont impact your credit rating - You will be charged a CCJ administration fee on top of what you owe Does anyone know if the above are correct in this case, if so, what is the administration fee? I'm tempted to offer the gym a payment of say £10 a month for the foreseeable future to make the payment easier - would they likely accept this? The whole experience has been awful to effectively just speak uncompassionate gym staff (I even had a phone call with the head of the centre). What an awful way to treat customers. Thanks for any advice!
  3. Hello all. New to this forum, just going to copy and paste the template with my answers. Name of the Claimant: Comprehensive Management Services LTD claimants Solicitors: Gladstones Solicitors Limited Date of issue: 25/09/2017 Date of Acknowledgement - 13/10/2017 Date to file defence - 27/10/2017 Particulars of Claim: 1.The driver of the vehicle registration ... (the 'Vehicle') incurred the parking charge(s) on 04/06/2017 for breaching the terms of parking on the land at QUEEN STREET APARTMENTS 2.The Defendant was driving the Vehicle and/or is the Keeper of the Vehicle. 3.AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS £160 for Parking Charges / Damages and indemnity costs if applicable, together with interest of £2.91 pursuant to s69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at 8% pa, continuing to Judgment at £0.04 per day. What is the value of the claim? £162.91 + £25 Court fee + £50 Legal representative's costs = £237.91 Has the claim been issued by the Private parking Company or was the PCN assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim ? Comprehensive Management Services LTD. Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? Not sure what "Notice of Assignment" is, I did receive a PCN & a "Letter Before Claim". Full Story - I pay £50 PCM (in addition to rent) to Queen Street Apartments for parking in the car park in question. This is for my can. - As my car had suffered crash damage, and was stationary in the car park, I picked up a rental car (listed in POC) on Saturday 3rd June at 14:46. I have proof of this. It's worth noting that as this was a rental, I was the temporary keeper of the vehicle, but not the owner. - Once arriving at the car park in question with the rental car, I went immediately to the administration office of my building where parking permits are issued. They have previously provided me temporary permits for rental cars in the past, free of charge. - Unfortunately, the office was closed at this time, and as far as I am aware, there is no other way to attain a permit. - As soon as the Queen Street Apartments staff were back in the office on Monday, I immediately obtained the parking permit (it was too late, I already had the parking ticket). I still have the parking permit as proof. - My defence is that I did everything I possibly could have done in order to comply with the regulation, but was unable to do so. As a resident of Queen Street Apartments who pays for a spot in this car park, I was well within my rights for my car to be there - even though a parking permit was not present. I appealed the parking fine with the Independent Appeals Service (using my PCN number), and it was rejected on the basis that they are "only able to look at the lawfulness of the charge and not at any mitigating circumstances". Gladstones Solicitors then sent me a "Letter Before Claim". I responded that I am unwilling to pay on the basis of [what I wrote above]. Now, they sent me the claim form. I would appreciate any advice on how to proceed. While I am happy to fight this (pending your advice), it is a concern that if this goes to court, and I lose, I may have to pay out several thousand pounds in legal fees - at least I read that this is a possibility. I have yet to respond to, or acknowledge, the claim form, although I have until 13/10/2017 to do so. I am not sure if it is worth me defending this, or if I should just pay the money they are requesting?
  4. Seems that these 'standardized' letters have been going out to all sorts of people for quite a while now - my father has just received one and he's about to turn 80 ! He's not in the best of health and it's causing much anxiety - would it have been sent to him by mistake ? The only 'benefit' paid to him by the DWP is his old age pension and surely they can't stop that for ANY reason ? He does receive Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support, but these are administered by the "Revenue & Benefits Dept" of his local council and periodically he is asked to provide details to them to maintain his entitlement. Any thoughts on this anyone - does he REALLY have to attend and provide details of his finances ?
