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  1. Morning folks, Looking for to see if there is any advice or actions I need to take on the text message and letter I received from Barclaycard relating to a credit card debt that defaulted 2017 and was sold on to PRA. CCA'd and they provided a reconstituted document which was deemed bog roll. Text message from Barclaycard: Letter I received from them today: is this an admission of irresponsible lending or anything that could be used to wipe some of the balance etc. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you. What is missing from the document they did send through originally? (Post 10) To me I don't see; Signed/Tick box. No Date. No reference to card limit? If they supplied the above would that make it enforceable? The other thing that gets me is the mention of USwitch, it's alleged I applied via there, but until 2019 I didn't have a USwitch account?
  3. Just continue to ignore them then or anything I can do to put it to bed for now? Sent SAR off to Virgin today.
  4. Received a threatogram from Cabot, stating how seriously they take this, and how they have given me ample time to respond. They are giving me 9 days to respond to this letter otherwise they will look into other options to collect. This may include a doorstep agent coming to discuss the account.
  5. MIm a bit puzzled by it also but the only thing Cabot ever sent was the electronic application for credit which wasnt dated or signed and the generic T&Cs and a statement showing payments to Cabot prior to CCA request. It may just be that Virgin dont have the records which will be good news for me? Back to work on Thursday so will print off a SAR and send.
  6. Thanks for all the help with this one dx100uk I appreciate it. Not sure I follow, your comment about the date varies, I only recall ever saying I took it out in 2016, there were other ones unrelated to this from earlier dates, but that to the side, it's good to know SB is 5 years in Scotland. I'll send a written SAR as advised here and and see what comes of it in time. Thanks again.
  7. I agree bugger all to do with Cabot - I'm saying MBNA are not the party at fault, as the issuing bank is Virgin. MBNA stopped issuing Virgin cards in 2014 and Virgin became their own entity - which is why my original SAR to MBNA came up with no information to give me. ICO recommend I send a letter to Virgin and give them the allowed amount of days to respond so that there is an evidence trail if it needs to go further.
  8. Yep mentioned that but the poor girl had no clue what I was talking about. Think MBNA are innocent on this one since they have nothing to do with the card. What do I need to say to ICO do we have a template letter?
  9. Called up again, Virgin still did not want to play ball. Told me I have to still go via Cabot, I told them that's a load of crap and I'm well within my rights under GDPR and data protection laws to request that directly from Virgin. Round and round it went with me being put on hold whilst the poor lass spoke to her supervisor. Ended with we are going to get our back office to look into it and they will call you back, I can't give you an exact time when, and I can't promise you they'll be able to fulfil the request because the process should go via Cabot, but they'll loo
  10. Oh yes definitely, the card was from 2016
  11. Just received a call back from Virgin saying since the account has been handed off to Cabot, my SAR must go via them?! Seems daft to me?
  12. Hi guys, Did a bit more digging re the MBNA side of things and called Virgin Money tonight, they informed me that MBNA stopped issuing the cards in 2014 and all cards after were issued by themselves, Virgin Money as their own bank/entity. This would explain why MBNA held no info. They also said they are now partners with Clydesdale. I've asked Virgin Money for a SAR and said this should be with me within 30 days. Any further suggestions/reassurance in the interim whilst I wait for the documentation?
  13. Just an update on this, received a letter from Cabot a few weeks ago requesting I get in touch to start making payments, the more I ignore the more I will receive. Sent one two weeks later saying I hadnt responded to their letter from two weeks before and again the more I ignore the more I will receive etc. Seems they are getting a bit more aggressive, keep on ignoring until such a time I receive a letter of/before claim? I read somewhere that PAP doesn't apply in Scotland? Could anyone point me in the right direction for the process I'd need should it co
  14. Excellent, so just sit back and leave them to it?
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