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  1. I can't find the paperwork, and I can't remember whether it was paid to Lloyds or a collector on their behalf, all I have is a bank account number to make payments to. I thought Northampton would give me the details but as I say I've heard nothing back from them, other than the reduction in payment.
  2. A couple of years ago I had a CCJ issued against me for a Lloyd's bank account, I agreed to pay an amount each month which I have stuck to. I'm unsure how much is left outstanding and seem to have mislaid the paperwork. I contacted Northampton to see if they could help with a statement of some kind so I know where I'm up to but they just reduced my monthly payment by £20. I was just wondering if anyone knows the correct route to take to find out how much I still owe? Thanks
  3. I'm just trying to get an idea for myself really, he has been to a solicitor who wants £2500 up front before he will take on the case
  4. Like so many others it seems I am getting letters from various agencies requesting my £80 fine. Each time I contact the DC and explain my situation I am told that the matter will be returned to the DVLA, which it is but then is passed to another agency. I sent all the paperwork back as requested when my car as scrapped, but the DVLA "didn't receive it" I must have sent it at least three time. As this was over six years ago, can I send them the statute barred letter?
  5. I'm again having a bit of trouble with my letting agent, my rent payments go "missing" every now and again and last month I had to have a bit of an argument with them to get them to look at their bank account and locate the money. I either pay direct transfer from my account to theirs or cash over the counter directly into their bank account, either way I always put our payment reference on. I have been asking the letting agent to provide receipts for payments I make, as sometimes they say the payment that is missing is from a few months ago (but they fail to mention it at the time it is due). So far I have not had any receipts and they are saying they don't have to provide them. Surely I am entitled to a receipt for a payment if I request one?
  6. Hi guys, I'm just trying to get a bit of advice for a friend of mine who's mother has recently passed away. He has lived with his mother all his life and has been her carer for the past few years. The house they live in was left in trust by his grandmother, his mother and one brother were named as trustees. The house was left for his mother to live in as long as she wanted, after this the will states that if the house is to be sold the monies are to be divided equally between all four of her children, or her children's children if their parents are deceased also. As it stands there is one surviving sibling, but both siblings that were named as trustees are now deceased. Two of the deceased siblings both had two children, my friend is the only son of the other sibling. The questions that I have are: 1, If the will was to be dealt with by the trustees are the siblings of the trustees now the ones responsible as the last remaining son was not named in the will as a trustee, only mentioned as to he should get a share of the estate. This son thinks that he should be the one to deal with it, but is this legally the case? 2, My friend is still living in the house it has been his family home for around 20 years, and he is entitled to a quarter share of the house as stated in the will. His remaining uncle is keen to force him out and sell the house. My friend wants to continue living in the house but where does he stand legally? Thanks
  7. annpow


    I know in my line of work, all the councils I deal with will not pay council tax benefit to those on ESA, as according to them, if you are on ESA you have no need for council tax benefit! PIP is a very unknown benefit, they will not even allow you to have a claim form until you prove you are eligible for it, therefore many people who are entitled are not told about it. When I first mentioned it to a member of staff in the job centre I was told that they had never heard of PIP!
  8. This a link to a petition regarding this, I've signed http://action.sumofus.org/a/nhs-patient-corporations/2/3/?sub=mtl
  9. annpow


    If you were on incapacity benefit you would probably be better with the Personal independence payment (PIP) rather than the ESA. My brother in-law was swapped from IB to ESA and lost all his carers allowance and his council tax reduction. He has now been advised that he is eligible for PIP and he will be able to have the carers allowance and the Council tax help, which you are not entitled to with ESA.
  10. I found this article quite interesting http://www.gponline.com/bulletin/gp_commissioning_bulletin/article/1227222/should-gps-fear-sharing-nhs-data/?DCMP=EMC-ED-GPCommissioningbulletin-1227222
  11. I would wait for the results of the x-ray and then write to the the chairman of the hospital involved, I also wonder why her own GP did not refer her to x-ray sooner if she had been back and forth to them? Be careful with Diazepam, it isn't a painkiller, more of a relaxant and is highly addictive. I have a friend in a similar situation, she fell down the stairs, attended A&E and was diagnosed with a frozen shoulder, again no x-ray was offered. She was referred for physio which has caused her more pain. Last week she was sent for an x-ray by her GP and results show that her arm was broken! it has now knitted incorrectly resulting in possible surgical intervention.
  12. It seems to have all been designed in a way to give people as little time as possible to firstly be informed and then to opt out if they wish. A lot of GP's surgeries were given less than six weeks notice regarding this data extraction, some surgeries were given less than fifty leaflets to hand out when they had 5000+ patients. They were allowed to copy and forward to patients but it's a lot of time and resources for busy surgeries to spare, not to mention the financial cost especially when budgets are now so tight. I don't want my private and confidential information being sold, I don't want to be contacted by someone trying to offer me services etc based on my medical history. NHS staff are bound by patient confidentiality, why is the NHS allowed to sell patient identifiable data for profit?
  13. Which CCG (health authority as it was) do you come under?
  14. The council tax attachments come from the council, on their headed paper, they also wrote to her employer. I presume it will have gone through the local court. She also has one for a CCJ from Northampton court, which was passed to the local court to assess her earnings and work out what she could afford.
  15. It's not really anything to do with the GP, he can advise that he thinks you may get "better care" or "be seen sooner" etc etc but it is your choice. The receptionist/secretary you spoke to is either being mean for the sake of it or she does not know what she's doing! Private hospitals have contracts with the NHS and you are perfectly entitled to use them via the choose and book NHS service, it's all part of cutting waiting times and getting seen sooner, usually if you go to one of these private hospitals you will normally be seen within a couple of weeks and a lot of the time it would be the same consultant that you would see in the NHS hospital. I would ask to speak to the practice manager (who would know more about it than the GP anyway) express your concerns state where you would like to be seen and hopefully he/she will sort it out there and then. If not let the know that you intend to complain either in writing to the surgery or to the CCG's patient liaison service. It's all about patient choice, it's not GP's choice!!
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