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  1. Just a quick update. Apart from the odd phone call and letter asking to set up a payment plan, nothing else. Case has been transferred to local county court since beginning of January, still waiting for further directions. Does it normally take this long ?
  2. Quick update, you might find this amusing i have just the DQ from PRA solicitors, yes to mediation, local county stated, only thing is the form has somebody else’s name on it
  3. Hi Andy, just wanted to ask as this thread was opened for a colleague, would it be possible for me to attend court with him (if it gets to that stage) , as he is really nervous and scared ?
  4. Just received DQ, i will be posting today 1copy for myself 1 copy to the courts signed 1 copy to DCA solicitors
  5. Good morning. i have received the following letter from PRA “We write further to the above case and confirm receipt of your defence. We have written to the court and wish to inform you that we intend to proceed with the claim” Still no response to the CCA or CPR requests. Reading through other threads this is normal procedure from PRA.
  6. Hi there sorry to hijack your thread, keeping a close eye on your thread as I am at the same stage and with the same DCA albeit my claim is for a loan and current account.
  7. Sorry to hijack your thread, all your details are visible on that Dropbox link.
  8. Thank you Andy and DX for replies, I will continue to wait then. Will continue to update
  9. Thanks DX for reply. Will this not show on the MCOL website ? its just shows that your case has been transferred to your local county court
  10. Hi there. I have been trying to ring the courts to find out if the claim is stayed as the deadline was 27 Feb, lines are very busy and as such have not been able to speak to anyone, I have also checked on the MCOL website and there are no further updates. Will keep trying on the phone, so I guess I sit tight and wait.
  11. Thank you Andy. Will keep updating
  12. Good morning. Defence submitted and shown as received on MCOL. PRA have yet to comply to both CCA and CPR requests. So in the mean time while we wait for them to send anything, more research in the forum threads. Totally of the topic question The donation I have made will this be paid every month (I think I chose this option) automatically or will I have to do it Manually ? Thanks again for all help
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