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Found 20 results

  1. MBNA sold debts that belonged to both me and my husband. Idem bought mine, Moorcroft bought my husbands. I emailed Idem regarding reduced payments that I would make, and eventually they responded agreeing to my reduced amount. However, Moorcroft ignore emails (sent day after day) and they will not reply despite my husband requesting that they not call, but put in writing instead. They call anyway, and to whomever called, I asked them not to call, but to respond to my husband's emails - however, the chap then called my husband's mobile immediately! I got a statement from Idem, and in exactly the same marked envelope (same return address, same statement format) my husband had one from Moorcroft. Does anyone know if this is the same company??? It's really cheesing me off that Moorcroft ignore all the emails. Also, they're sneaky so-and-so's: they are based hundreds of miles away from us, and yet they call the landline using a local number that they must buy to use, to look like they're someone local calling us - idiots! It doesn't take long for me to recognise the number and ignore it. But, they're making me so mad!!! I think I'm wasting my time re-sending the same emails but at least it proves the point that they're ignoring us, dispite contacting them on a daily basis!
  2. I am looking for some advice regarding removal of Arrangement to Pay markers and a default from my credit report. I have an outstanding balance of £3486.90 with Link Financial who took on the account from Barclaycard in February 2015. Barclaycard applied markers to my credit report from April 11 to February 15 when they marked the account as settled, following an SAR it doesn't appear the account was ever formally defaulted. I was on a DMP until recently when I sent a section 78 request to Link and stopped paying. They did not comply with the request and subsequently issued a default notice. There is a note within the documents received following the SAR request that would indicate that the debt is unenforceable. I am looking to obtain a mortgage in the summer and these two accounts will prevent me from doing so. Should Barclays have defaulted me when I missed 3 month payments? Can Link default me as they aren't the original creditor? Should the debt be removed from my credit file as it's over 6 years old since I breached the original T & C's? How do I go about remedying this? Thanks.
  3. Hi Folks, This is my first post on this site so I apologise if I haven't posted in the right place or if I don't use the correct terminology! I will do my best. Also I a big thank you for all the great advice! I have two issues I'd like some advice on but I will deal with them separately. 1. In January 2013 I received CC papers issued by a solicitor acting on behalf of Nat West Bank claiming I owed a total circa £7000 including legal fees and costs . I had defaulted on a personal loan (£1500 outstanding) and I had become unable to service my overdraft (£5000). After taking advice from National Dept Help line I acknowledged the dept and am now the unhappy owner of a CCJ. The judge ruled that I should repay at a rate of £20 per month based on my income. I am making regular payments. It seems that NW haven't as yet applied for a CO despite the fact they said they we're going to. I was aggrieved at the time of the Judgment because I had been in contact with Nat West as was attempting to reach an agreement with them and had actually offered them slightly more than the Judge agreed. I was waiting for a reply from NW solicitor when the court papers arrived! I had not been advised by NDH to request the CCA or SAR or consider defending part or all of the claim. I am not aware if there were unfair charges applied to both accounts and weather or not those charges have been added to the total owed. Don't even know if there is any PPI! After judgement I receive a letter from NW solicitor stating that I am not within my right to obtain the CCA despite the fact that I never requested it in the first place..most odd! So should I send a SAR request to NW and the Solicitor and should this include a request for all break down of all charges applied to the accounts and the CCA? Will they have to comply with my request or am I waisting my time and should I just continue to pay the CCJ. Not sure where to start with this or if I'm in a position to fight! Thanks.
  4. my partner is looking to apply for a mortgage soon I've been helping him look into his credit files etc. I noticed in 2011 he has some AR markers from Vodaphone. He can't, to the best of his knowledge, remember any such arrangement. Account opened: Feb 2009 Account closed: Jan 2015 Account status: Settled/Closed Following dates marked with 'AR': 2011 - Jul, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 2012 - Jan Dates thereafter: Feb 2012 to closing of account in Jan 2015 all marked as 'OK'. We've wasted two afternoons trying to get clarification from these jokers. Firstly on live chat, where they said they WOULD remove the AR markers as the account shows as settled (erm, right), but we'd need to call them. Same day called the number they suggested. 2 hours on the phone on hold and getting passed around, won't bore you with the details. Promised call back Tuesday, naturally they didn't call back. today we called back. Again, several hours on the phone - Not passed to credit file support team as requested. Listened to a load of waffle, then told credit file support team now closed anyway. Told will call back tomorrow, will receive a text with details. Haha, did we hell. I'd bet good money they won't call back. with the view of getting these AP markers removed , what would you suggest is a good course of action to take? As it stands, I've just typed up a SAR request which we will send with proof of identity tomorrow. Anyone had experience with this sort of thing? I'm doing my usual trawling of the forum for similar cases. Many thanks, as always.
