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  1. If you look at post 73 it has a defence that is similar to your case, you could adapt and word it to fit your POC. good luck
  2. Hi there Welly26 the link below is very useful to your case. Have a look at post 76, and see if you can use any information for your own defence.
  3. Hi there Welly26. I also had a case with idem with a successful outcome, thanks to the CAG team. The following link might be useful to you
  4. Idem also sent me an envelope that was an inch thick supposedly full of documents that they were going to use as evidence against me ........ everything you mentioned in post 155 was there on paper according to idem and now that they have the evidence it would be better for both parties to avoid court and for me to sign up for a Tomlin order. After going through the documents apart from all the paper work that was printed out from idems own network, there was no Signed agreement No valid default notice No termination notice No statements from HSBC
  5. Hello there. I think the link below will be of a great interest to you. If has everything from the beginning of the claim right up to the court hearing itself, with a detailed explanation of the court Hearing hope you find it useful to your own claim and good luck
  6. No need to apologise we all need to start somewhere. I am not an expert myself either. The link below might be useful to You You might be interested in POST 8, see if there is anything you can use to suit your circumstances. good luck
  7. Hello there. I think you need to adapt the above witness statement to suit your specific case and not just copy and paste. You may have noticed that the above witness statement is in relation to an overdraft and loan account which were amalgamated together. I know this because it was my thread that it was used on. Try and look at your defence and then you can elaborate further. Obviously you want it to suit your thread and circumstances. hope this helps and good luck
  8. Hello there. I have been reading your thread and can point you to my thread that was a successful outcome with the mentioned DCA PRA please have a read through, I am certain you will find enough information to help your own situation. A defence and witness statement are also there for you to look at. In my case it never got to court, a letter of discontinuation was sent to me 2 weeks prior to the court date. it’s never to early to get started. good luck
  9. Hi there again. I have been reading your thread and have a couple of points to ask, I am not sure if they are of any relevance ( maybe Andy or DX can give their opinions) On POST 11 when asked what is the debt for, you put CREDIT CARD, then in POST 35 for your defence you requested a CCA section 78 credit card. But then in POST 62 your defence is for an overdraft facility and loan amount.
  10. Hello there. I was in the position as your self with idem. A link is provided to my thread for you below. Please have a read and any information you can use from it to help you I compiled a witness statement with the help of Andy and DX. If you look at post 99 there is an attachment with a witness statement another cagger used (kindly provided by Andy), and post 100 is the witness statement. I am sure you will find enough information to suit your situation. hope this helps and good luck
  11. Hi there PRA/barclaycard court claim has 1 of my witness statements. and the other witness statement is in the thread above, posts (98,99,100,101). post 99 has an attachment which is another example of a witness statement used by another cagger. hope this helps
  12. I got my notice of allocation to my local court JAN 2019, waited a month because idem asked for a month extension to retrieve documents, then heard nothing till MAY, got the advice from Andy & DX to give court a ring to see if any progress has been made or claim discontinued, eventually got a hearing date end of JULY. Now the witness statement is really a further step of your defence. If you read my thread (post 98, 99, 100, 101,) that is the witness statement I compiled with the help of Andy and DX. POST 99 has an attachment which is another example of a witness statement
  13. Hello there. While you are waiting for a date and time to come through from the courts ( this is normal procedure), now would be a good time to start looking at witness statements and how to prepare. This is so you have plenty of time to adapt and adjust, get opinions and advice from other users. This way you will be prepared well in advance. good luck
  14. Hi there. Just wanted to post another link for you. This particular thread has all the relevant information from the start of the claim right to the court hearing itself. I am sure you will find plenty of information to help your own situation. Good luck
  15. Hello there. If you get chance please try and read through the thread links I posted on POST 327, myself and the other cagger yodabug were also in a similar position to yourself in dealing with idem. If you follow the advice given here and follow timelines, you will also have all the information required to counter any claim idem will be making. please try and remain calm and try not to stress your self out, people on here are here to help and give advice.
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