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  1. It’s their right. Defendants can request an additional 14 days to respond.
  2. Update: Barclaycard have requested an additional 14 days to respond to the claim. Have to wait till mid May now.
  3. No worries. Let's see how my court actions pans out. BC have two weeks to reply, they can also request a two weeks extension. I suspect they will automatically lodge a defence and it will go to court. Will see. Feels good though doing something though
  4. Peculiar, how did the other success stories on CAG, like Shelley get their data after going to court or starting court action?
  5. How are you getting on Craig Ten? I’ve submitted my claim form to the courts last night.
  6. Naturally they will be late. File a defence and take it to court. I’m a patient man
  7. Ok update. I have submitted my claim form using the new online service. Very nice, not limited to 1000-ish characters. Barclays has until the 29th to respond.
  8. Thanks Craigten. In my case I suspect the data is on microfiche and they don’t want to look for it. I can’t see them deleting it.
  9. Ok here is the POC I am planning to submit, can someone give it a final once-over? Thanks for your help.
  10. So there's no hope then?
  11. Barclaycard customer services just called me to inform me they have completed their review and their 'privacy department' informs them that they are not obliged to prove destruction of the data and that they will not meet my request. They will send this in writing as a final response.
  12. Have you called them? the key lesson is to stick to your timeline not theirs. They don't care about your timelines and their processes will ignore them. You've sent them the same letter I sent Barclaycard. Time to sue. That gets their attention and get them off the 'customer services' process.
  13. Thanks. I'll re-draft the POC and post here. If you could give it a final once over before I submit it to the courts it would be appreciated.
  14. I think they have put processes in place to make us give up chasing. We will persist and hopefully win. But along the way many will be too lazy or easily persuaded to give up. But as for the call handlers and customer services, no I don't think they know what's going on.
  15. I'm in the same boat. Follow my thread, about to sue Barclaycard to break the barrier.
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