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  1. Hi.. .have received a reply from Barclaycard, they have sent a copy of Barclaycard conditions Leaflet, NO signature in fact NOTHING. their letter states sorry for delay, and goes on "The information we must provide to you under the terms of Section78 is prescribed by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and by the Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notice and Copies of Documents) Regulations 1983. .This completes our obligation to you under section 78 of the CSA 1974. As I see it they have not complied with my original request for a signed copy of the original agreement
  2. Received an email today from Asset Collections advising that they have initiated a County Court claim against myself for 3 Lending Stream loans in 2014. My 3 loans were: Start Date 18-May-2014 End Date (As per the original agreement) 30-Oct-2014 Loan Amount (including FPS fee if applicable) 140.00 Outstanding Principal Balance 55.01 Total Amount Paid 218.27 Arrears Payable Including Charges 55.01 Start Date 27-Jun-2014 End Date (As per the original agreement) 27-Nov-2014 Loan Amount (including FPS fee if applicable) 220.00 Outstanding Principal Balance 7
  3. Hi I started a Ppi claim with Lloyds a few weeks ago there were 9 old loan account from 1992 to 2000 with Ppi. I should have my response in Aug. But this week I have received 2 letters in the same envelope to old address even though Lloyds have new my address due to claim. One is from Lloyds saying they have sold my debt to asset link the other from asset link. I know there's a Lloyds charge on my old house from 2006 (ex wife and kids live there but my sole mortgage) as its on land registry. Any one know why I've been sent letter? I assumed they wou
  4. Investigation leads to shutdown of ‘asset recovery’ company that recovered no assets READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/investigation-leads-to-shutdown-of-asset-recovery-company-that-recovered-no-assets
  5. Hoping for some help here. I was getting chased for a debt to Lending Stream that I didnt remember getting, however Asset Collections was chasing me so I was speaking to them a few times and the debt was from Several years ago. I agreed to pay it back to get it off my chest, however, on one call, I was told by the advisor that my DOB didnt match the debt therefore the debt was not mine. So I asked to receive original copies of the credit agreements. Next thing I knew, I received a CCJ notice from Laganside Courts and since then I have been in dispute with TM Legal services reg
  6. hello, i have been a Barclay card holder for 20 years , six years ago I had to pack up work and could no longer afford the full monthly repayments I phoned Barclaycard and we came to an agreement that I could repay a fixed amount per month and that they would cancel the intrest, as I say this was six years ago, does anybody know why now they would transfer my payments over to asset link(no5) limited, and not just continue to receive payment themselves, ,,strange
  7. Hi, I have received a claim form from northampton bulk centre with asset collections as the claimant. The original loan was from lending stream who sold it to asset, I dont mind paying it but the amount has grown somewhat from the last dca who chased it and i cant afford to pay that much back. I have responded to the claim at moneyclaim. help needed please
  8. hi, could somebody explain the purpose of a termination notice? i have been served a termination notice 14 days after being served a default notice which i believe to be correct. however i have been served another default notice which is dated the same day as the termination notice. also i am still receiving threats of fees and charges and am wondering the point of the termination notice.
  9. Long story - old outstanding debt with Lending Stream got sold to Asset who wanted to take me to court. I defended and was referred to mediation which I thought was successful. I have been religiously paying the amounts agreed since last August and now I am emailed by their 'accounts' department stating that they have not received my payment. The reference number also does not correspond to that of the original agreement. I have sent them PDF proof that I have made the payment and they advised me to contact their litigation team with the evidence. The email address th
  10. Hi. i have read through quite a few similar threads (Including one very similar and very recent), but will submit my own anyway. Name of the Claimant ? Asset Collections Date of issue – 01 jun Date to acknowledge) = 19jun date to submit defence = 03JUL What is the claim for – 1.Asset Collections & Investigation claim this amount in respect of an unpaid loan funded by The Lending Stream. The defendant failed to abide by the terms of the contract. Asset Collections & Investigation purchased this debt from The Lending Stream and subsequently sent a no
  11. Hey guys, Ive recently started receiving emails and letters the latest one says contact them within 10 days of the letter at my address. i took out a loan with Advant Credit a few years back and since then been in and out of work and now am slowly getting back on my feet as i declared myself bankrupt but have a restriction put in place untill 2021 something like that about 6 years ago & have these coming through the door. i was making payments didnt miss one repayment etc and then the direct debits stopped coming out so i just assumed i had paid it off about 8-10 months b
  12. Loan in partners name who is currently in very bad mental health. Have a claim form for old Lending stream loans from Asset collections. He wont be able to go to court, can I try and defend this or is it pointless? Also they have lumped at least 3 maybe 4 loans into one for this claim, can they do that? I know you will ask for the info from the letter but I probably wont be able to post it up until tomorrow sorry.
