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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Guys Im new to this I received a court notice from mortimer clarke on behalf of cabot in 2015 regards a cc I filed my defence and sent them the requet for proof of my cca which they did not send me the court stayed the claim and now 2 years later they have appealed to remove the stay with the court ive just received court papers sending the claim to small claims track and mortimer clarke has asked the court to complete this without a hearing any help would be much appreciated
  2. Hi I received a claim form last year with regard to an apparent arrow global debt I owe. The debt was bought from a halifax credit card. I did a CCA and CPR request to them straight away. There was then a stay on proceedings while they got the relevant documentation together. They have now submitted a notice of application to get the stay lifted and for summary judgement to be made against me. However they do not appear to attached terms and conditions to the credit agreement, just something entitled 'Key Financial Information'. Please see attached document. They have also not supplied a copy of the default notice, just a computer database entry of it. I am going to base a defence on the fact they have not complied with the CCA request, due to the missing terms and conditions. So have not complied with section 78 of the CCA. Also that they have not supplied a copy of the default notice, therefor cannot prove that a compliant default notice has been served, pursuant to sections 87 and 88 of the CCA. Please could you have a look at the three attachments and let me know what you think. credit agreement, terms and conditions(supposed), and default notice database entry. Thanks CCA return.pdf
  3. Hi all I had two ccj debts with Aktiv Kapital which have now both passed the 6 year point. Both had interim charging orders on my house. I paid off one of about £3k and had the charging order removed. They very kindly also sent me a receipt to show that the other debt was clear (which it wasn't) I forwarded that to the court and had the other charging order removed. I moved house a year ago and I am still paying £20 a month to Aktiv Kapital. Any thoughts about what they could do if I stop these monthly payments? The CCJ wasn't really settled although they gave me a receipt and I moved house. I am tempted to let sleeping dogs lie but equally I wouldn't mind asking for a refund on the £20 that I have paid for the last 12 months. I haven't heard anything from them and they don't have my new address yet. How clued up are they?
  4. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/ban-on-women-in-ground-close-combat-roles-lifted
  5. I hope I've posted this in the right section. Long story short. Friend had a barny with his misses and cops were called. He was bailed on a condition that he does not speak with her or go near their shared house. He had no key or documents for the car, which was left at the house. Car runs out of tax/insurance and the DVLA take the car away. Car is subject to a finance agreement. He assumes the DVLA would have notified him as the registered keeper but obviously his ex never passed it on. (He never notified the DVLA of a change of address as he was living out of a black bin bag at various friends houses). So fast forward six months and the Finance Company coming looking for the car which was lifted. Would the DVLA have to carry out a HPI check on the car, and also notify the Finance Company, before crushing? He is convinced it has been crushed.
  6. Hi, dont know if this is the right place but hopefully those in the know will move accordingly. Today i got a call from my ex to say my car had dissappeared while she was out. The car itself has been SORN off the road since 2011 and parked on an off road parking area thats associated with the building she lives in. .. the car is registered there and had been there without issue untill today.. I have had no letters in the post or stickers attached to the car by anyone and the housing estate officier has not mentioned anything when talking with my ex. i firstly called the police 101 line to find that havering council had lifted the car for having no tax.. however the land in which the car was parked is not owned or under jurisdiction of the council but that of a private housing authority. and i know this for fact due to issues over incorrectly issued parking ticked previously by the council. . and the area in which the car was parked is not under their boundary. now as im to understand this is THEFT by the council. if the housing authority that owned the land wanted to remove the car i would have had to been given at least 7/14 days notice by means of letter or notice on the car. now where do i stand . ... i haven't called the council in question as well the offices are closed but as it stands i believe they have stolen the vehicle and had no right to lift it... or if they were under instruction form the housing authority to remove it i should have been given due notice. thanks in advance
  7. Put simply. I defended a summons on the basis that I felt the companies case was wrong in many respects, but I was paying off the amount owed anyway because there was no dispute that I owed the money. They didn't challenge my defence and the action was automatically stayed. Two thirds of the account is now settled but they say I missed a payment (I didn't, they are cretins) and they sent me a letter saying that they would apply for the stay to be lifted and for judgement to be entered against me for the remaining balance without further notice to me. I'm not bothered about their threats as such because I have made the payment, but CAN they get the stay lifted and enforce judgement when my defence is still valid? I'd just like to hit them with both barrels and tell them to **** off and let their clients know how useless they are to be honest.
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