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  1. Short and sweet thank you.... they make me feel like I should be replying
  2. Hi there! So barclaycard keep writing to me to say pay up! The reconstituted agreement is using my married name not my maiden name as when I took out the card - do I tell them this!? What is my next move?
  3. Today Creation caught me out and I answered the phone to them I have been doing everything by letter, when I told them I would not be sending bank statements they got nasty, they said they can accept my payment offer but need bank stats on file I said nope! I will pay the new amount I have offered every month from this month but not sending anything else! They actually threatened me if I don’t send bank statements they will charge me late payments and interest! What do I do now?
  4. So creation keep writing saying we understand you are experiencing financial difficulty please send wage slips and bank statements I keep replying saying you have my income and expenditure that is all I am sending..... it’s like a game of ping pong...... what do I need to do as I’m. It making a payment of anything at the moment to them?
  5. So I had previously agreed a low monthly token payment I guess I stop paying that now?
  6. I meant pursue the fact it is not enforceable. I may sound thick to you asking what may appear to be silly questions but that is why I joined this forum to get help as I have no legal knowledge at all. And I want to make sure that I am indeed right in what I am doing..... the fact the have sent a recon CCA is that likely to be because they will not have the original? Some forums advise write back saying it’s not enforceable when I have read other people’s scenatios so hence my questions.
  7. I wondered about a SAR as this will force their hand to send me a copy of the original. I have read lots of other posts from all over but lots of people seem to have so many different pieces of advice it makes my head spin!
  8. I intend to pursue it the help I was asking for now is...... do I write to them and tell them it is not enforceable and why not? Or do I write but not tell them the specific reason? I have never been in such a situation before so need guidance?
  9. So just to clarify as this is all new to me the recon CCA should be in my maiden name not my married name? End of ......
  10. Please see attached To clarify:- The front letter - that is addressed to me in my married name and the address is my current address. The recon CCA is addressed to me in my married name ( I was not married when I took it out) the address though is where I lived when I took it out so that is correct. From my limited knowledge I think the only thing wrong is my name? BC.pdf
  11. I have attached the paperwork that I sent...... I have limited knowledge but looking at this all I can perhaps find wrong so to speak is:- They have sent ithe reconstituted CCA out in my married name and I was not married in 1999 There is no signature of mine anywhere. I look forward to hearing from you. That was what I thought! The letter is fine in my married name but the reconstituted agreement surely should be in my maiden name when I took it out - can they send me out another and pretend they just made a mistake?
  12. Hello yes I will do I will upload as soon as I can ...... Andy thank you for your comments but I am struggling to follow what you have said in the initial post it reads that what they have sent could be correct in parts but then in your second comment you mention it may not be enforceable? I am sorry if I appear thick but can you please explain?
  13. So the fact my name is wrong actually works in my favour? What do I do now?
  14. Hi I really need help! Barclaycard have replied saying I have to pay it! However it is a barclaycard taken out in 1999 therefore I was under the impression that they needed to provide my signature ? I have no idea what I am doing with this so would appreciate help! They have sent a letter enclosing a reconstituted copy of CCA and a copy of the terms that is it! What do I do? Thank you Also the reconstituted CCA is in my married name when I took the card out I was my maiden name does this affect anything?
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