  13. Hi Been a while since I posted after being very active here once upon a time.. .about 6 years ago I got a few pay day loans (marriage split at the time, living away) At the time none of these places were doing the correct checks to see if you could afford the repayments. Wonga have previously written off £900 with me for the same reason... One or two others haven't bothered. Lending Stream sold this particular one to Asset and they've been chasing ever for a while... They have now taken me to court, despite my repeated requests for proof that the correct credit c
  14. Hi, In 2005 I developed long term illness and had to give up working. To cut a long story short I owed my bank (First Trust) approx £300 (I cant remember the exact figure) for a couple of direct debits that came out of my current account at the time. I also had a credit card (again with First Trust) and the balance on that was approx £600. I contacted the local Citizens Advice, got a payment plan set up with a token payment of £1 per month for the current account and credit card. ( I have paid every month ever since) At the time the Bank agreed to charge no interest on eit
  15. I had several loans from LS and repaid them, in the end I had 3 for about 300 each and became ill, self employed stopped paying and ignored them. Asset collections and investigations Ltd sent me a letter eventually saying they'd bought the loan for amount of 1475-00. They made me several offers to pay a reduced amount but I didn't have that either so ignored them. They said they'd take me to court which they did to CC Business Center who found in their favour and wants 1544-00 paid to Asset collections ect. I dont remember ever receiving a 'claim form' but the cour
  16. Just received my Barclaycard statement which I was 2 days late paying so consequently they have charged me £12 plus £12 over limit fee, I've decided to reclaim the fees sending a copy of the template letter on this site (thank you) problem is I'm not sure how much they actually owe me, I've had the card for about 7 years and have been charged fees quite a few times. Any suggestions as to what I should do, can I send the letter without stating an amount and rely on their 'honesty' (Barclaycard & honesty, doesn't really work does it) I'd be really grateful
  17. Hello I am very confused not least because my wife has walked out on our marriage after 35 years and apart from the relationship upset there is a considerable amount of property in the mix. Unfortunately she left in the last tax year so spousal transfer without CGT is going to be a massive problem. I have spoken briefly to a solicitor but he just confused me even more. I have no issue with the relationship split but the business split is going to be complicated for all sorts of reasons not least CGT. My wife and I are on talking terms and are both keen to get this done smoothl
  18. Our company has experienced gross mistreatment by Barclays Bank and its Business Banking Relationship Manager, [removed]. After the request for an overdraft facility, we were forced to sell assets to fund investigative work for an external accountant, arranged by [removed]. Barclays Bank unilaterally changed the interest rates via side letters and charged us unnecessarily with arrangement, valuation and business consultancy fees. The Barclays Bank continued to charge us but never offered us any support. Did anyone have similar dealings with [removed]. or Barclays
  19. I have two cases with LTSB which are quite complex so please bear with me. Case 1: LTSB credit card debt pre 2007 - CCJ obtained by defaul at Northampton in 2011. I intially defended and it went to a full hearing which I couldn't attend due to family issues and my ental state at the time. They sent some big-time lawyer to the case which added £4K to the CCJ bringing it to near £19K with no interest payable. Got a variation order and have been paying £50 a month since 2012 without missing a month. Debt now approx £16.5K. I got a leteer last week from Lloyds sa
  20. I had tills on lease purchase - put in lump deposit towards finance and then paid monthly. it was a 3 year deal, but unfortunately recession hit and i stopped paying, so only about 1yr in. initially they chased for cash and repossession of tills - havent got a problem with that but was reluctant to give back asset until a written agreement reached. meanwhile they have now served court papers going for a CCJ to recoup monies. but no mention of actual asset. MY QUERY is this... ... if they win CCJ [which to be honest is the least of my financial worries at the m
  21. I had a debt with Monument Credit card that was bought by HFO. I got court papers in 2007 for them to get the monies owed. I spoke to them and was told to send the forms back to them and they would deal with it. Did all this and next thing i knew the court had ordered in their favor. They also obtained a charge against my property to secure the debt. As i owed the debt I just accepted it and we came to an arrangement to pay £20.00 per month. Balance was now £2,045.06 up from £1,477.56 as they added on cost and interest I think. I have paid this since
  22. i have had a Barclaycard for around 10 years and managed to run up big debts on it (aprox £12k). I ran into trouble after a period of being jobless and Barclaycard closed my account and agreed that they would freeze all interest on the account if i made regular repayments of £50.00 a month , at the time this seemed like a good deal overall as i wouldn't be getting charged interest and did genuinely want to clear the debt. I have just realised... (been sent a default notice by Asset Link Capital). . that payments for the last 3 months haven't left my account to Barclaycard.
  23. Hi CMI asset management. I can advise you that this company has gone to ground leaving at present no method of contact or information were they can be found.I have a county court judgement against them for £ 4530.00,which can not be served by High Court Enfocers .Anyone who has been stung by this company should contact Action Fraud as it, appears the bigger the [problem] the more they are likely act ,this mainly due the amount of fraud about. Alternately I would be prepared to accept information from anyone else and pass it on as a bulk request to act on the matter
  24. Posting after a friend has sought advice from me. They owed a debt to HFO. No concerns re: PPI or unfair charges, and they were paying it off month by month at an acceptable (to them, and apparently HFO!) sum. They then were in a position to make a full and final offer (after a relative became aware and offered them a capital sum to clear it off, provided it was a full and final settlement, and HFO agreed to make their credit report as 'satisfied') The sum outstanding was in the region of £510, and they settled it with HFO on those (F&F/ marked as settled) terms for £175 in
  25. Hi All, I'm new here and looking for some advice. My Mrs recently started getting calls and letters from 'Asset Recoveries UK Ltd'... . She's ignored all so far but today they stepped things up a bit by stating where the debt was from and why she was due to pay it. back in 1991, her and her ex boyfriend had a house with a joint mortgage. They split up and she 'thought' she had signed the house over to him. A few months later the house was repossessed and sold. She does not remember receiving any correspondence from the mortgage provider (Citibank) about any
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