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  1. Thanks I have done that but they are saying that they won't go away until they can find the actual payment
  2. A DCA is chasing me for a debt that the court shows as settled (I have cert of satisfaction) and they lifted an interim CO. This dates back to 2013. They now say that they can't find that payment was made. I can't prove that I did as I don't have records from them. What do I do? I sold the property with the original order and now live in a new mortgaged home with wife who didn't know me at the time of the original debt. Can anyone recommend a good solicitor to sort them out for me? Thanks
  3. Hi I would be grateful for advice - I have two certificates of satisfaction for PRA debts. One they have a record of and the other they claim not to. When I recently tried to stop payments on the one they claim not to have a record of they asked for proof of payment ie bank statement. I don't have that as I think that it was arranged by my ex wife and there is no way that I am going to her for anything. Surely the court would have sent them a copy originally? Where do I stand on this? I think that they owe me about £600 since I should have stopped pa
  4. MCE bought the debt from HFC I think I was paying Mortimer Clarke monthly payments. Although there may not be paperwork, there was a CCJ IN 2007 and an interim charging order
  5. Hi I would be grateful for advice on this. I sold my house two years ago with a number of interim charging orders on it and purchased a new property. My solicitor advised creditors after the sale. So far, so good. I had a payment plan £32.50 per month in place with one of the creditors HFC - Mortimer Clarke - MCE Portfolio 12 months ago they stopped taking payments and I didn't think anything of it this week they have been in contact asking for an updated income/expenditure statement. When I called them to ask what this was about they were a bit put out t
  6. Hi all I had two ccj debts with Aktiv Kapital which have now both passed the 6 year point. Both had interim charging orders on my house. I paid off one of about £3k and had the charging order removed. They very kindly also sent me a receipt to show that the other debt was clear (which it wasn't) I forwarded that to the court and had the other charging order removed. I moved house a year ago and I am still paying £20 a month to Aktiv Kapital. Any thoughts about what they could do if I stop these monthly payments? The CCJ wasn't really settled altho
  7. I too don't think that this is right. I haven't questioned them as they said it was their final offer and referred me to the Ombudsman. No breakdown provided, no response to SAR either and they have sent a cheque for the interest. I still have the second card to sort out as they are asking for a second PPI claim form for it - even though I put in a general Egg claim Any suggestions?
  8. 1. The date is 2004 and that must have been when the account defaulted/closed by Egg. 2. My understanding of the offset issue is that they cannot do this as they were not the original lender see quote from Ombudsman's web site. Have I misinterpreted this then? We often decide that it is fair for the business to “set off” the compensation payable for the mis-sale of a PPI policy against the consumer’s arrears on their account – and remove or reduce those arrears. But we would not consider it fair for a business to require the consumer to reduce the balance below what would be
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