  5. Can anyone please help to allay my fears? Potted History My husband who is significantly disabled is in receipt of DLA ( not changed over to pip yet) He has been on enhanced mobility since 1994 following a severe rta. Multiple injuries, crush fractures etc. spent two years in hospital initially followed by several further surgeries. He didn’t claim the care component. He was told he’d never walk again and he was offered medical retirement at this time. This he refused and with sheer determination and hard work managed to gain some mobility back, all be it severely restricted. He put himself through uni and changed career to enable him to work. He continued to meet the criteria for DLA. Fast forward to 2006, mobility deteriorating, spine breaking down, severe pain constantly, legs becoming weaker, unable to walk without crutches, and using wheelchair for distance. At this point he applied for the care component of DLA and was awarded enhanced care. Admitted to hospital for spinal surgery, metal cage fixed around lumbar spine. This surgery though complicated, gave some support to his crumbling spine. His mobility and care needs remained unchanged. In 2010 he had an emergency admission to hospital, he needed urgent knee surgery on his right leg, we knew this was was to be expected, he has no knee caps and extensive damage to both legs. His prognosis has always been in the negative and was just a matter of time before his legs would give up completely. At this time he was medically retired from work as despite adjustments he was unable to continue to function properly. He has continued to deteriorate and is on opioid meds along with other meds. Now, he/we didn’t inform DWP of these admissions to hospital, we were under the impression that because he wasn’t in hospital for longer than 4 weeks, and there wasn’t any improvement in his overall condition in that his mobility and care needs remain unchanged, that we didn’t need to tell them. I am now aware that this is not the case. My husband, since learning about this has had a complete mental health breakdown, necessitating GP intervention. He has convinced himself that because of our error by not informing the DWP of these admissions then they will see it as fraud and take action against him. We have had no contact from DWP, it is just something my husband read and has gone into panic mode. My apologies for the lengthy first post, I was trying to give some background and I’m desperately trying to hold things together. He was going to phone/ write to DWP to “confess” his error but I’m not sure it’s the correct thing to do given his present mental state. Any advice, reassurance would be most welcome. Thank you.
  6. Not sure if I have a case here but I know you are a great bunch with heeps of intelligence between you so I thought I would give it a go. I had a small private pension from an previous employer some 30 years ago and due to circumstances decided to access it last year when I turned 55. Now I know what they say about keeping funds in the pot until your 60, which is when they would normally pay out, but the option was always there and I needed it, so applied. However, there was also a clause which said the following; We will deduct 27% from your benefits if you decide to take your pension early at age 55 (to preserve the pot for those that stay in the pension until they're 60) This can be reduced to 11% if you are experiencing financial hardship and have supporting evidence (not verbatum, but that's what it meant) Anyway, as my husband had died and I was out of work, having been his carer for 11 years (on & off) I duly applied for the 11% deduction due to hardship and sent in supporting evidence of his death, my financial commitments and bank statements to prove funds available. I received a letter just to say that my pension would be paid at the deduction rate of 27% and provided me with the breakdown accordingly. I was desperate and my sister was terminally ill at the time so was unable to contest it at the time. My sister has since died and I just wondered what type of situation I would have been expected to be in, in order to have qualififed for the higher pension payout? I'm inclined to call them later today but would be very interested in what your thoughts are please peeps?
  7. hi.im long term unemployed 60 yrs old. and i have just received a letter from the job center telling me to list my change of circumstances, i put no change.and sent it off. then the next day i received a letter from the nhs saying i owe them £96 for prescription charges. as they can not find any evidence of me being entitled to free prescription charges. whats going on i can hardly walk and take pain killers and other tablets. im thinking now my benefits will stop. i cant phone them as im partially death,
  8. Hi thanks for such a quick response and good to hear someone will be able to advice me on how to deal with incredibly aggresive debt collection companies. I am self-employed and have been for the last 23 years; most of my work comes from one particular firm and for the last four/five years the firm have not been generating enough work, as a result my income has gradually decreased. Stupidly over that period I have used my bank overdraft and credit cards to subsidise my loss of income, pay household bills, the mortgage etc., I assumed (wrongly) that work would pick up next month, the month after or the month after that; it didn't and last year my earnings hit an all time low. In total I have just over £33,000 worth of debts and last October a friend advised me to contact The Consumer Credit Counselling Service, they gave me some solid advice and with their help I wrote to all of my creditors and advised them of my loss of income and inability to make the minimum payments on my acccount/s. I sent them my income/budget/list of priority debts. I offered them £5.00 per month and asked them to review this in six months. Amazingly all except 2 of my creditors accepted my offer and some were amazingly sympathetic (Sainsburys my biggest creditor). The 2 who would not accept my explanation and the offer to make reduced payments were Amex (total of £1092.00) owed and Barclays Bank (£5215.00) both Barclays and Amex have referred the debt to CSL and Newmans respectively. Both companies are fairl aggressive in their pursuit of the debts and now one is threatening to send a field agent and the other a Statutory demand, and possible bankruptcy (for a sum of £1092.00). A new expereince for me. Some support from anyone with similar experience would be fantastic.
