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  1. Partner’s Egg card taken out probably about 2000, defaulted in 2006 (default notice received) and paying DCA £1 per month since 2007 into their bank account with a reference number, every month, without fail. Initially got letters confirming payment but these stopped coming in 2008. In 2011 got two standard letters from from Barclaycard that they had taken over the Egg Card, and their terms and conditions. Then nothing further from Barclaycard. Now you are probably wondering why are they still paying the £1 per month if no-one has been contacting them. They are actually too frightened to stop incase that sets off some sort of alert and starts the debt being chased again by somebody. So this week there are two phone calls from the DCA, only identified themselves by first name, company initials and asking for Partner to call back. On the second time I politely asked them to write if it was important. So this is how it stands now, waiting to see if a letter comes, and what it might say. But just wondering how this might pan out. My gut feeling is that they possibly have not had responsibility for collecting the debt since the letters stopped. I only recently found out people should receive a statement at least annually which hasn’t been happening. (perhaps they will write to ask the payments to stop ) Have never asked for a CCA, or done a SAR on this account. Again, not wanting to stir things while it is all quiet. Not sure what to do. Any helpful observations / suggestions? Thank you
  2. Hi.. .have received a reply from Barclaycard, they have sent a copy of Barclaycard conditions Leaflet, NO signature in fact NOTHING. their letter states sorry for delay, and goes on "The information we must provide to you under the terms of Section78 is prescribed by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and by the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notice and Copies of Documents) Regulations 1983. .This completes our obligation to you under section 78 of the CSA 1974. As I see it they have not complied with my original request for a signed copy of the original agreement ,I have also written to them stating they are in default.. ..what do you make of the letter. ..what is the next step please... ...Firstship
  3. dx....10+ years with Stepchange I wanted to clear my debts but over the last few years I have only paid them £5 for each creditor ,they are unhappy that I can no longer pay anything and are taking for ever to approach creditors so I will do it myself.Will raise a new CCA request, so if I do not pay them what action can they take FS
  4. I recall having a barclaycard in late 90's with PPI that I attemped to claim (in the 90's) and was told that the policy did not cover job loss for temporary s/employed workers, after that I had the PPI element i was paying removed from the account when I realised it would not cover me , I have DSAR'd but it only went back to around 2004, I am not sure if i have any paperwork myself dating back to this time. Is this something worth pursuing or not as it is a very old account?
  5. Hi, I have just received a claimform from IDR (for Barclaycard) for £18k, do not really know what to do, would like to defend it somehow, have only ever admitted the debt to Barclaycard, when it went to default, since then I have not spoken or interacted with DCA's at all over this until IDR sent the Claimform have approx 10 days to reply. What would you guys suggest? have a home with plenty of equity but my wages are very low due to self emplyment after redundancy, have two young children and a wife who is also on the morgauge, so worried about a charging order going on my home. can only afford to pay them about £50 Per Month HELP!!
  6. Hi there, Looking to see if someone can give this CCA and accompanying letters a look over, I sent a CCA Request to PRA Group and got the attached back from them is it all there and legit? This is in regard to a recent agreement. Thanks in advance. Barclaycard Letter Redacted.pdf Barclaycard Base CCA Redacted.pdf Barclaycard CCA Redacted.pdf PRA Reply Redacted.pdf
  7. Need a bit of help with an old Barclaycard debt that has been passed onto Robinson Way A bit of back story... In 1998 when I started college, Barclays were targeting students and offering them free mobile phones (this is before everyone had them!). I knew that Barclaycard's interest rate was pretty bad compared to most, so almost never used the card and had a direct debit set up to pay the minimum balance (standard student mentality). Fast forward to a couple of years ago... I hadn't seen any statements in years, but Barclaycard send me a notice of default to say that my direct debit had been cancelled 3 months previous and I was behind with my payments, and that my card was now over it's limit! This was obviously news to me because I hadn't seen any statements. I obviously phoned Barclaycard to sort it out, and told them that I wanted to see statements and why I wasn't receiving them etc. They said I was signed up to online banking so I can manage everything online and as such, they don't send out paper