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  1. Thanks DX.. Just one point I had 2 cars from YCC would I need to do 2seperate claims or input them on separate sheets... One was £75.00 a month and the other £26.00 a month in insurances approximately Thanks again for you reply
  2. Hi again can someone point me in the right direction on this please.. Carnt seem to find the posts where someone actually made a successful claim against the underwriter.. Many thanks again
  3. Hi All, Need help making a claim against the underwriter for ppi against YCC. After reading the forums and some advice off this site i was told i should target the underwriter. I have have received a disk from DAF with info on what they hold on me but unsure on what i have to do next. I originally started to do this a good while back but due to family issues never followed through with it. Have i left it too long to address this and not bother or do i still go ahead with it? any help would be apprechiated and a step by step guide for dummies would be
  4. Ah I see... Thanx again I will do that Many thanks
  5. Thanks for the reply DX but what do u mean in agreements rare for bc Cheers
  6. Hi all...some advice needed. I originally put a ppi claim in against barclaycard in 2011 using a claims company which after about 2yrs was rejected. Fast forward to 2016 and I received a letter from barclaycard stating they were reopening my case. They asked me to go online to their site and reapply.. Which I did with no reply. I went back online last week and reapplied again. Received letter Monday saying they were sorry that I had to reapply online again and they would look into it straightaway. Received letter today rejecting my claim as the policy started in 1
  7. heres the agreement:!: not sure if ive done this correct:???: also DX... i think i read on here somewhere that when you draft your letter it has to be worded in a way as not to blame the actual underwriter but the seller? or something along those lines? or have i read that wrong aswell?? Merge Result_1.pdf
  8. ermm total insurance premium £2663.56 and £1053.56 interest i believe...18.9%APR
  9. 550 mechanical breakdown, 495 gap, 1618.56 ppi the insurance installallment was 77.44 a month
  10. yes i am now at the address when agreement was taken out..i have the letter from direct auto financial services and says that i didnt owe anything for the car as i paid more the 50% but insurance amount required was 1300 less rebate 280..
  11. no i am at the same address.. ..i am just looking at the agreement and just relised if i had gone the full 48mths of the agreement i would have paid 12,600.96 for a 4yr old car which would have been 8 yrs old at end of agreement...how STUPID was i sorry misunderstood your question.. .i have been at 3 other addresses since then and have had credit at those addresses but i am back at my original address now...if that makes sense?
  12. I am using the SAR Template from the libary. I have one account number but i had a couple of vehicles from them but no details. would the request pull all info on my dealings with them if not what do i do?? my first vehicle agreement ran its course 36mths(no details thou). the second ran 32mths of a 48mth agreement. The car was returned and i paid approx 1036.32 in "insurances" and 80quid for them to collect the vehicle.
  13. i know what you are saying is true as i know 1st hand how much it cost me using them anyway lesson learned. only stumbled on this site by accident and theres so much information that ive confused myself a bit. but i do apprechiate your responses thanx. in the region of about 1500 in total so very keen to fathom out what i should do.
  14. thanks again DX for your help, now i know why i used a claim company just struggling too get my head round this stuff.
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