  9. Firstly, hello and thank you for taking a moment to consider reading this and helping A close friend used this before, said the advice and support saved him through a very tough time financially, as a result he came out the other side and contributed back to the forum, I hope I'm able to get some advice too. I welcome an experienced user moving this thread to a correct forum, I'm afraid I'm unsure which one is best. I'm reaching out to people to seek advice on a very tricky financial decision we find ourselves stuck in, I'm listening to as much advice as I can get, I hope you'll take a moment to read through it, I've tried to be brief. Thanks in advance.* Myself and my wife have been together 15 years and have 2 children (age 4 and 2)* We lost a long term family business to liquidation in which we were both involved; as a result personal bankruptcy followed immediately afterwards. Myself and my wife are now 5 months into the 12 months of personal bankruptcy.* After the initial assessment into our statement of financial affairs we were signed up to a three year income payment agreement and now pay £80/mth (£40 each) This was originally worked out on two salaries of £30k each and payments are due to be paid for a further 2.5years.* * As can be expected we've found the process incredibly hard, however I find we've gone from a happy relationship of 15 years to near divorce and now have regular (albeit free) counselling sessions. I've contemplated suicide for a while and come fairly close three times. We're short of money every month and have to beg from parents to cover one off expenses that were outside the budget.* On a more positive note, she has just been offered to transfer to a new job at £90k earnings. This is comprised of £40k basic and projected bonuses for around £50k. She's fully investigated and is happy with with proof on how realistic the bonus scheme is. These bonus payouts will fluctuate significantly on a month to month basis.* The income from this one job is far higher than the income for two separate jobs.* The job would involve a huge life change with personal sacrifices on both sides. It would probably also mean me stopping work to look after children full time. She would have to travel more, work away four nights of the week, see the children far less amongst other considerations, however in the weigh up in this area it seems at first definitely worth doing.* It's also worth noting our childcare expenditure is also changing soon with one child moving from nursery to school saving £350/mth and in January the other child's nursery fees reducing by £150/mth as the 15hrs/week childcare allowance kicks in.* There are plenty of variables for us to consider whether this is the right thing to do, we're seeking advice from this forum for knowledgable third parties on the main issue: It is to do with declaring the potential income and expenditure changes.* What to declare, how much is handed over, how, when and for how long etc etc. *Basically this would help us know whether to make so many life changes and if it is all (at least financially) going to be worthwhile.* Any input and ideas in relation to this issue would be gratefully received. Please also reference what experience you may have had in dealing with anything similar.*
  10. I have lived at my property as a tenant for a little over a year. My landlord lives abroad, I rent through an agency and they left all their property here incl their TV so getting rid of it is not an option. I never got a TV licence for this property in the time I have lived here. Automatically generated letters threatening various actions have arrived. I am used to these as I never owned a TV in my life but previously I didn't need one either, so had nothing to worry about. However now that I do, I am worried. I live on the 1st floor in a block of flats and I personally know my ground floor neighbours who have been to my flat and would recall seeing a tv here. It would seem even though I have never spoken to one nor would I ever open the door to one, a TV licence person has been regularly coming to visit my property for the past few days. This has been around 7pm so a bit out of normal working hours ( I haven't a clue what normal working hours are for them!). I cannot think of another person who would cause such harassment so I am certain it must be them. However they have never during these visits left a note/letter to say they've been and will be coming again. I am pretty sure after declining to open the door to them today that they went knocking on other doors (which didn't open) and finally were talking to people downstairs. I asked my ground floor neighbours but they never told me a thing in regard to who it was (just stated it wasn't them knocking earlier when I was having a bath) and I have never discussed TV licence business with them. I am worried whether I can get away without paying for a licence if getting rid of this TV is not an option. Would a confirmation from my neighbours be enough for them to get a court order without talking to me? Would them obtaining my name through some other source also be enough proof of my identity? Would I if I were to as a last resource go on their website and sign up for a licence TODAY using my original details get in trouble even more because now they'd know who I am and would probably wonder why the property was unlicensed for the amount of time it was, so I could be prosecuted? Please help!
