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  1. Thanks for the response, this is Hypothetical in as much that in my opinion Benefits should never be used to pay any debts as that is not what they are designed for.Hence my comment about the State Pension this is a Benefit,and I should imagine many of us use this to pay of debts through say DMPs. Just seeking opinions Many thanks FS
  2. Have tried to Google the answer, come up with vague answers. Surely they cannot take money where Priority Debts are involved (ie rent, HMRC tax, council tax etc etc) Can they take Benefit Money to pay towards Non Priority Debts ( ie Bank, credit cards etc etc) The reason for asking is I feel DCAs should not be able to touch Benefits to pay any Debt,should this be the case, it raises the question State Pensions are considered to be a Benefit, Opinions Please FS
  3. BankFodder. Many thanks for your trouble and the advice which is very helpful, I will give your points consideration today, should I decide to challenge them I will keep you informed. Thank you FS
  4. Yes the Actual Payment has gone through my account and appears as a debit, gone past the pending stage, no sign of refund yet.No interest involved FS
  5. Checked Bank Account it appears as a Transaction and has been deducted from my account, no sign of refund FS
  6. they had my money for 48hours and I paid by Visa Debit card.I will double check with the bank to see if it appeared as a Pending Transaction which is a service offered by the bank Will come back to you Thanks FS
  7. BankFodder many thanks sorry about delay, all 5.2 complied with paid in full, order number issued and confirmation email received, the only part not complied with is the dispatch of orders. Is that enough to cover their backs?? To date I have not contacted them FS
  8. Yes this is company concerned if you check, Pine and range Aylesbury dressing table, which is the same design as a desk now listed at £259 in stock FS
  9. I tried to purchase a desk from oak solutions fs
  10. Online Purchased an item for £99 good value and in stock Paid for Item in full for delivery by return email received there had been an error with stock, delivery would be 10-12 weeks email stating they would have to refund my money as their supplier could not honour the price email refund being made as there had been a pricing error item now back in stock at £320 this all happened over a period of 4-5 days is this an instance as they took my money they have to honour the price as it is a contract???? FS
  11. My problem with BBC is they have outsourced payment collection of TV licence to Capita Business Services Ltd,and they will not accept Standing orders monthly, they insist on DD or payment monthly by phone or to a designated Paypoint Store.They refuse to give you the account number and the sort code number FS
  12. Link have now put in writing that this debt does not appear on any CRA thanks for all the help fs
  13. Andy will search out the 2009 default and come back thanks FS
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