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Found 11 results

  1. I have a credit card debt with Barclaycard dating back to 2014 and have not made a payment or been contacted by them for at least three years. Today I received a letter stating they are making a refund of £75 being an "inconvenience payment" and asking for a contact telephone number my bank details and a signature so they can make the refund. They also state: "We are now closing your account and do not require any further payments in relation to the outstanding balance. Your account is partially settled this means although there is still an outstanding balance on your account y
  2. Evening All I have received a rather weird email from MYJAR today regarding an account which I can confirm I will raising the Fraud flag against (Think struggle with MMF) Anyway... MyJAR have sent an email advising that a loan was taken on 09/08/2011 and was due back on the 24/08/2011. However the email i received today included is listed below and attached were 3 attachments. (Obviously this isnt mine otherwise it would have been settled by now) Now my question is, shouldn't this account have defaulted in 2011? Yet they are going to issue a default notice in 2015?!
  3. I have the Equifax credit checking thingy and have been checking it fairly regularly recently to see how a settled account is affecting my score. I pressed the button to update my score today and was pleased to see that it had actually came up a good bit but in looking further down the page the 'electoral roll' section was red, its always been yellow before because I have lived at my current address for less than three years. I clicked it to see that I am no longer listed as being on the register so I called them to dispute this and the told me this weird th
  4. Hi, I have a weird Statute of limitations question: I live in Scotland, had a letter today from Buchanan Clark and Wells about a loan I took out in 1999 and defaulted on. I haven't heard anything about this loan since around 2003. I told them this was statute barred under the statute of limitations, however, they have said a payment was made in 2010. Now this was definitely not made by me. The address for the debt on the letter was my mums address, so I phoned her and she paid someone who came to the door £10 a month for a few months thinking
  5. Just got a text from CFO saying that they had taken 20.00 from my account. It has apparently been taken off the balance but a repayment plan is not in please therefore could i call them on their number to get one in place. Ive just checked my account and nothing had come out so just wondered if this is a tacticto get me to call them?
  6. I wonder if anyone has come across this weird one. After a series of issues leading to BT engineers coming to "fix the fault" ( This included the engineer waffling about going to the main exchange and changing our main box to the "new style") we have been left with a really odd internet connection. When plugged into the test plug everything works fine - although still a slower speed than before the fault (around 6000). When plugged into another line in the house the speed varies from nothing at all up to 2000. I guess this implies that the fault is with the internal wiring, alth
  7. So when my tenancy started mid 2011 it was through an agent, TDS was all legit etc. But around 14 months later LL quit the agent and private contracts were exchanged between us. Agent sent my deposit to LL in the form of a cheque written out to the TDS/DPS whatever it's called. Upon giving my notice recently LL has informed me cheque hasn't been paid into TDS, all I said was get it in there then. So I'm not sure if it's gonna be in there come leaving date or what. What should I do? Think I'm reading there's some sort of claim in it for simply not having it deposited within 14 days of con
  8. I have a halifax current account and it had a £100 overdraft. As my mum uses the account too I turned off the overdraft and started using another current account. Anyway by accident I had all my cards automatically set up on paypal and i charged £370.00 to the account a few days later. instead of declining the transactions because there wasn't that in there..it minused the account and used my mums funds. i of course reimbursed her because it was my fault. But I wondered was this a glitch or normal? Can haifax do this..and am i at fault..or??
  9. in the early hours I was checking old 8mm tapes from my old cam corder....then I heard strange rasping noises from my side gate so I went out the front to check that all was well and then I heard the scurry and light bump and banging as whatever it was that took exception to my gate being locked and SOLIDLY locked legging it up the gaarden when it heard me kick the gate to make sure it was tight shut "bluddy cat I thought" I then heard even more rasping and of a much much heavier clawing noise from down the end of my 70 foot garden and maybe over two gardens to the left of my house so I flippe
  10. Hi, Just wandered what your thoughts on this are. Have been in dispute with Halifax for ages. They imposed a £90 charge in July 2007 and this spiraled into bank charges totaling £2100. They never explained this charge despite numerous letters. These charges clearly affected my ability to pay off other Halifax products forcing me into default. Went through debt management with cccs and stopped paqing around April 2010. They 'gesture of goodwill' refunded £400 in May 2012 because of my financial circumstances. They closed the account June 2012 and sent me a cheque
  11. I was wondering if anyone would be able to suggest what a letter could be about. I am currently in a debt management plan with all debt registered to my address in Wiltshire, I recently had a letter arrive at my parents home in Kent, where I am also registered. my mum called me to tell me about it, she said that it was actually dated 21st May even though it came through the door 2 months later. It was also franked with a second class stamp only. On the envelope it said Revenue Protection, do not treat as ordinary Mail. and the post mark was from Bath. I called my management a
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