  11. H can anybody help me, I've just been moved over to Support Group on ESA, Do i have to get intouch and tell child tax credit about this change please? just dont want to be stuck owing them money in a month or so. thank you clare
  12. Hi as per my title, caught up in a multiple payday mess. One of which, Wonga, have refused to acknowledge the letter (they have signed for) explaining my financial difficulties and offering token repayments (£20 pm) on the debt (c. £540 inc. interest). Yet they CONSTANTLY pester me, 3 letters, countless phonecalls and multiple emails, claiming to have added over £100 to my debt in interest and fees. Can I 'force' a payment to them via standing order and then claim de facto acceptance of my repayment plan offer in lieu of a response or would I better formally complaining at their failure to respond to a letter I know they have citing my difficulties to repay? Cheers!
  13. Hi guys I need some help, i applied for esa on 8th April as i am going through bad anxiety and PTSD. After few days they sent my statement back and ask for doctor's note which i sent on 18th April. On 19th i got sms from Jobcentre that they have all information and they will contact me with the decision. I also received the letter from Jobcentre saying that i am pleased to you that we can pay esa form 8th April you will get £84 a week etc. I rang Jobcentre on 25th April and i was surprised when they said they have not received my sick note and i need to ring on Monday to find out. I rang today and got another surprise when they said you need to send the ESA50 form back then we can release the payment. Can anybody tell me if this is true i am totally confused and upset as i cant fill this ESA50 as its too difficult. I made an appointment with local cab but the date is too far and i dont know what to do. Thanks
  14. Hi I am trying to reassure a friend who is convinced that if he tells the DWP of a change in bank account they will reassess his DLA claim I have said that he will not be reassessed untill 2015 at the earliest (re DLA website ) unless his care / mobility needs change Unfortunatley you know what chinese whispers are like I am now beginning to question the advice given has anyone heard about the above Thanks
  15. I am 40 this month and am currently on £220 Housing Benefit per month and £202.70 Income Support (Incapacity Benefit) per fortnight, and I have been concerned about the "horror stories" concerning the ATOS reassessments based on their medical examinations. I personally take medication, like Sulpiride for anxiety and paranoia, and Omeprazole for a hiatal hernia caused by my abdominal obesity, ie. I look like a pregnant man, my belly is so big. My knees are also quite stiff, and I don't like resting on them to look in cupboards and so forth. So when I get a letter from ATOS/DWP saying I have to come in for a medical, I just go ahead and answer truthfully, right? If I'm deemed fit for work, I will have to attend interviews and so on, but for a while will only end up with something like £71 per week during the "assessment phase", but eventually end up on the "work-related activity group" at £99.15, right? That sounds not much less at all than the benefit I'm on now, which is a good thing. And I've been thinking about reentering employment for a long time now, as voluntary work just isn't cutting it and I want more money, frankly. The job market is dismal, but I'm strangely confident, for some reason. I would class myself as only slightly disabled, but is it the fear of reduced benefits or having to travel to interviews that are petrifying the genuinely needy disabled people out there, leading to the poverty and suicides we've heard about when they're deemed fit for work? Or am I missing something? Also, does the Universal Credit mean that Housing Benefit and ESA will be all combined into one lump sum per month?
