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Found 16 results

  1. Need a bit of help with an old Barclaycard debt that has been passed onto Robinson Way A bit of back story... In 1998 when I started college, Barclays were targeting students and offering them free mobile phones (this is before everyone had them!). I knew that Barclaycard's interest rate was pretty bad compared to most, so almost never used the card and had a direct debit set up to pay the minimum balance (standard student mentality). Fast forward to a couple of years ago... I hadn't seen any statements in years, but Barclaycard send me a notice of default to say that my direct debit had been cancelled 3 months previous and I was behind with my payments, and that my card was now over it's limit! This was obviously news to me because I hadn't seen any statements. I obviously phoned Barclaycard to sort it out, and told them that I wanted to see statements and why I wasn't receiving them etc. They said I was signed up to online banking so I can manage everything online and as such, they don't send out paper statements. Unfortunately, I don't have the card anymore due to it expiring and them never sending me a new one or the reader to go with it. I also don't know any of the secure information to log in. She said she couldn't give me access to my online banking until the account was sorted, so I made a payment to bring it back in line. She then said she couldn't give me access because it would take several days for the system to register the payment, and that all I need to do is phone the call centre in a few days time. I waited a few days and then phoned the call centre... Unfortunately, trying to explain to their indian call centre that you can't log in to online banking is rather more difficult than it should be. The general response was always that the problem must be at my end, because they can log in fine. They couldn't grasp the concept that I was unable to log in due to not knowing any of the passwords or information. I tried this several times, but got frustrated. Obviously the account then went back over it's limit... the recovery team phoned me, I paid an amount... complained again about the situation, but ultimately nothing changed and we went around in circles. Finally last November/December I'd had enough and was determined to go through to their complaints department. Took me an age to get through because the indian call centre employee was determined to try and sort the problem himself without listening to my problem or understand what I was saying . Eventually I got though, and I explained that from my point of view, Barclaycard were withholding information about my account from me, and denying me access to online banking so I wasn't able to manage the debt or see how it had got so high on a card I hadn't used in several years. I was told that it would be raised as a formal complaint and that as the account was now closed, no further interest or charges would be added. I was also told that they would call me at some point in January to discuss it.... They never did. In early january I get a phone call from someone asking me to confirm my details for security purposes... Obviously I said no, because they phoned me. They said they would write to me instead. I then get a letter from Robinson Way, as well as one from Barclaycard (albeit a black and white photocopy rather than on their blue letterhead) saying my debt was now transferred to HPH, and was being managed by Robinson Way. I suppose, my question is... can they just pass on a debt? I mean I don't know who this company is, and I was trying to dispute it with Barclaycard. I had actually threatened to go to the ombudsman as I think this was rather underhanded behaviour. This morning I received a letter saying they'd accept £1722.93 in a single payment to settle the £2297.24 debt. Obviously I want it all settled as quickly as possible, but at the same time I don't want to be costing myself money unnecessarily. I was prepared to take Barclaycard to the small claims court, but I'm guessing that they passed the debt on so that couldn't happen. Any idea what my next step should be?
