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  1. In truth I don't know, the letter says they 'did not meet the expected standards for assessing customers circumstances or engaging with them' I'd have to dig out the number regarding the fees - it's plenty though. My issue is that I can't see why penalties for wrongdoings committed to my detriment can end up going to this third party?
  2. It's one of the letters which they started sending out earlier this year. More of the debt is fees and interest than is actual credit. I'd assume that since they're sending these letters out that they must have been pretty naughty?
  3. Hi guys, new member here, with a situation which I thought seemed very wrong - I hope somebody can advise. 3 years ago I defaulted on a small barclaycard, which with interest and fees went from the £1500 limit to nearly £3000. The debt was sold on by Barclaycard to Robinson Way, and is now held by Hoist. I have an agreement to pay the debt off which works fine for me - I don't even notice it. I recieved a letter from Barclaycard a couple of days ago, where they own up to malpractice with fees and interest charges. As a result of this malpractice they have issued a compen
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