  16. I am a cab driver. I own two cars and a rent my cab. My wife left her job in September 2013. Did not need to car so filed a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) on 30 September 2013 for the surplus car. I put this car in the garage which is in the back garden of my house and accessible only through a gated-locked alleyway. Only my neighbours, who have their garages in their back gardens, have keys to the and thus, access. It is not open to public. On Saturday, 7th September 2013, a friend and his family come to visit us in the afternoon. We parked his car in the alleyway beside my garage. While there, decided to put bikes and some other stuff in the garage and therefore got the SORNed car out and parked it outside the garage. We came back home and spent quite a few hours e . At about 21.00 hours when we went back to the garage to get my friend cars and also put the bikes and my car back in the garage, we noticed that the gate was unlocked and just in front of my car a flat bed low loading car transport trailer was parked with a full load of car transporter ratchet straps in a large open holdall on it. Our immediate reaction was that somebody was going to steal the car and we probably disturbed them and they might be around. Scary thought. We waited for half an hour for someone to appear and justify the trailer. Also discussed calling the police but did not do so because on weekend night in London they are real busy and also it could be embarrassing if only it was some neighbor who parked the trailer. However, could not also leave the car back in the garage as garage door could be opened easily by just pushing it. Also, if somebody meant to steal the car, they probably had the key to the gate. Winter night, raining and very cold and also mid-night approaching, decided to park the car in front of my door in the street to put it back in the Sunday morning (Sunday) when things had cleared. Before that my son took few pictures of this trailer especially its registration number. Sunday, early morning my next door neighbour rang the bell and told me that my car has been clamped. I told him the whole thing and he said that actually someone has left the trailer for him!!! Spoke to the clamping people not very helpful rather intimidating. No DVLA on Sunday. Had to pay £260 (£160 refundable). Got tax disk Monday morning. Had to visit NSL Office (clamping contractor). This time the dealing lady was very polite and helpful. Completed the paper work and was told that need to do nothing more as they were doing it on behalf of DVLA and as I have already taxed the car. Happy thereafter – no. Now exactly six months after (8 June 2014), am in receipt of requisition to appear before the magistrate to faces the charges, fine up to £ 1000/ and a criminal record as I have not responded to a letter from DVAL seeking some information posted by them on 10.12.2013. Never received any letter, no reminder absolutely nothing. Will appreciate advice!! I intend to plead not guilty.
  17. A relative who is 75 currently gets the higher mobility and lower care component of DLA (both on an indefinite award). Their situation has worsened and they now require more daytime assistance/supervision; thus should probably be entitled to the middle rate care component. If they report their change of circumstances what will happen? With the current culture they are wary of being re-assessed due to the onerous guidelines now in place and they couldn't deal with the stress of having their benefit reduced and having to appeal. Thanks for any help and guidance.
  18. Hi, Im a little worried on whether i need to declare my partner to WFTC and CHB if i do this does anyone know what will happen? Will my money stop?, Will they want to know his income?, will there be a history check? Has anyone been through this situation, if so can you give me some advice. Thanks Emma
  19. Hey guys First of all I think I should fill you in on the full story, I would like answers from people who know the answer, please no guess work as that might end up getting me nowhere. So recently my Jobcentre adviser changed due to my old adviser going off to manage a different age group, I went in there this morning (having applied for 23 jobs in the last fortnight) and she asked me how my job search was going, I said "yes not bad, I've applied for 23 jobs so hoping to get lucky on one of those" and she replied with "yes, because you will be due to go off to a work programme soon". Now, I do not receive Jobseekers allowance due to my partner working full time I am entitled to no benefits at all apart from my NI stamp for a pension which I will probably never see. So my question is, can I be forced to attend one of these "work programmes" if I am not claiming Jobseekers allowance? The reason I ask is that a few years ago I did have to attend one of these and let me tell you it gave me absolutely no help at all and I think I may be forced to sign off if this is the case. On another note, it would be helpful if someone could tell me if I am entitled to ask for a change of adviser? The reason being that I have been going there for 10 months now and have seen just about every adviser in the building, none of which have ever had a problem with my job search as I usually manage between 15 and 25 jobs every 2 weeks and they can see that I am genuinely trying to get myself back into work. My new adviser however is a completely different story and no matter what I do or how many jobs I apply for nothing seems good enough for her and she does not possess any ounce of a helpful attitude, rather just giving me a hard time when I'm doing exactly what I should be doing. Thanks Jay
  20. Hello all! Looking for some advice please... I moved to S.E. Asia 18 months ago, and to date have been managing to make the monthly repayments of approx £400 GBP on my debts. My situation has now changed as I am 5 months pregnant, and health insurance will not cover any of the hospital expenses which I will have to pay in full. Plus the ongoing expense of raising the baby. As such, I would like to know if it is worth contacting the banks to see if they would let me reduce my repayments to something more manageable on an Asian income? I have a credit card with HSBC approx £50 per month A personal loan with Tesco approx £200 per month Overdraft with HSBC approx £100 per month (will be complete in March) Plus approx £50 per month misc interest, student loans etc The credit card and Tesco loan are my main concerns, especially as over £40 per month is to pay interest on the credit card. Please understand that I DO want to repay these debts, just at a more manageable rate. Thank you in advance for any advice
  21. Hi everybody, I'm hoping someone can help me because I'm terrified. I receive DLA. My award ends in Jan 2014. When I was assessed by one of their doctors in March 2012 I was working part time. I started a full time job in November 2012. Not to make excuses, but I was just out of surgery and I had just moved house and broken up with my long term partner all within the same couple of months as starting my job. I thought I phoned to inform the DWP of my change of circumstances. I hadn't. I only realised this about a month ago when I was sorting out some Working Tax Credit stuff and they advised that I hadn't changed my employer. I thought I had done both at the same time. I wrote to the DWP as soon as I realised this, and told them that my circumstances had changed and requested they stop my DLA immediately, and now they are sending out a change of circumstances pack. I just dont want this benefit anymore. I know this amounts to benefit fraud and I am petrified about what is going to happen to me. I will lose my job if I have a criminal record and my doctor has put me on anti depressants and diazepam because I am having panic attacks and have started to think about killing myself because if I lose my job I wont have anything. Nothing has actually happened yet with the DWP, I haven't had an interview under caution or anything but I am so scared that something is going to happen I just dont know what to do. If I have to pay back money I'll pay it back, I just cant have a criminal record or I'll have lost everything I have worked for. Can someone please give me some advice on what to do, I am completely terrified right now. Thank you.
