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  1. Honeybee13 thanks for your reply, interesting view on the subject.I believe some Benefits are taxable so you could argue that the State Pension as it is regarded as a benefit should attract taxes well It was a discussion that a group of us old codgers, had last week and it got very heated as you can imagine.Three of us are ex military who served between the mid 50s to mid 70s and did not qualify for any form of Pension.Most of us get a reasonably high State Pension along with additional Private Pensions although not all of us.We all felt the State Pension should be tax free as we are all forced to contribute towards our State Pension, which is a very weak argument on subsequent reflection. Didn't realise there was a petition to stop the word benefit for State Pension Thanks for your view FS
  2. Interested on views on payment of Tax on State Pension.In my view the State Pension should be FREE of any Taxation. £12500 is tax free as we are all aware. My own state pension exceeds this amount so I have to pay tax, which is taken from other Private Pensions. Any thoughts on State Pension regardless of the amount should be Tax Free. I also find it annoying that the State Pension is regarded as a Benefit?? FS
  3. likewise I had the benefit of a Grammar School education, fortunately I lived and still live in an area with 6 Grammar Schools in Kent,(now 7) over the last few decades because of Government interference with league tables, these Grammar Schools spread their catchment area into Sussex and Surrey to ensure they creamed/streamed of the very best 11+ results to ensure their League Table results kept the Grammar Schools in the top strata and for sure it has worked to the detriment of local students in the local catchment area. FS
  4. have I got a strong enough argument with the fact they did not take into account the 10 minute grace BPA ruling FS
  5. Will do although PE where prolific with photo's of their signage around this car park, my main defence should it get that far will be the 10 minute Grace recommended by BPA of which they are members, their signs state 15 minutes waiting area, they clocked me in by ANPR and out again in 22 minutes so 3 minutes within BPA guide lines. I sent your letter to PE and they have responded as you are aware, Court action on Hold they will reply within 30 days thank you FS
  6. Hi Welcome,you will probably be directed to start your own thread.However somehow they read your numberplate because PE went to DVLA to get your name and address.The fact that their rubbish ANPR does not show clearly your numberplate you have plenty of grounds to tell them to put there claim where the sun don't shine.DO NOT contact PE until the site team have had a clear look at the PE letter and photo's .Ericsbrother is the snotty letter expert. Was there a parking warden as well in the car park?? If you park in a parking space you have to register your number plate on their parking machine did you do this?? Good Luck you should win this one, be patient the site team will contact you FS
  7. I posted the original letter from PE which threatened court action (which you kindly converted to PDF), the general advice was to wait for ericsbrother to come up with a snotty letter, which he did, and that is what I sent to PE, they replied as indicated by myself that they would put court action on hold and reply back with their response within 30 days. Am I having a Senior Moment and missing the plot FS
  8. Received a response from PE they acknowledge my letter and will respond within 30 days in the meantime they have put the court action on hold. Sent a letter to PE using Ericsbother my page 38 await their response thank you fs
  9. Many thanks for your quick reply and the letter, content, should I even mention the 10 minute grace that BPA recommend FS
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