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  1. i understand. Just be aware I am prepared to take some risks
  2. Guys just to let you know. Chasing these claims is more out of the principle for me. Truly value the help CAG give and provide. Admire the reassurance and advice you give, especially to those in desperate need. Will be looking to donate a significant portion of the final claim.
  3. I see. Good point. Will wait before sending first round of letters.
  4. Sorry question out of curiosity. Is there a problem with splitting a single credit card into multiple claims?
  5. Thanks Slick. Will send out the letters tonight. I started a Cahoot claim but didn’t complete. Not claimed BC before.
  6. Fascinating how sensitive the percent rate is on compounded interest. I was just trying the spreadsheet with the following values: 24.9% -> £17k interest (as above) 29.9% -> £32k interest 34.9% -> £61k interest (currently highest interest rate BC charge customers) Don’t worry I’m not planning the impossible
  7. Thanks Slick. There are 4 credit cards in the statements. Using the CI spreadsheet at 24.9% I get: Credit card 1: Charges = £150 (8 charges) Comp Interest = £6,681 Credit card 2: Charges = £60 (3 charges) Comp Interest = £2,191 Credit card 3: Charges = £130 (7 charges) Comp Interest = £5,949 Credit card 4: Charges = £60 (3 charges) Comp Interest = £2,192 Total charges = £400 Total comp interest = £17,014 I guess I could run these as separate claims.
  8. Marvellous, I was getting worried. Slick, why 24.9%. Not disputing it, just curious when they charge all the way up to 34.9%
  9. Yep I read the thread, is that 24.9% for the duration I had the cards of for the time from then till now?
  10. Hi Slick, I tried a few 24.9%, 29.9% then went to BC's website and found they charge up to 34.9% on some of their cards.
  11. I'm learning So contractual is different from restitutional then? Can I claim restitutional for the elapsed time from the charge till the claim date? Thanks for your help!
  12. No they are no longer active. Why is there a limit to only charging CI during their active span? I would have thought BC would have carried on making money on the charges I paid from the date of the charge onward.
  13. Ok I plugged in the charges to the spreadsheet and I am getting some very big numbers out. I could split it into separate claims for the different credit cards. However even then the amounts are over the small claims threshold. Should I split it further? That would probably annoy the courts. Is there a claim amount where BC start to put up a proper fight?
  14. Hi all. Starting a new thread on the journey to reclaim my very old charges. The story so far. After chasing Barclays for almost 18 months and with days to go before a court hearing they handed over my credit card statements from 2001-2004. Many thanks to everyone who helped along the way. I’ve had a quick look through the statements there are approximately 20 charges there. £15-20 pounds each. I’ll sort them by credit card account and add them to the compound interest spreadsheet. Then update here.
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