statements. Unfortunately, I don't have the card anymore due to it expiring and them never sending me a new one or the reader to go with it. I also don't know any of the secure information to log in. She said she couldn't give me access to my online banking until the account was sorted, so I made a payment to bring it back in line. She then said she couldn't give me access because it would take several days for the system to register the payment, and that all I need to do is phone the call centre in a few days time. I waited a few days and then phoned the call centre... Unfortunately, trying to explain to their indian call centre that you can't log in to online banking is rather more difficult than it should be. The general response was always that the problem must be at my end, because they can log in fine. They couldn't grasp the concept that I was unable to log in due to not knowing any of the passwords or information. I tried this several times, but got frustrated. Obviously the account then went back over it's limit... the recovery team phoned me, I paid an amount... complained again about the situation, but ultimately nothing changed and we went around in circles. Finally last November/December I'd had enough and was determined to go through to their complaints department. Took me an age to get through because the indian call centre employee was determined to try and sort the problem himself without listening to my problem or understand what I was saying . Eventually I got though, and I explained that from my point of view, Barclaycard were withholding information about my account from me, and denying me access to online banking so I wasn't able to manage the debt or see how it had got so high on a card I hadn't used in several years. I was told that it would be raised as a formal complaint and that as the account was now closed, no further interest or charges would be added. I was also told that they would call me at some point in January to discuss it.... They never did. In early january I get a phone call from someone asking me to confirm my details for security purposes... Obviously I said no, because they phoned me. They said they would write to me instead. I then get a letter from Robinson Way, as well as one from Barclaycard (albeit a black and white photocopy rather than on their blue letterhead) saying my debt was now transferred to HPH, and was being managed by Robinson Way. I suppose, my question is... can they just pass on a debt? I mean I don't know who this company is, and I was trying to dispute it with Barclaycard. I had actually threatened to go to the ombudsman as I think this was rather underhanded behaviour. This morning I received a letter saying they'd accept £1722.93 in a single payment to settle the £2297.24 debt. Obviously I want it all settled as quickly as possible, but at the same time I don't want to be costing myself money unnecessarily. I was prepared to take Barclaycard to the small claims court, but I'm guessing that they passed the debt on so that couldn't happen. Any idea what my next step should be?
  8. Had a reply from Barclaycard regarding my 1998-2003 SAR request. They claim not to be able to find my statements and need more information. I provided them with my name and the address the cards were registered to at the time. Interestingly Barclaycard claim that the statements are not in their main system, but they state that they do have them. In order to retrieve the statements they need my old card account numbers. Alas I don't have these anymore. Should I just push harder and insist that my name and address are sufficient?
  9. hello everyone. just started this thread for a colleague, who needs some advice and is not very good with computers. history of debt Barclaycard credit card 01/2008 debt management 08/2009 arranged with Barclays a reduced payment plan which was accepted while on the debt management plan. PRA GROUP was assigned the debt from Barclaycard 08/2015 Last payment made 02/2018 Name of the Claimant ? PRA Group Date of issue 17/01/2019 What is the claim for – 1.The claimant claims the sum of £1834.29 for an outstanding debt owed. 2.On 22.01.2008 the defendant entered into a an agreement with Barclays Bank PLC for a credit card under reference ….. 3.On the 06/2018 the defendant defaulted on the agreement with an outstanding balance of £2019.29. 4.On 17/08/2015 the debt of £2301.02 was assigned to PRA Group(UK) Ltd. Notices of assignment were sent to the defendant in accordance with S136 law of property act 1925. Payments of £434.52 were received up to 06/06/2018 and adjustments have been applied in the sum of £32.21. 5.AND THE CLAIMANT CLAIMS 1. The sum of £1834.29 A Barclaycard CC debt £1834.29 + court costs Have you received prior notice of a claim being issued pursuant to paragraph 3 of the PAPDC (pre action protocol) ?Yes What is the total value of the claim? £2019.29 what is the claim for:Barclaycard credit card When did you enter into the original agreement before or after April 2007 ? 