  5. I've been on a DMP now for over 7 years and am looking into what I should be doing now. There are 6 accounts remaining on the DMP, 2 of which have been reassigned and are wtih Debt Colletion Agencies, the other 4 are with the original creditors. Default Notices were served on all these accounts and my credit file is no longer affected by them. I've had a look through some of the threads on here and it seems that I should be issuing CCA requests to the DCAs at least to see if the debts are enforceable. Just wondering what the position is regarding accounts still with the original creditors. I have a few concerns about doing this though as the DMP is running smoothly and I am planning on applying for a mortgage soon so am worried that by issuing CCA requests, the creditors may be triggered in to starting court action. just wondering if it is worth doing it now or waiting until I have a mortgage. Any advice would be appreciated.
  6. Hi, Looking for some advice. Back in late 2010 my finances hit the skids somewhat and I've been trying to recover ever since. I had large debts mostly on credit cards and negotiated reduced repayments on all of them. 4 of the credit card companies defaulted - these defaults will drop off my credit file over the next year or so once six years has passed. However Barclaycard never defaulted either of the two accounts I have with them. Initially I made token payments of £1 for 3 months on each account and then agreed a reduced monthly payment after this. My credit report on Noddle shows 1 month late, 2 months late, 3 months late and then AP markers from January 2011 until November 2014 when I attempted to start making normal repayments again. I have since reached another agreement with them for reduced payments from January 2016. My question is whether or not Barclaycard should have registered a default with the CRA's back in 2010/11 and in that case these accounts should have dropped off my record within the next year or so. Instead of which they will go forward for years to come and affect my credit rating in the future. Can I get Barclaycard to issue a backdated default and put me in the same position I would have been if I'd paid them nothing in the last 5 years, rather than the more than £10,000 I have repaid to them. Any comments or advice gratefully received. J
  7. Morning..... I have a bank account due to drop off CRA in October this year. The first marker 1 month late is may... What would be the SB date may or Oct ? When can I stop worrying about any potential action ? No contact for many years CRA is updated with current address. Majority of balance it is > 1400.00 is charges so happy to let dogs lie. I imagine this is why no action taken against. Only got an OD on this account as an upgrade as I needed to pay for a season ticket for 1st months work after being out of work on disability for a few years, they were also taking charges from benefits despite the letters I sent at the time right of appropriation if i remember this was 2007.... So I think let it be, just wondering as looking to mortgage this year.... Thanks N
  8. Trying to fight the demoralizing Credit Repair battle. I have been registered with Equifax for a good year or more as I think that Experia n is a complete rip-off at £14.99! Forget snail mail method as I'm trying to be pro-active here. problem is Equifax have never reported any issues with Provident - not even on my Credit File and was totally unaware that they registered with the CRA's for reasons I wont go into of how credit was handed out "back in the day". my wife told me about Noddle which use Call Credit and I therefore signed up to the utter disbelief that Provident have been registering Late Payment markers for the last 6+ bloody years. I have been a member of Experian way back in the past when it wasnt £14.99 p.m and Provident never appeared on my credit file way back in the day. Now having paid Experian and witnessed Providents Late Payment markers from way back - I have pretty much had the stuffing kicked out of me. My last adverse credit account is due to be removed in February 2017. Not too far away. Now I am faced with Provident ruining that by constantly recording late payments which will show on my credit file for another 6 years! Every other "decent" creditor has either defaulted me or closed and passed my account on, but not, these. Instead, they have crippled me for 12+years instead of the stat 6 for bad credit. Sorry for the long post, but imagine my disgust, anger, disbelief and futile efforts over the past god knows how many years to put my life back on track, when this sub-prime lot has ruined my hard work. Therefore, I ask, what do I do, settle the couple of hundred quid and wait another 6 years or is there any other course I can take to "repair" this? Thanks in advance, apologies for the semi-rant.
