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  1. Ok here is the POC I am planning to submit, can someone give it a final once-over? Thanks for your help.
  2. Barclaycard customer services just called me to inform me they have completed their review and their 'privacy department' informs them that they are not obliged to prove destruction of the data and that they will not meet my request. They will send this in writing as a final response.
  3. Have you called them? the key lesson is to stick to your timeline not theirs. They don't care about your timelines and their processes will ignore them. You've sent them the same letter I sent Barclaycard. Time to sue. That gets their attention and get them off the 'customer services' process.
  4. Thanks. I'll re-draft the POC and post here. If you could give it a final once over before I submit it to the courts it would be appreciated.
  5. I think they have put processes in place to make us give up chasing. We will persist and hopefully win. But along the way many will be too lazy or easily persuaded to give up. But as for the call handlers and customer services, no I don't think they know what's going on.
  6. I'm in the same boat. Follow my thread, about to sue Barclaycard to break the barrier.
  7. Thanks. Feeling stronger now.
  8. Thanks Andyorch. One quick question, are Barclaycard obliged to produce a Certificate of Destruction or is not mandatory? I am trying to find where in GDPR/Data Protection it's stipulated. Otherwise they will just fall back on their statement that they can't find the data.
  9. Thanks Slick, don't mean to come across as impatient and really appreciate all the help.
  10. Ok had a letter from Barclaycard saying I'd get a reply by the 20th of March. I expect it will be a deflection. I am keen to push on with the court route and submit my POC on the 21st. If anyone from the site team can help with the old template that would be great. Slick did you hear back?
  11. People have taken them to court for compensation for the time/effort lost in trying to get the data they want and then add on a requirement that the bank completed the request and provides the information. It's easier than going for a straight injunction to get the information I gather.
  12. Thanks slick appreciate it.
  13. I'm in the same position with Barclaycard. I've sent the same letter to them a month ago. Think I'll be heading down the court route soon. My thread is here:
  14. Yeah I have been prepared to take this down the court route. Seems to have worked for others in the past. Planning to give them until next week before I submit my POC to the courts. Since GDPR kicked in will the template POC for a SAR need tweaking? The template sill refers to the data protection act 1998, see below:
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