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  1. Time for an update on this. Six years since the date of default came and went almost a week ago. That's over 6 years and 8 months since the cause of action. It's pre-2007 with no signed agreement, to boot. I'd be surprised if they issue any claims on this one now with so little ammunition, but I'll continue to not count any chickens for a while yet. The balance was over £8k, so is a nice one to get chalked off. Thanks for the advice given!
  2. Thanks Andy! Just one final update on this - HSBC also closed the account. It's disappeared from my online banking. Cheeky!! At least they're consistent - they didn't send a letter to notify me about the closure/termination. I also didn't receive a single letter from them for nearly six years, when the account was over limit and incurring monthly charges.
  3. Good news! I've had all but £100 or so refunded to me, as a gesture of goodwill - the difference being the % rate they've applied compared to mine. I'm happy enough with that, all things considered. For the benefit of others, I emailed a firm letter of request along with the CI Sheet to them. It had the desired effect, albeit their letter back was the usual "you are responsible for monitoring your account and keeping it within the agreed limit" and "we're within our rights to apply charges" nonsense. Thanks for your help DX. You're one of life's heroes!
  4. Thanks Andy. I figured you may have advised that, but wanted to check first. Thanks again!
  5. I responded to the Letter of Claim - denied the debt due to being statute barred and attached the template letter. I did use their own response template, but just recently realised there is a CAG one that should be used. I didn't sign anything. We're now moving towards 6 years and 3 months since last payment, with no further acknowledgement. I've now received a letter from RW advising that the debt is not SB due to the default date, and now request payment proposals within 14 days or it MAY be referred back to HC who MAY be instructed to take court action. I guess that's a standard response and is probably a positive sign. Is there any need to engage in further communication with them, or just let the clock keep ticking and wait for their next move? Cheers!!
  6. I've had a response to my SAR. It only contains information regards to a HFC loan I took out to cover a "interest free for 6 months" purchase I made 10 years ago. I had completely forgotten about this, but considering I've got numerous financial products with HSBC, I was surprised to receive only this. Is this a typical fob-off, or is it normal for SARs to result in information coming through in batches? I've never done one before, so am not sure what to expect from it. Thanks!
  7. Update: Received a Letter of Claim now from H Cohen. It has revealed one helpful thing - the account is from 2006. They only supplied a recon to my CCA request after about four months. I'm pretty sure the SB date on this came and went earlier this month - six years since the first missed payment. The bit I'm unsure about is how to respond to the Letter of Claim. Do I use the form they've supplied and tick Box D (I dispute the debt). Then, within a separate letter, state that the debt is Statute Barred? Finally, they specify a date to respond by. Would you suggest I wait until close to that date before sending the response? I'm keen to keep the SB clock ticking where possible. Thanks!
  8. Compound Interest Sheet - I get you! Thanks DX
  9. Hi DX I've received the statements from HSBC. They show that my recollection noted above isn't strictly accurate. Back in 2012 the card limit was exceeded by the TV subscription a number of times. While I had DD set up to make minimum payments, it only debited x% of the balance each month - pretty standard. I did make a number of manual payments to put the account back under, but the TV payments kept putting me over. Therefore, the point about the charge & monthly interest putting me over isn't correct. Eventually, I kept the TV subscription going for a few more months and then cancelled it. Nevertheless, they've been charging me £12 a month for near enough the full period of six years (save for a handful of months early on). However, it doesn't actually look like they are applying interest on the charges - does that seem about right. I'll give you an example: Card limit is £500, but the account balance is £800. They've been applying between £9.80 and £10.80 per month interest, based on "interest on standard balance of 1.671% - 21.9% APR" (same applied when the balance was around £500). But..... am I correct in thinking that interest can still be claimed back by me on the following basis? On the back of the statements, it states that payments will be used to pay off interest & charges first. This is clearly what's happening. Therefore, the 'purchases' element of the balance never, and won't reduce as it stands. I'm now paying interest on £500 when the balance would undoubtedly be clear by now, but for the £12 charges and higher amount of interest. I don't fully know how to explain the 'system' in simple terms, but should I even be trying? Would you advise simply totalling up all the £12 charges plus compound interest (plus stat interest?) and hit them with a formal request for a refund? They can then argue the toss over the amount. Thanks!
  10. Thanks DX. I didn't actually know the account was "overlimit" for a long time after it entered that position. Then it took me another while to actually get around to tackling it. If I had paid a little bit more with the manual payment to leave the balance at say £480 instead of £490 (limit is £500), I'd never have been in this position and the card would have been paid off long ago. I reckon they'd have gone down the court route themselves if I'd just stopped paying, so would probably never have got as far as SB anyway. Listening to the guy on the phone today, I could tell he knew they were on dodgy ground. He even gave me back £100 current account charges (due to a different issue). So, hopefully they'll be open to persuasion once I have the full figures to hand. I'll keep you posted.
  11. I've been making minimum payments on it each and every month without fail for the past six years - so, yes it should be on my credit file. The problem being, they've also been applying a £12 fee to it each and every month for the past six years too. I kept paying out of principle, because I knew the day would come where I would contest the charges.
  12. I sent the SAR off on the 8th March - was received on 12th March. Today, I spoke to the bank on another matter which then led to the subject of the credit card in question. This time I was speaking to UK based customer support and got more sense. I queried a few of the early transactions and, as stated above, I did in fact make a manual payment to return the card balance to below the agreed limit. I then cancelled the the Sky subscription that had put it over in the first place and didn't spend a penny more on the card since. I was content that the 'minimum' payment would be made by DD every month and just left it alone. Unknown to me at the time, after I'd put it into good standing, the interest and a £12 charge put it back over again. Most likely the minimum payment took it back under again - only just - and then interest and the overlimit fee took it back over and it's been like that ever since. Month after month. They guy said he's issued new statements going back to early 2012, so I should have these soon. He was lost for answers when I questioned why I had not received a single letter (in post or via email) about the matter (happy to profit?) - his comms log proved what I was saying. Is it acceptable that they can make a charge when it was interest and charges that put me over in the first place? I know it's a side issue, but I'd be interested to have some views. I reckon the total I'll be owed on this is around £1,500. Does that sound about right based on £12 a month for six years at 20%?
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