  9. hi there, Looking for some advice. I had some financial difficulties back in 2006 and defaulted on a number of credit cards. Barclaycard didn't default me but marked it as an ongoing arrangement to pay which I understand is common for them. If they had defaulted me in 2006, it would have came off in 2012. I have records as early as 2009 of me writing and phoning them to request the arrangement come to an end however they kepts auto-renewing it. I have just settled the balance of the account and it was closed yesterday. I wrote to them quoting the ICO on the guidelines for arrangements to pay being a short term arrangement, informing them I felt it should have been defaulted back in 2006 and requesting the account be deleted from my records with all CRA. They have wrote back to me today agreeing to remove it from my credit records with effect from Jan 31st 2015 and offering me £75 compensation " for the distress and inconvenience caused by this matter" So my query is: shouild I realistically be pursuing them for further damages since they have ruined my credit record for an extra 3 years. This has prevented me from moving debt I'm trying to pay off to 0% deals and therefore cost me additional interest I could have otherwise avoided. I've to reply to them and if I accept this "resolution" they will send me the £75. Thanks, knox
  10. Hi, I recently noticed on my credit file some late payment markers from British Gas for electricity and gas accounts. The markers were on Feb/Mar/Apr 2012 and were showing as being 1, 2 and 3 months late respectively. I was not aware of these late payments being marked against my credit file. However a bit of history on this: in 2010 my flat that I rented to my tenant caught on fire (well the one next door but it destroyed the roof of the entire tenement building). This gutted my flat and left everything inside it destroyed including boiler, gas meter, elec meter etc, everything was shut off by the council building control. Building control closed the building and nobody was allowed in. My tenant at this point cancelled the contract with British Gas. After several years of arguing to get it fixed (tenements and 11 different flats and insurance do not mix well) we eventually got to the point where the builders were let in to start work and started getting the place fixed, obviously at some point this included hooking in to the elec and gas supply again and installing boilers etc. This was (unknown to me) reconnected around Dec 2011. I then got access to the building in April 2012 where I noticed some letters from British Gas & their debt collection agencies, apparently a bill of £79 has been late and I was due to pay it. I paid the bill as soon as I got it, but I never actually signed any credit agreement with British Gas as there was no supply to the flat. I don't actually know how they got the bill in my name. Is it therefore fair that they are allowed to place late payment markers on my account? I argued my point with them via the CRA, the accepted and removed the late payment marker for electricity, but refused for the Gas, not sure what the difference was. I then lodged a complaint with British Gas directly who are still looking in to the matter, but having just came off the phone they state that the house owner is automatically signed up to their account when no other account holder is around and that this is legally binding, that may well be the case, but does that also stand for the credit agreement part? I find that hard to believe. Anyway they are still looking in to it. I am worried about how it may affect my upcoming mortgage application, everything else is clean on my credit file. Cheers G
  11. Hi, As per the topic.. the story goes: I had an overdraft on my Lloyd's account of £1000, which was used occasionally, but I hadn't really been using this account much as it wasn't my main bank account. Around April, I had very recently changed address, and (as far as I can recall) I hadn't yet notified Lloyd's of my new address. After being a bit short of money that month, I used this Lloyd's overdraft a couple of times, and it was up to around 800 pounds in total. Shortly after moving house, I realised the the overdraft had suddenly disappeared from my account, and as a result, I was now immediately accruing charges for being in an 'unauthorised overdraft', and letters arrived demanding immediate payment. After going in to a Lloyd's branch, and speaking to them on the phone, it looks like the overdraft was removed because hadn't been paying money regularly into the account. Because I had recently moved address, I did not receive their letter, (which they told me they had sent), advising me that the overdraft was going to be cancelled. This meant I had no idea that it was going to happen. I tried to reason with them, that in these circumstances, as I hadn't received any notification, could they be flexible and reinstate the overdraft, while the amount was paid off. Their computers did not allow me to have the overdraft reinstated, so I was told to call their debt management people, which I did. After phoning this debt management team, they agreed that they would give me a 'temporary overdraft facility' of £1000, which would gradually reduce over a period of 6 months, allowing me to pay off the amount outstanding. I was not advised that this would negatively affect my credit file. This amount has now been completely paid off, however.. upon checking my Noddle credit file today, I was see that from April-July, there are four 'AR - Arrangment to Pay' markers. Is there anything that can be done about this? I was not advised that these markers would be placed on my file, and due to moving house around the exact same time the overdraft was cancelled, I didn't receive any warning letter about the overdraft being due to be cancelled. If I had received this letter, I would of course have not used the overdraft this month. Any help would be appreciated. My credit file is in good condition apart from these markers. It just seems to unfortunate that an overdraft being cancelled without my knowledge can end up causing these four 'AR' markers on my otherwise good credit file. Thanks
  12. hi, im new so please be gentle with me:wink: been looking through my credit file and have notice welcome finance have put more than a dozen late markers of 6 ,s on my file ,actually over 5 years worth and has never been defaulted i had car with them over 7 years ago and had paid more than half and volunteered to hand car back and that would be it as i had paid more than half seems for over 5 years its geting late markers on my credit file and i heard from a friend that ICO says after 6 late markers it should be defaulted ,is this right ? ive heard nothing for over 6 years from WF and have paid nothing in that time ive also sent CCA over two months ago but no reply can anyone give me advice how get markers off my file also im from scotland and aware could be status barred after 5 years ?