01/2008 Is the debt showing on your credit reference files (Experian/Equifax /Etc...) ?NO Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim.Debt purchaser PRA Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? I don't remember receiving this information Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? No, after ringing Barclaycard they claim that the account was never defaulted. Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? Just letters from PRA stating you are behind with your payments Why did you cease payments? Got into financial difficulties What was the date of your last payment?06/02/2018 Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? No Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? Yes I was on a debt management plan He has done the AOS on MCOL. CCA request ready to send to claimants CPR.31.14 ready to send to claimants solicitors Any help and advice appreciated. Donation will be made thank you
  10. In August 2018 I had my complaint against Barclay card upheld for my PPI Insurance held on my Barclay card from 1992 until 2004, the card continued without PPI from 2004 to 2011. I was unhappy with the redress offered as I knew that this card would have had an average balance of around £2400 a month during the period up to 2004. Barclay card offered me compensation which was inadequate. They stated as they had no records of my account previous to May 2004 (my PPI was stopped in April 2004, I found that to be a little too convenient that all my statements prior to May 2004 had gone missing), that they had created an offer based on historical averages for a typical customer. I wrote to Barclay Card asking them to reconstruct the balance on the card from Nov 1992 to Apr 2004 based on my spending patterns on the same card from May 2004 to Nov 2011. They refused to do so. As a consequence of this refusal I contacted the FOS. At the same time I raised a GDPR request which I received in due course with statements from May 2004. I passed these statements to the FOS as part of their investigation. I have now received the FOS adjudication. The adjudication states that Barclay Card have acted unfairly in this instance and need to reconstruct my credit account from 1992 to 2004 using an average balance of my card between Apr 2004 and Feb 2007 when my credit limit increased. They are to use the average balance and then work from that point. My question is what methodology will they use as I can find nothing indicating how a calculation will be done either on the FCA or FOS websites. I do have a copy of the FCA Handbook 10/12 which has working examples of how to calculate PPI in most instances, but I am afraid not in this situation. I would like to be able to work out what is likely to be a fair and reasonable offer from Barclay Card if and when it arrives.
  11. Good afternoon, In a nut shell. Opened a BC CC in Mar 2003. Missed a few payments which meant that i incurred Over Credit limit charges. Over the course of the next 14 years, it escalated. Despite missing payments and over credit limit charges, BC doubled my credit limit on 3 occasions, June 2009, March 2011 and March 2014. Leading to more financial trouble for myself which was impossible to get away from at the time. Finally got back on track in 2018 and managed to clear the balance, but still incurring interest and some charges. Prior to each limit increase, my record with them was nothing short of abysmal, missed payments, over credit limit, when i did pay i was rarely over the miniumum payment. 38 missed payments and 48 over credit limit from 2009. My question is, do i have a claim against BC for irresponsible lending? Regards G
  12. Hi There, Not posted for a long time, but here goes! Owe Barclaycard £9000 and have sent them a CCA, they have replied with a letter sending me a copy of the agreement but not signed by me. They are saying the account is not in dispute because of any delay in providing your copy documents as section 78 (6) (b) was repelled on the 31st May 2008. It is now no longer an offence for a creditor to fail to comply with s78 (6) for more than one month. What is my best plan of action now. Thank you in advance for your replies. Steve H
  13. I am looking for some advice regarding removal of Arrangement to Pay markers and a default from my credit report. I have an outstanding balance of £3486.90 with Link Financial who took on the account from Barclaycard in February 2015. Barclaycard applied markers to my credit report from April 11 to February 15 when they marked the account as settled, following an SAR it doesn't appear the account was ever formally defaulted. I was on a DMP until recently when I sent a section 78 request to Link and stopped paying. They did not comply with the request and subsequently issued a default notice. There is a note within the documents received following the SAR request that would indicate that the debt is unenforceable. I am looking to obtain a mortgage in the summer and these two accounts will prevent me from doing so. Should Barclays have defaulted me when I missed 3 month payments? Can Link default me as they aren't the original creditor? Should the debt be removed from my credit file as it's over 6 years old since I breached the original T & C's? How do I go about remedying this? Thanks.
