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Found 6 results

  1. Does anyone have a Barclaycard application form from 1990 please? I know it's a long shot, but sadly the copy they have sent me is unhelpfully more or less illegible for the relevant section, and I need the exact wording. What I can discern from it reads like you have to indicate in the box to opt out, rather than the usual indicate to opt in. The final sentence appears to say and the section is titled Here's how it looks:
  2. I recall having a barclaycard in late 90's with PPI that I attemped to claim (in the 90's) and was told that the policy did not cover job loss for temporary s/employed workers, after that I had the PPI element i was paying removed from the account when I realised it would not cover me , I have DSAR'd but it only went back to around 2004, I am not sure if i have any paperwork myself dating back to this time. Is this something worth pursuing or not as it is a very old account?
  3. havent been on here for a long time but here goes My father in law took a loan out in 1990 with consumer loan company ( now defuncked) for £50k interest only. the loan was fully repaid after 5 years and transfered onto another loan ( Repayment) which had a charge on his property. After quite a few years when the loan had gone down to about 10k I took the paperwork down to a solicitor who told me that although the loan agreement was not legal the fact that it was over 25k meant that he could not claim against C/ loans. He started to get calls from CEO asking if we wanted to make a small paymet to clear the dept. At this point I smelt a rat as I have never known a bank to except a lesser amount. Just as we were about to start sniffing as to why they were trying to do a deal Consumer loans then disappeared. Last year he got a letter from manchester building society saying they had taken over the loan and they wanted to arrange a payment plan. I took some advice verbally from a solicitor to say that they were probably time barred and that unless we acknoledged the dept they would not be able to claim. but that didnt get over the fact there was a charge on the property that needed lifting. three letters later the last one threatening legal action with a copy of an agreement dated 1990 and for 5 years makes me think A they dont have a legal agreement and are trying it on and hoping we are stupid enough to pay them. B dont realise that maybe we have a potential claim. The fact that they have sent this agreement says to me there is something fishy going on. Somepnes thoughts please.
  4. Hi, My father had PPI with Midland Bank in 1990. They've made him an offer, which is all repayments on the premium, plus simple interest, and totals about £400. The issue is that all repayments came out of his Midland Bank overdraft. So they also incurred him overdraft interest, a portion of the monthly overdraft turnover fee (0.75% on any debit in the overdraft), and a portion of the 1.25% annual overdraft arrangement fee. He came out of his overdraft in 2005, so assuming that the PPI was the last part of the overdraft paid off (a fair assumption since without it he'd have come out of his overdraft sooner), we totted up that PPI has put him out of pocket around £4000. I.e., that's what they've made from him. I think the calculation is reasonable, the question is what are his chances of being able to claim it back? The bank have only said that they won't consider such incidental issues unless directed by the Ombudsman, and the Ombudsman have said they think the bank has made a reasonable offer. I note neither of them have come up with any legal reasoning. Thanks for any help.
  5. Hi, Back in 1996 I was mis sold 4x insurance policies by Lloyds bank. London & Edinburgh - Commercial Overdraft Repayment insurance LTSB General Insurance - Health Cover 5 Star Ambassador Insurance Co - Private Medical Insurance Royal Sun Alliance - Hospital Income Plan Consolidated M&G - Accident Protection Plan All policies were sold by Lloyds. If anyone has any additional information on these policies it would be appreciated. At the time I run a small business with two employees with my father as a partner. After ten years of trading and being with Lloyds I simply applied for a bank overdraft facility extension (£5k-£10k, but ended up being made to sign up for 4x policies - these were made a condition of the overdraft being granted, with pressure selling present by two Lloyds bank manager who came to our office 'for a chat'. I protested - and asked if there was anyway the overdraft could be put in place without the Policies, but the answer was a emphatic 'no'. All policies started and were cancelled within 3 months of each other. After the policies having ran for 5 years, and when the managers had moved on - I asked a back off staff member if I could cancel - to which the reply was 'of course', a further discussion revealed that the policies were never actually 'required' for an overdraft. A few months later I moved my account to another bank, who put in place a £10k overdraft, and never once asked for one insurance policy ! Both my father and I remember having a bad taste in both our mouths after they left ! But we trusted Lloyds bank, and buried our cynicism. Only when the PPI saga emerged did I realise we had been mis sold, and we had in fact been milked by our bank for as much as they could get, not a very good way to build trust as a customer ! I am now in the process of dealing with Lloyds bank, but it is proving difficult as I have no bank statements or original contracts, I do how ever have my Sage Accounts nominal records and original Inland Revenue Tax Returns (along with my Year End Accounts) - which verify the ledger year end figures on the nominals. The nominals show all the payments made, and the IR Returns verify theese amounts paid. I also have a prinout from Royal Sun Alliance confirming 3 of the 5 years 'Hospital Income Plan'. On another forum a few posters feel my 'complaint' of mis selling is invalid. My father and I both remember the long winded and rambling meeting, and us looking at each other when they had gone sensing something wasn't right, clutching a bunch of papers that insured everything including my right toe nail. We felt we'd been mugged off to be honest. The policies were wholly unnecessary and not what we asked for, we simply wanted an extension to our overdraft.
  6. This loan originally for £4079 (including Optional Loan Repayment Insurance), defaulted in 1993, and token payments have been made ever since. The balance, stated as £3267, was transferred to Idem about a year ago and since then I have been paying them the £20 a month I was previously paying to Lloyds. They are now requesting a review of my financial situation and asking for very detailed information. I decided to request a final settlement figure from them, to which they replied asking me to propose an amount and still asking questions like 'what would be the source of funds' and 'what other debts do you have'. I would be willing to pay £1500 but am not prepared to answer these questions which I think are irrelevant. Also, if they persist in asking for personal information, what would be the consequences of not complying and either stopping payments altogether or continuing with the previously agreed payments. My questions are what course of action is it best to take, and what's the worst they can do to me if I don't cooperate? After 24 years I just want an end to it all!
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