  2. My partner had a Tesco Credit Card that we stopped paying years ago, last payment seems to be August 2011. She gets letters every now and again from Robinson Way that I just ignore and they go away again for a few months received a Pre-action Protocol letter this morning from Howard Cohen & Co and wondering whether I need to do anything or still ignore. As the last payment was so long ago I was thinking the debt would be statute barred by now in 2014 Tesco wrote to her about a PPI refund which she took, hoping to get some money from them and against my advice, but it was just taken off the debt and I'm not sure how this affects the statute barred status? I'm a little bit out of the loop now with what the correct process is for this kind of thing, what letter to send when etc. so any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
  3. Hi I would like some advice please. I have 2 credit card accounts with Capital One that I was defaulted on in 2007 despite paying regular, agreed, reduced monthly payments. The debts were then passed onto Robinson Way. I have requested CCA's from Robinson Way and all they have sent me is the application forms, so they just keep ringing and writing and I keep ignoring and not paying. Anyway am I now in a good position to offer a full and final settlement and if I do and they refuse will it mean that I have admitted the debts, etc? I want the defaults removed from my credit file too, is that possible or not? If it's worth a go then how do I go about it? Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Harlequin
  4. To cut a very long story short I have an alleged outstanding personal loan from LloydsTSB. Was passed to Moorcroft Aug 2010. CCA request sent, they couldn't get one so default of CCA sent Sept 2010. Oct 2010 recieved notice from Moorcroft CCA unavailable. Dec 2010 contacted by Apex, sent account in dispute letter. Jan 2011 Apex accepted account was in dispute and went away. Now just a few days ago (May 2011) I get a letter from Robinson Day Ltd requesting full payment. Should I send account in dispute letter again? Many thanks in advance, TC
  5. My first time posting so I hope I am doing this correct. I would appreciate any advice you can give me. back in 2008-2011 I got myself in to a lot of debt due to being made redundant 3 times in as many years and not having enough money to pay credit cards etc, I concentrated on paying my mortgage and gas electric etc. In 2011 I decided to sell my house and pay off debts with some of the equity I had in my house and went in to rented accommodation ....I setup payment plans with some of my remaining creditors, some of which have now finished and some nearly finishing and not defaulting once on any of the payments and finally I am beginning to breath again! However, Barclaycard is the only one I didn't come to some arrangement with, I wrote to them (back in 2010) asking why my debt was over 12k when my credit limit was only 8k. I asked if they could take off the interest and setup a payment plan. I didn't hear back from them, I then moved house and up until a couple of months ago never heard a thing from them... .and then every debt recovery company you could think of started ringing me and some sending me letters. (I have not spoken to them or had any contact with any of the debt collectors) I this morning received a letter from Howard Cohen Solicitors working on behalf Robinson way, threatening court action and a ccj. They are asking for £12554.24 I really don't know how to approach this - I somehow managed to go this far without getting a CCJ, I have worked so hard to clear my debts and I am winning, to get a CCJ now would just be a massive kick in the wotsit. Do I contact these people and tell them I can't pay the 12554.64??....I don't have this kind of money. I am not trying to get out of paying this debt, I just don't see why I should pay 4.5k interest. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you
  6. Hi All, I finally decided to look into PPI refunds on a loan and credit card I had from Lloyds around 1999. I ran into difficulty and stopped paying them both. E ventually I began paying again around the middle of 2007 through robinson way. Heres the problem, as so many have said before, I have no documentation from the agreements. I phoned Lloyds this week and they said they dont have the details and I could try contacting the DSAR unit. Do people generally have any success using this service? Or would robinson way have any details of the loans/agreements as they have apparently bought the loan from Lloyds. Any advice would be much appreciated, the total was around £7000 combined, what would the expected return be, if any? Thanks
  7. Hi, I hope someone case assist me. I had an old debt wih my bank that defaulted on the 28/07/2006. The debt has since been 'passed' onto Robinson Way who are now 'acting' on behalf of the said bank. Recently Robinson Way sent me a letter saying that I was to contact them and that they would be sending someone to my house to discuss payment. I have sent them a letter informing them that the debt was Statute Barred and that they have no right to chase the debt. They then sent me a letter saying that I made a payment on in January 2009 and that the Limitations act does not apply. Now I know that they are lying because I made no such payment, and from what I have read about them on the internet it does not surprise me that they would lie. Could someone please offer someone guidance as to what my next step should be. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for reading. P.S I live in Scotland and I am aware that the Statute of Limitations runs for 5 years, as do Robinson Way.
  8. Hi, long time member, infrequent poster. Looking for some guidance as I have received today a court claim as below, After reading up on here about Acknowledging Service and CPR procedures, I have acknowledged service online and requested the following from Hegarty under CPR 31.14, 1 the agreement relating to Personal Loan Account number AAAAAAA. You will appreciate that in an ordinary case and by reason of the provisions of CPR PD 16 para 7.3, where a claim is based upon a written agreement, a copy of the contract or documents constituting the agreement should be attached to or served with the particulars of claim and the original(s) should be available at the hearing. Further, that any general conditions incorporated in the contract should also be attached. 2 the assignment from Secure Trust Bank plc to your client 3 the Notice of Assignment sent to the defendant by your client 4 documentation showing compliance by your client with Section III and IV and Annnex B of the PD Pre-Action Conduct I have also sent a SAR to Secure Trust. Can anyone advise what the next thing(s) I should do are?
