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  1. didn't think of that lol but what are the odds it will go all the way to the court? I am sure ericsbrother have thought of it too and would not have suggested if this would be an issue going forward. Thank you for sharing the thought though, very helpful indeed.
  2. Understood, thank you. I will ask them to write to the company and provide my details as the driver and I will take it if I receive correspondence from the company.
  3. thank you FTMDave and ericsbrother. I passed on the second last message to them not long ago but would be happy to be named as the driver for sure and will take them up. Shall I ask them to send an email back to the company that this person (I) was the driver and contact me going forward? (that's it)
  4. Could not agree more, she is very embarrassed that a good Samaritan has been inconvenienced because of her. She doesn't want the driver to be receiving notices etc. She is happy for her to receive it instead and asked me if there is a way for her to receive it (So iIcan deal on her behalf??)
  5. I had kinda hoped that they may just not send it but unfortunately they have. The gentleman received NTK (Notice to Keeper) today. I have uploaded a copy here and would very much apprecaite guidace as to what can I do next.
  6. Thank you ericsbrother I now have contact details of the driver. I spoke with him yesterday and requested to send a copy of NTK to me as they receive it as I will then dispute it on their behalf. I will post a copy of NTK as I am in receipt of it.
  7. Thank you. I have attached the notice. It was issued at Parkwest, West Drayton UB7 balix pcn.pdf
  8. I have the ticket scanned with me, it doesn't have any personal details and only car details. am I good to attach here?
  9. As far as I understand the ticket was left on the windscreen of the car and the keeper of the vehicle is the person who drove the lady to her apartment from the neighbouring town. I will check with my neighbour as she got in touch with her friend to find details of the other guests/driver. She was quite embarrassed about it so was reluctant earlier but I explained that this is the only way she'd be able to help them. She was wondering if she could get them to authorise her to act on their behalf or in other words me as I will help with your (CAG) help of course.
  10. Hello folks, Posting this on behalf of my elderly neighbour. I am copy and pasting the appeal here which should explain the situation. My neighbour is concerned and worried that she doesn't have driver details and if the company were to write the driver, the driver may pay up the money which she doesn't want to happen. What option does she have at present do you think? PCS's response yesterday: Thank you for your email regarding the above Parking Charge Notice (PCN). Unfortunately we are unable to process appeals that have been made by a third party. The driver will need to contact us directly if they wish to appeal their PCN. Kind Regards PCS signature with contact details etc. From: My neighbour To: enquiries@parkingcsl.co.uk; Subject: Appeal re: XXXXXXXX Hi, I am partially sighted and has a physical disability. On 20 April 2019 my son dropped me to a family friend on his way to work. Whilst at my friend's house, I started to feel unwell, another guest visiting my friend kindly volunteered to bring me home quickly so I could access medication and rest. The guest drove me home and helped me inside the flat. I can confirm that it didn't take them more than a few minutes but by the time they went back to the car, your parking attendant had put a ticket on it already. They spoke to the attendant to say that they were only away for barely a few minutes but parking attendant said I don't have access to cancel the ticket. The guest then returned to my flat and I assured them that I will ask my son to speak with security to have it cancelled. The next day my son spoke to security but was told they don't have access to system either and it has to be written to you to be cancelled. I would appreciate if you can please cancel the parking charge and confirm to me via email that you have. ticket details are as follows; PCN Date: 20/04/2019 PCN Number: XXXXXXX VRM: XXXX XXX Vehicle Make/Model: Toyota Name: Neighbour Address: her address Contact Number: contact number Unfortunately, I do not have driver details as they were guests attending an event at my friend's house. I'd appreciate if you can send me any further communications to my email address. Regards,
  11. understood, my apologies. please remove my previous document and i will upload it again later.
  12. lol I aint that good then with editing, also intention was to simply not publish personal details on public forum. RE reading my personal details, honestly I am not worried about you seeing my details, you guys spend much of your time helping others, surely you can be more trusted. I have read through the guidelines and will upload the documents later. thanks dx100uk.
  13. I followed the link and have submitted a request asking PALs to assist me with who to contact at the hospital to discuss this matter. Still awaiting a response. In the meantime, I have scanned and attached the last letter I received. I am looking for previous letters in the meantime. @lookingforinfo. thank you for your kind thoughts. She had surgery and recovering well. (I thought to write more but sometimes words don't really help to express us well) but thank you once again. also, thank you @ericsbrother for your comment. much appreciated. ticket-p.pdf
  14. apologise for the confusion. I made a mistake in my first post. I went through my emails again and correction as follows; 1. Parking charge notice was issued on 16th February 2018 (the notice was left sticking on the windscreen) 2. I then received a letter dated 12th April 2018 (I would have received it a day or two later) demanding payment that that parking charge notice is still unpaid. 3. I challenged via email on 29th April 2018 4. They rejected my challenge via email reply on 22nd June 2018.
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