  13. Hello, I've recently had a payment plan set up with O2 for a couple of bills due to being unemployed, I then got a job and agreed a payment plan for these bills, whereby I was told, that because I had rung up and set something up with them to pay my outstanding bills, that there would not be any late payment markers placed on my credit file. However, they have now put late payment markers on my account. I sent an email to their credit referrals email address and was told that even though they had told me over the phone and that I had an online chat with O2 stating that I should not get any problems or markers put on my account, that legally they have to mark my account as late as my payment for that month was late. The question I have is, I have paid other months late, but no markers have been put against my file, but O2 now state that they are legally obliged to mark my account as it is used? Can I use this fact to get my markers removed as they said originally? I've just spent a 6 months clearing debt and making sure I'm not late on anything and now this and my credit score with Experian has dropped from 658 to 400. Any advice would be much appreciated.
  14. Hi, I have AP markers for a credit card which was settled and closed in March 2011. Do I go from this date, for it to be on my credit files for 6 years??
  15. I have a second mortage with kensington and ran into arrears in october 2007 cra states 3 months in arrears at this time. I was taken to court and kensington got a spo, I maintained payments and finally in march 2013 mamaged to clear the last of the arrears and have maintained up to date payments. This took a long time mainly because of the charges kensington applied to the account. During this whole time they have been marking my account as AP. Whilst I hold my hands up to the fact that I had arrears I have worked really hard to pay them off. My question is could I ask Kensington to change this to a default marker from 2007 as the AP will damage my cra for ages longer. My loan is not due to finish till 2016 and I just think its really unfair that if Id had it marked as a default my credit file would be better than having an AP?
  16. Is there any way i can get late payment markers removed from my credit file, even though it was my fault that i paid late, all the accounts are finished and paid, theres no defaults just late payment markers on them, i have written to some of the companies but all they say is they are showing a true reflection of my account history
  17. I know AR markers = Arrangement to pay but i've heard they do more damage to ur credit file than having a default, is this correct? Also, for those struggling with QQ, have you seen their new advert since these, and 49 other companies were told to clean up their acts lol
  18. Hi I have been looking at my credit report recently. I have four active accounts, all green, so no problems there but I have one settled account (a loan with Natwest settled Nov 12) which was over a period of seven years and has a couple of late payments on it and in 2011 had one AP marker. How detrimental will this be to my file and obtaining future credit. I am not looking to obtain credit right now as I have a couple of defaults to fall of over the next couple of months but am working on improving my credit report.
  19. Hi, As advised I have started a new thread regarding this particular account on my credit file which I am looking for advice about. I took out a store card with topshop in 2003, in 2006 I got in to difficulty with my debts and offered to pay a token amount per month. I have a letter back from them from 31/01/2007 saying that they accept my offer per month. I paid this until October 2007 (this is the last payment I can see on bank statements) and then couldn't keep up to my arrangements so stopped paying. I have no correspondence from them except the letter in Jan 2007, I'm not sure that they haven't sent my anything and I've got rid of it but I don't recall getting anything else from them. I have moved several times since then and haven't heard anything from them definitely since April 2009, nor have I contacted them since at least this date. The address on this account on my credit file is where I was living in Jan 2007 which I left in Feb 2007 which makes me think even more likely I have not contacted them since this letter. I have just got a copy of my credit file from Experian and they are recording the account as 6 payments late every month, they have been doing this for years. The account is being recorded by C L Finance Ltd and shows that the arrangement started on 01/03/2007. Where do I stand with this debt and my credit file. I am not in a position to pay off my debts yet although I don't expect to not pay them at some time in the future. The account has never been defaulted just changed to AP. Will this become statute barred in October this year as that will be six years since I last made a payment, providing I haven't contacted them since the letter in Jan 2007. Or will this remain on my credit file marked late AP for six years from if I clear the debt? Thank you for any advice.
  20. hi guys ,im new so pls be gentle with me im hoping im going to make sence of what im trying to say ,i stupidly took loan from welcome finance 8 yrs ago to pay my mums funeral ,1 year after loan started i got ill and had insurance so that helped for a while ,when i started payments again loan seems to have doubled so went to dispute nothing was resolved this was 6 yrs ago but WF are still puting late payments markers on my file since 6 yrs ago it has never went to default ,im asking for advice how to sort it out cos ive no idea also ive not heard nothing from WF and seems they now sold debt to lowell who are hasseling me on phone which i cant hear due to hearing impairment any advice be super
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