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  1. Do nothing if your partner has never had a HSBC account and now Drydens state the account was opened in 1991,as no contact or payments have been made it would be Statute Barred and they Drydens are well aware of this.If you feel a need to respond simply state you have never had a HSBC account, and should you continue to Harass Me I will take the matter up with the Financial Ombudsman.For sure do not fill in any form regarding your Income and Outgoings FS
  2. Eric you are correct the interest is very low which will stop me from making any form of complaint,just having a sound of,as it is the same Landlord who refuses to honour a letter sent 18+ years ago that my rent would never increase more than 10% FS
  3. My Landlord has changed the TDS type from Insurance to Custodial and advises me that I will no longer receive Interest on my Deposit after 20+ years of receiving interest ,it was a part of the original contract.Can they do this??????? FS
  4. The above letter is a must from Ell-enn,you will find item 7 which covers the Mortgage Account History difficult for the Mortgage Company or better still the DCA who the debt will be sold to having the ability to comply with your request for complete breakdowns of every item FS
  5. Have the Mortgage Company supplied you with documents usually called "Mortgage Account History" which lists all the charges such as Repossession Costs,Solicitors Costs etc etc FS
  6. Eric thanks for the reply YES!!! daft enough to keep paying,I really did not notice they had not sent statements, Thanks FS
  7. received a letter from Arrow headed "Remediation of Account" stating that they have not provided a regular statement since 2012 and they have now corrected this by sending a statement for each year, and they apologise for the error. I have been paying them £5 each month during this period, on checking the legality they are required to provide a statement ach year and if they don't as I understand it you can with hold payments and interest if they are charging interest. Prior to 2012 I sent a CCA and SAR and all the correct documents exist, So my only question is can they get away with not providing statements yearly for a period of 7 years and do a catch up legally FS
  8. many years ago on the 13th of the month I paid 1 months rent in advance and a deposit, I am hoping to move shortly and give my 1 months notice on the 14th May 2019, which is also my rent payment date the rent in advance was £475, is it correct to deduct the £475 from the current months rent?????? The deposit is held by an outside company which I believe is the law and will get this back assuming there are no claims against me for any damage,is this the correct procedure. Thank you FS
  9. Did Barclaycard actually send you a Default Letter?? They are notorious for not actually issuing a Default Date Letter?????? They start by accepting a payment plan from you,then sell the debt on to Link or PRA,who both register the debt under their name on credit files FS
  10. Looks like possible back pack wear, however to appear on just one side it is possible that there is a fault in the material.Return it to RL they will probably offer some form of recompense. Can I just advise you from vast experience High End BRANDS are grossly overpriced and far from being top quality Good Luck with RL FS
  11. I am sure you have covered this,did you have PPI with the account. CCA will throw up any ???? with the account, for example have they all the correct documentation for starters.Opinions vary on this but I would send the CCA request to Intrum,they will probably reply they will have to go back to Tesco,they have a time limitation to reply often referred to as 12+2 days to reply FS
  12. No it should not appear on your CRA,the 6 year period is up.However keep a close eye on your CRA Intrum would not be the first to try and register a new default. For info LINK try this quite often FS
  13. 45002 thanks for your trouble will read your links thanks FS
  14. Many thanks for your responses,I am now clear on what these tenancy types mean FS
  15. Thanks for the reply's No the last AST which expired March 2018 does not show the words Protected Rent,as sgtbush states I thought this applied to pre 1989 tenancies Would Regulated Tenancy apply???? or be advantages ???? Thanks FS
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