  14. Hi thanks to a member on here telling me to CCA Barclaycard I am looking for help. What makes it unenforceable I keep looking and some people say they have to produce original paperwork, others say they can send a revised one, being taken out in 1999 does it need to show my signature? Any help would be more than appreciated. X
  15. I ended up with 3 debts to Barclays bank - Premier Card / Overdraft and Select loan.I challenged Barclays on the way that they had been charging interest on my Overdraft and Select Loan. Very good news they did not challenge me back but simply sent me letters saying they would be writing them off. I have written to Robinson Way who now hold the Barclays Premier Card debt asking for my terms and conditions / interest rates/ how Barclaycard applied them to my account. Barclaycard have supplied a copy of the original agreement but have said " WE ARE UNABLE TO SUPPLY THE HISTORIC AND VARIED TERMS AND CONDITIONS " My question is whether they can refuse to supply these details ? Many thanks in advance for your kind help
  16. Hi guys I'd like your thoughts on this. I have a Barclaycard / ex-Egg account - that defaulted back in 2012. In middle of last year it was sold to Hoist and then Robinson Way came chasing. It's a familiar story. Last payment on this was February 2012 (default was Nov. 2012), so I'm thinking "you sods!". I sent CCA request which has taken them months to comply with (I have all the time in the world!). I finally received a recon from them this week, with an I&E sheet attached and 30 days complete it (keeps clock ticking ). Reading between the lines, I don't think they have a clue when this agreement commenced, but nor do I, to be honest. There isn't a date specified anywhere. On the bottom of the Egg recon it states "04_2006", but this only appears to be a copy of T&Cs, so probably isn't a compliant recon anyway. They certainly don't appear to have a copy of the original agreement, so from that perspective, I'm hoping this account is from pre-April 2007. All I know is that it's from around that time and could well be 2006, or could be a year later. With the six year anniversary of the last payment coming up next week, I'm hoping that I'll also have the SB option in my locker too. I'd prefer to eat up another few months though before I would feel confident having to rely on this should they issue a claim. I don't know if it affects anything, but I did enter into conversation with one of these Dor-2-Dor callers a few months after the last payment - they called to the house and caught me on the hop. How would you recommend I respond to the recon they sent me? I'm ideally looking to string them along for a little while longer if possible, although they might even keep sending begging letters for a few months without any form of prompting anyway. Cheers! Sham
  17. I have a credit card debt with Barclaycard dating back to 2014 and have not made a payment or been contacted by them for at least three years. Today I received a letter stating they are making a refund of £75 being an "inconvenience payment" and asking for a contact telephone number my bank details and a signature so they can make the refund. They also state: "We are now closing your account and do not require any further payments in relation to the outstanding balance. Your account is partially settled this means although there is still an outstanding balance on your account you won't need to make any more payments" Is this a fishing exercise to get my details and confirm the debt or is it genuine? Sounds to good to be true:???:
  18. I have/had a disputed figure with Barclaycard, which they either sold or passed to a DCA (different letters state different things). Neither Barclays or the DCA have had the nads to pursue the disputed figure through the courts and as I haven't responded to any of their nice "please contact us, we will do everything to help you" letters, I have under a year to go till the Statute of Limitations (SOL) kicks in. A couple of weeks ago, I received a letter from Barclaycard, apologising for their their being less than fair on me when I was a customer, and awarding me a couple of hundred quid by way of restitution for the fees, interest, arrears, and threatening behaviour they inflicted on me over the years. It went on to say that as I have an outstanding debt, they would pass the money on to them to deduct from my account. Which, as it isn't an admission of unfairly charging extortionate fees and interest per se, I am pretty sure the money should have been paid to me, not the DCA. And if they sold my "debt" to the DCA, as they have stated in the past, then they wouldn't have had any further claim on my account. Of course, the letter went straight into the shredder and into the recycle bin. Then at the weekend, I received another letter again saying they may have treated me less than fairly, and saying they were going to pay £75 IN CASH no less, to me personally. There was an enclosed form for me to send them details of my bank account to pay the money to. Well, whoop-dee-doo! I'm going to be £75 better off. Or am I? The problem is with the SOL. If I return the form to have the money transferred to my bank account, can they misconstrue this to be me making contact with them regarding the disputed outstanding figure, and reset the SOL again? Is it best to err on the side of caution? £75 isn't a huge sum but after being turned down for PIP after being on (undisputed and indefinite) DLA for the last 6 years (another story) it would certainly come in useful.