  9. Hi all, here's one I need a little help on. Robinson Way are chasing a debt from CAPITAL ONE for £464.99 dating back to 2000 (can't remember exact original amount so this is the quantity showing on thier latest love letter). This was in my wife's maiden name, she moved in with me in 2001 and forgot this debt, until ROBINSON WAY started sending letters to this address in 2008 in her maiden name, even though we were married in 2002! We did not answer a single letter from them or acknowledge anything from them to admit this debt. They did try to call my house phone (where they got this who knows as we're ex directory) and I told them they had the wrong number.....no more calls followed. We had the usual range of letters ranging fron 'debt collectors will call', 'possible court action' and then a very nice 'where have we gone wrong' letter! Today we recieved a 'Subsequent Notice of Arrears' letter, stating they sent this because it is in compliance with the Consumer Credit Act 1974 because it shows we are behind with our payments....what payments?? It states the balance as at this notice £464.99 and balance from previous arrears notice £464.99 as at 1st October 2008 (hmmm when they first started harrasing!). They then go on to say they have included an 'Office of Fair Trading' information sheet, which they have. Hmmm my question is, should I keep ignoring? Just to reiterate, my wife has had no contact or agreed anything since at least 2001.
  10. Hi I have recently moved to a new address and started to receive a succession of debt letters and the latest one is a " Appointment for Home visit" letter stating that the account may be sent to a local debt collector in 10 days time The debt is stated as for a debt due to : Robinson Way Ltd (Ex Capital One) for £6,529.92. I believe this was a old credit card agreement from approx 2004 when I moved to Spain and divorced from my wife she was supposed to pay off this debts but has advised me that she didn't make any payments. I have recently returned to the UK so assume no payment or contact has been made since 2004. Can anyone advise me what should be my 1st course of action. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I came back from Spain without a penny
  11. My partner has received a few debt collection letters for an alleged debt with jd williams. The amount is quite substantial. I have followed advice previously given on this site and requested a signed copy of the credit agreement using the template letters, they have responded by admitting there is no signed credit agreement. I followed up by sending them an 'account in serious dispute' letter I found on here and they have now responded by saying that, although they cannot take the matter to court they can continue to chase the debt and it does exist. We have had financial problems a number of years ago but we have no recollection of this debt, without a signed credit agreement I cannot prove or disprove the debt but they are claiming that they can continue to chase my partner for it. The account is on my partners credit file as defaulted in 2006 but I don't want them harassing us for another year until it is statute barred. I need some advice on a letter to send them to basically say prove we owe the money or back off because I have no intention of paying a debt I do not recall and cannot be proven. Also, if they cannot prove the debt is my partners do they have any right to keep the default on her credit file? I would be grateful of any help with this matter.
