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  1. I have managed to get a few 10 year interest only buy to let mortgages extended, every time the length increased so did the monthly payment. It seems lenders use it as a opportunity to get more money out of you although my experience is its time consuming an stressful an outcome is not guaranteed ( but more likely to grant extension of length if lender getting increased payment), annoying thing is I do not know why they were all originally 10 year loans I would never agree to such a short length nowadays. I think in those days was much easier to get re-mortgages. I would say ty
  2. I had a account with Barclays it was one of the bundled accounts an one of the services kept charging me that I could not cancel so easily, I incurred overdrawn fees, dd returned fees an interest that all snowballed until I went onto a DMP, later they got DSAR'd and a complaint sent to them. Eventually they wrote me a lengthy reply to my complaint and phoned me several times to discuss it. One of the issues I had was they attempted to contact me by but my details had changed but they did not email or try my home address. Another of the issues was they closed a account down of
  3. I have now managed to obtain one of my old barclaycard card numbers from 1998 to 2002 so this is a very old account over 20 years old am slowly piecing this together.
  4. at this stage its just debt re-assignment, the new DCA has not attempted to collect the debt so can be just noted they re-assigned an await their next move.
  5. this was the original link of the storey of the uk victim the case link was located: https://www.ibtimes.co.uk/paypal-withholding-large-sums-money-uk-startups-without-explanation-1541328
  6. Paypal have started compensating their victims now. I still not yet claimed. https://topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/closed-settlements/306260-paypal-account-hold-class-action-settlement/
  7. I had a fast growing successful startup that was highly leveraged with lot of startup debt the other partners an I involved had over 40k of transactions that could not go through because paypal starting with rolling reserve an later totally suspending transactions the excuse they used was something to do with little history on our business an needing verification documents.Suffice to say it killed the business mostly due to paypal stopping the sales transactions from going through and the ones they did let through paypal were withholding the money. I don't know how they can get away with it.
  8. I recall having a barclaycard in late 90's with PPI that I attemped to claim (in the 90's) and was told that the policy did not cover job loss for temporary s/employed workers, after that I had the PPI element i was paying removed from the account when I realised it would not cover me , I have DSAR'd but it only went back to around 2004, I am not sure if i have any paperwork myself dating back to this time. Is this something worth pursuing or not as it is a very old account?
  9. Dear Caggers, MBNA have sent this out twice it looks like a long form asking lots of questions about PPI on the credit card account. Not sure what to do. I have not claimed the PPI reclaim yet. Account is old going back to around 2005 went into DMP around 2010.
  10. For co-op bank account. They had been DSAR'd but the amount of DSAR's of entries only went back around 3 months when I was expecting several years of entries
  11. Thank you for your replies. I would like copy bank statements ( old ones ) , when i got into arrears they stopped sending me statements , an so l lost track of what the level of arrears was, it later turned out that one account was cleared in full (an the payments were being used to clear arrears on the other natwest accounts however no one told me this , the DMP co. didnt tell me either. I just want to ensure I am getting all the data I am entitled to for bank accounts & credit cards am more concerned with bank accounts really.
  12. Dear All, I DSAR'd natwest at Bishopsgate address they have taken over 40 days to reply, what happens now? For credit card info they sent on to another location, For bank account info they sent over info in separate packages. They are saying they can only go back 6 years!!! What are my options I thought they have to reply in 40 days to DSAR's. I thought for bank accounts they can go back more than 6 years? Can anyone advise. Thanks Zul
  13. zulu123


    Hi, Please advise. It has been 40 days now and Natwest has not responded to our dsar (sar) request. What should be our next course of action? Thank you. Z
  14. I have had obscure responses like this , an this may be a delaying tactic
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