  19. Hi guys, new member here, with a situation which I thought seemed very wrong - I hope somebody can advise. 3 years ago I defaulted on a small barclaycard, which with interest and fees went from the £1500 limit to nearly £3000. The debt was sold on by Barclaycard to Robinson Way, and is now held by Hoist. I have an agreement to pay the debt off which works fine for me - I don't even notice it. I recieved a letter from Barclaycard a couple of days ago, where they own up to malpractice with fees and interest charges. As a result of this malpractice they have issued a compensation amount of just over £500 - great! The problem is, they're issuing that to Hoist as a credit on my account with them. I have a real issue with that. BarclayCard committed these malpractices against me, and I think that as such I should recieved the sum directly. My situation with Hoist is nothing to do with Barclaycard -- they certainly shouldn't be allowed to issue compensation for malpractice against myself, and give it to another party. I think at least anyway. Would anybody be able to advise on my rights here? I've been in touch with Barclaycard and got a very insincere apology from a talking head, who says that they definitely can't send me a cheque - who'd have thought a bank can't send a cheque?! thanks in advance Andy
  20. Hi all, I received yesterday a lengthy letter from Barclaycard regarding Egg credit card. It told me that they now had my account, and that back in April I should have received notification that the Egg card was being sold to barclaycard. I am concerned as I haven't received any such notice, and moreover, am in a current agreement to repay both my barclaycard Visa and Mastercard debts off. However they have not stopped interest on either card, only reducing the interest to 2 percent. Has anyone else had experience of this or received notifications back in April?
  21. Hi, I sent out a CCA request to DLC, who were collecting for an old Egg debt; I have been paying £1 token payments to them every since the account defaulted over 6 years ago, and due to having moved house a couple of times since, have completely lost track of what has happened with this as the standing orders were set up to come out automatically. Last week I received a response to my request from DLC stating "we returned the account to Egg in July 2010, who have since ceased to trade. We assume that your account has been acquired by a third party company and we suggest you contact them". I have no idea who to contact about this now! Any advise as to what I should do next? If Egg have ceased to trade, then where has my £1 a month been going?!! Many thanks AM
  22. Hi all...some advice needed. I originally put a ppi claim in against barclaycard in 2011 using a claims company which after about 2yrs was rejected. Fast forward to 2016 and I received a letter from barclaycard stating they were reopening my case. They asked me to go online to their site and reapply.. Which I did with no reply. I went back online last week and reapplied again. Received letter Monday saying they were sorry that I had to reapply online again and they would look into it straightaway. Received letter today rejecting my claim as the policy started in 1996 and ended in 2001 and seeing as I applied by post they didn't give me any advice on it. I made my own decision whether I required the the policy and could have benefited from this. Has anyone had any success after receiving one of these letters from barclaycard and if so what should I do now... Oh and they state I carnt make a plevin claim as the policy Was signed for before April 2007 but closed before 2008
  23. Does anyone have a Barclaycard application form from 1990 please? I know it's a long shot, but sadly the copy they have sent me is unhelpfully more or less illegible for the relevant section, and I need the exact wording. What I can discern from it reads like you have to indicate in the box to opt out, rather than the usual indicate to opt in. The final sentence appears to say and the section is titled Here's how it looks:
  24. I want to send a SAR to barclays about an old egg card I had which they now own. The address I have is: Barclaycard Customer Relations Dept PO Box 9131 51 Saffron Rd Leicester LE18 9DE Is this the correct address to send the SAR? Many thanks!
  25. Hi Guys, A friend has just received a letter today from Hoist Portfolio regarding an application for a Charging Order on his property. This is regarding an old Barclaycard debt for approx 7K which was sold on to a DCA. At the time I was helping him him with it and the DCA failed to produce a enforceable CCA (Barclaycard circa 2001). He then put the account into dispute. Now, he claims that he knows nothing about the CCJ , so we checked his credit file and yes he has one from 2 years ago. If he had seen the claim form he would of defended as I was helping him with it. Oddly enough the claim form states land at back of property, not the house - he just has a normal small garden. Property is in equity and jointly owned by him and his wife Thanks in advance for your help guys
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