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  1. Morning Slick 14 Day LBA timescale expired yesterday. No reply from BC as expected. What do you suggest for the next step? Thanks G
  2. Morning Slick Hope you're well. Reply from BC today. Copy attached. What are your thoughts? Thanks Barclaycard Reply_070219_Upload.pdf
  3. Trying to clear my credit file. Everything is clear. My Experian is 975 and this doesn’t show. My Equifax is 302 and this default is the only thing holding it back.
  4. Thanks DX So this is dead in the water. Take the 50% discount and ride out the next 3 years? Hi
  5. Sorry Dx, multipage PDF attached. I cannot seem to edit the previous post to remove the attachements. So with the agreement. Is this something that needed to have been signed? It seems to be a scan of a blank agreement, with my name and address added at a later date. Most probably during the last week. Next DN Docs.pdf
  6. Hi All I have a DN for an old next account registered. The DN seems to be in the name of the DCA. I requested a copy of the original agreement and DN from Next. The DCA responded with the attacehd. The DN looks legit, but the agreement seems to have my address added onto an old scan of their agreements. Is this worth prgressing, to try and have the Dn removed. I have no issue in paying the debt if required. Its the DN that is causing me issues. Attached are, Credit report grab. Email from DCA, Email to Next, Next Agreement, Next DN. Many Thanks G
  7. Thanks Slick is it advisable to mention the £420 already paid in the prelim, or just leave them to work it out from the SoC?
  8. Morning Slick Please see below PreLim and attached spreadsheet. Do these look okay? Barclays Bank PLC t/a Barclaycard 1 Churchill Place London E14 5HP 28th January 2019 Dear Sir/Madam, CARD/ACCOUNT NUMBER: 4929-4991-4414-5004 I now understand that the regime of fees which you have been applying to my account in relation to late fees and over limit charges, are unlawful at Common Law, Statute and recent Consumer regulations. I would draw your attention to the terms of the contract which you agreed to at the time that I opened my account. It is
  9. Hi all, Sorry for the delay in replying. The wife went into labour a bit earlier than expected... I am happy to limit the %, that would work well. How does that fit with what DX mentioned about refunding some charges already? Thanks
  10. FOS rejected my escaltion of the claim to them. See attached resolver case information and FOS reply. complaint about Barclays Bank Plc (Our ref).pdf case_file (1).pdf
  11. I used Resolver. BC paid out plevin based on resolver. I then escalated it to FOS, who rejected it.
  12. So as BC have paid out under Previn, and refused to settle the rest, I cannot take legals against them?
  13. Afternoon Slick, Just wondering if you have had chance to calculate the best interest/claim total? Thanks G
  14. Afternoon guys Please see attached FOSrunning calculator and a copy of the letter when i received my original PPI redress. What are your thoughts, how should i calculate the new claim, taking into consideration what i have already received As always, very much appreciate your guidance. Thanks G GH_BC_FosRunningPPI v101.xls Refund to date.pdf
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