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  1. 14 day extension to the BC having to file a defence. Their solicitor is trying to get BC to get the real data (statements) together. I expect they will just come back with another round of excuses about not finding the data. I still refuse to believe they have deleted it.
  2. Solicitor is clueless about the data. I sent her the following email: then I received this response: to which I replied: the solicitor then replied: Not sure what is going on at Barclays. Are they just lazy and only want to search what's on their computer records and avoid going to microfiche? Are the microfiche team too lazy to have a proper look? Is the data actually gone? Interesting to note, in my general GDPR stack from last year I did get a very low quality picture of the original CCA and application for the cards from 1998. Would that have come from microfiche I wonder. Feeling a little hopeless. Really want those statements, refuse to believe the data is gone, did Barclays really start deleting old data?
  3. I just collected the mail packages from the Royal Mail depot. They are just hard copies of the files I got electronically last night. No relevant data.
  4. Yes slick, it’s the same data they already provided. Should i agree to their 14 day extension? Getting concerned they are not going to get me the data. Would they really have deleted it....
  5. Letter from Barclays attached as pdf barctnook.pdf
  6. That makes redacting my details a pain.
  7. Update: Didn't get the letters sent by post, missed the post office closing. Have accessed the secure online area and read the documents. Not good. Basically it looks like they have just run a GDPR request again. They even wrote in the covering letter they are sending the data again. Again they say they can't find older statements.
  8. Update: Cheeky email from the nice solicitor I replied: Dear Nice Solicitor,.,I am at work at the moment and not at home. I will pick up the packages this evening and if everything is in order I will happily discontinue the case. Thanks for your help.Best wishes, tnook
  9. Just had an alert from my ‘Ring’ doorbell. Postman was trying to deliver several signed for envelopes. Will need to pick them up from the Royal Mail depot tonight when I get back from work.
  10. Update: Email from their solicitor This is a little worrisome. I didn’t ask for a PPI summary. Have they just re-run the GDPR request from last year again and are going to send me the same 15 cm thick pile off data with the bits missing that I have been asking for.... The suspense.....
  11. LOL I just forwarded the mailbox warning to the nice solicitor, so that they are aware.
  12. No they said they will email the documents/data in an encrypted format and post the password separately for security. But yes if they are sending anything useful I expect it will be scans of microfiche.
  13. Update: Email from BC’s solicitor just arrived. I am dying to see what they will be sending. Will keep you posted.
  14. Thanks @Slick132 and @Andyorch. I'll adapt it and submit to the courts. Look forward to seeing their response.
  15. Update: Received a standard computer generated letter from Barclays saying they had received my Data Access request and were processing it.... do they know there’s a deadline?
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