  12. Firstly, words cannot describe how ANGRY I am with this company.. They are truly unbelievable in their methods of recovery.. 1) They tracked me down to an address that I have NEVER lived at and began threatening the occupiers with letters.. When this tactic didn't work, they began posting as many as three letters a day asking for the occupiers to contact them urgently.. I live at a secure address due to ex-partner being violent towards me so I don't have a 'registered' address anywhere longer than six months at the moment.. 2) I did the dutiful thing (or so I thought!) and contacted them to ask what this was in relation to.. I never gave my name and said I was phoning on behalf of my elderly parents who were being harrassed by the company.. To my utter disbelief, the operator began merrily telling me all about 'myself', all the addresses that they knew I had lived at, my date of birth and various other details.. I was horrified because this is also how my ex found me last time - by phoning some dumb call centre operator!!.. I then pointed out to the girl about the data protection act and she hung up on me very quickly!!.. 3) I have written to RW three times asking for all the CCA's and documents about this debt - sending the correct fees to have them sort all this out!!.. I've heard nothing for four weeks, the letters that I do get are so vague about the debt and more asking for how I'm going to pay.. I'm pretty sure they aren't even referring to me personally but possibly that of the ex??.. I've resorted to sending them a 'Failure to comply with a Data Request' Letter which also asks them to go and do one lol.. I had a letter just today saying that 'doing nothing about this debt COULD have a detrimental affect on how you apply for credit in the future' and I just laughed out loud at the stupidity of a debt company that can't even tell me about a debt that I supposedly owe them or who it's supposedly with... I would recommend caution with this company.. Get all the details FIRST BEFORE you own up to anything.. It might just possibly be that they are either chasing an old debt or don't actually want you and are looking for someone completely different.. Regards Mx Just remembered another little 'gem' from Robinson Way.. A letter asking for my correct signature was received about 2 weeks ago!!... NEVER NEVER send them your real signature.. I always use a fancy font from Word or something along those lines.. Imagine what they co do with a true copy of my signature!!.. They must've thought I was completely round the bend to send them that!!.. The worrying thing is, that some people would do, thinking they are being dutiful and compliant but in actual fact, they are 're-signing' and old CCA or worse!!.. Mx
  13. IHi all. I have Robinson Way chasing me for some reason. I don't know what it's about. I answered the phone the other day and a chap asked me to answer security questions. Of course I declined and asked him who he was. He said he was from Robinson Way and that I had been ignoring their letters:???: I said that I haven't received any and that they were only to contact me by post. He got rather shirty and said "Ok you can have one more letter and that's it!". That's what? I said and he put the phone down. Since then I have had numerous calls from men and women who leave voice mails asking me to call Alex Jones. I thought she would be rather busy what with the One Show and all that I still haven't had a letter from them yet though. Very curious.
  14. Got an old Capital One account that is now owned by RW. The balance is under £200 and was defaulted for a little over £400 back in November 2006. Have played letter ping pong for a while regarding the account- unenforceable agreement, invalid default etc. In May I invited the Managing Director to take me to court for the monies they claim to be owed. Funnily enough, I've no heard a chirp from them since then. Now the default is a big issue for me. I have a couple of others that drop off by mid 2011, although that won't stop me doing what I can to prove they were unlawful! This RW one will only drop off in November 2012. I desperately want to get it wiped by the time the other two are off. RW way are refusing to remove the default, claiming its was originally put on by Cap One, therefore it must be accurate. Cap One haven't even responded to my SAR other than to say my signature doesn't match. I complained to the ICO in February about Cap One and not complying with my SAR, and my complaint is still waiting to be allocated to an appropriate ICO bod. So I put it to the good caggers as to my next step. Do I..? a) continue letter ping pong? b) offer to pay the outstanding balance on the condition the default is removed? c) initiate legal proceedings?
  15. Im just recently gota letter for robinson way limited who are cahsing a debt with Natwest trouble is the majority of the debt is disputed and is curretnyl beign investigated by the FSO what should i send the Robinson way to get them to back off. also the amount they are asking fro is well above the disputed amount.
  16. Hi new to the forum so bare with me please; I have got around 12 credit agreements on my credit file which about 8 of which have now defaulted and are now with debt collection agencies. I have contacted National debt-line and gone through my financial statement to work out if i can afford any payments. In the end they advised me to file for bankruptcy or ask them to write the debt off, opted to try and get them to write the debts off. I have written to most to all of them and explained the situation to them and attached my National debt-line ref. As expected they sent me template letters saying that they have received my letters and i should call them to discuss the debt. After many letters back and forth I am now in the position where 2 of them lowell and Robinson Way, are offering to accept a token £1 per month until my circumstances have changed. Although my financial my financial statement shows i have no extra income to make that payment. I intend to continue writing to them to try and persuade them to write the debt off because i really cannot afford to pay any of the debts; Would anybody be able to advise me on any other avenues i can take? Thanks in advance
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