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  1. Ignore it? Won't that just cause them to issue court proceedings, or is it just more idle threats? Additionally, I notice in their letter, they say the original agreement was dated 26/10/1998 (although they still haven't provided a copy of it, signed or otherwise), and that their client 'Hoist Finance Holdings' took it on dated 5/9/2018. What's interesting is that my first letter from anyone after Barclaycard themselves was from Hoist Portfolio Holding dated 7/1/2017, which is considerably earlier than when they say they took it on? I received a letter on the same
  2. I posted previously about a Howard Cohen Letter of Claim Having followed all the advice, they went quiet for a while. In the last couple of months, they since started sending the same standard letters again. Today (4/3/20) i received another Letter of Claim, dated 25/2/20 Should I ignore this 2nd LoC, or respond with same as I did last time?
  3. I guess that they've played some sort of trick and I end up in court having to pay loads of money?
  4. I took the advice of people here and sent a CCA request for the original agreement and statements etc. I had a reply 2 weeks later saying that they were processing my CCA request, and they returned my postal order. Well today, August 17th, I received a load of statements from them dating back (as far as I can tell because they aren't in any order) to 2011. There's no credit agreement, despite the covering letter saying there is, and the account should date back to 1999, so there's 12 years of statements missing on top of that. So wha
  5. I'll check it out I don't have any other debts that would be sold on
  6. The letter I sent said 'statutory period', and I wasn't entirely sure what that was. Funny that you say they're likely selling it on... I just received an email from Lowell saying that they need me to get in touch with them as they've been trying to reach me
  7. How long do they have to come back to me with everything I've requested? It's been over two months now.
  8. Little update... yesterday I received a letter back from Robinson Way saying that they are processing my CCA request, along with my postal order because apparently it's not necessary.
  9. Interestingly, I received a letter today from Barclaycard themselves saying that due to them reviewing their operating procedures, they hadn't met there expected standards when dealing with me and as such, were instructing Hoist Finance to reduce my outstanding balance by £720.61, which actually brings it pretty close to what I think my original credit rating was. I don't think this has an impact on anything as far as my response to the Howard Cohen Letter of Claim, which is all ready to go with a postal order attached tomorrow.
  10. Thanks for the reply. The last payment was in 2016 over the phone to Barclaycard, so only 2 years or so. What do I do about the form they sent me?
  11. Could do with some advice on the best way to proceed... In 1998 when I first started college, Barclaycard came to our freshers fare and I was told if I signed up for a credit card, I'd get a free mobile phone. as an 18 year old, and with mobile phones being a new thing, I obviously did it straight away. Being so young, and not very clever with money, I took the precaution of setting up a direct debit for the minimum monthly payment, so that at least if I forgot to pay it off, I wouldn't keep adding to my balance. As time went on, the card itself stopped getting used, and became my 'e
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