  22. What happens if my circumstances improve, will my DRO get revoked or will I have to make payments to my creditors? can someone tell me what will happen?
  23. Hi all I'm considering appealing a PCN by post (no photos) and can't find a similar offence on here so thought I'd post for some assistance. Here are the details of the contravention: Date of contravention: 09/04/2012 Time of contravention: 10:13 Location: WEST END LANE - (Barnet, London) Contravention code: 01: Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours. The PCN is being served by post because CEO: 384 observed the vehicle identified above from 10:11 to 10:13 and attempted to serve a PCN by affixing it to the vehicle or giving it to the person appearing to be in charge of the vehicle. So the situation: I was dropping off my car for an MOT in a local garage - it has limited parking and it was all taken up and all other parking spots were taken so I parked on a single yellow as I had a baby and toddler with me, before going into the garage and handing the owner my keys clarifying where I was parked, as he confirmed my details in his book. I leaned out to check the car and ensure there was no parking officers there and there was not and so headed off. The garage owner called me a short while later to say that in the short time he went back to his office to replace his book and go out to the car (minute or two), two CEOs came along in their car and were issuing a PCN. He argued with them but they saw no sense so drove the car away. He believed that we had grounds for appeal as they were there for such a short time as to not be able to take any photos and no notice was affixed to the windscreen - but that he would help with any appeal. Anyway I've received the above PCN - and have checked and no photos are online, and so I need to write in an appeal and need help to ensure I am staging the correct reasons which are 1 - That there has been a procedural impropriety on thepart of the enforcement authority. (A procedural impropriety is clarified tomean a failure by the council to follow proper procedure, 2 - There are compelling reasons why, in the particular circumstances of thecase, the enforcement authority should cancel the charge and maybe 3 - the vehicle had been permitted to remain at rest in place in question by a person who was in control of the vehicle without the owner's consent What do you think? I was parked in the wrong place but I didn't see any other options at the time and was handing my car over to the garage owner who was then in charge of the car - his short delay meant that I got a fine but it was truely very very short indeed. Should I appeal based on one or all of the reasons above, or just pay the fine to avoid it doubling from £55 to £110? Any advice really really appreciated.
  24. I was after a bit of advise, my daughters boyfriend currently pays for his son who was born in 2012, but now my daughter has become pregnant and will eventually start to live with her boyfriend. Now can his ex claim more money from him if my daughter starts living with him or does his payments reduce due to my daughter been pregnant. Also would any benefits that my daughter would get go towards his ex's payments.
  25. Hey all, Currently I have a Bank Of Scotland Credit card. I have been paying the balance in full each month and then using the full balance to pay off other debts. Which are nearly paid off, however the bank recently reduced my credit limit and after numerous phone calls has not restored the limit. The problem is that they reduced it below the original limit while the card was charged above it. The limit is only £150 by my own choice and yet although the card was at 147 when they reduced the limit, they still continued do so anyway. Causing me arrears. I was wondering if it is illegal for a bank to through you into debt and financial hardship with no evidence of the card not being paid correctly. There has been no late payments or fees in the last year and the full limit has been paid off each month. An additionally piece of information is they did not inform me of the limit decrease. So I could have taken appropriate action to reduce it at the time. Thanx for the help in advance. D
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