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  1. Partner’s Egg card taken out probably about 2000, defaulted in 2006 (default notice received) and paying DCA £1 per month since 2007 into their bank account with a reference number, every month, without fail. Initially got letters confirming payment but these stopped coming in 2008. In 2011 got two standard letters from from Barclaycard that they had taken over the Egg Card, and their terms and conditions. Then nothing further from Barclaycard. Now you are probably wondering why are they still paying the £1 per month if no-one has been contacting them. They are actually too frightened to stop incase that sets off some sort of alert and starts the debt being chased again by somebody. So this week there are two phone calls from the DCA, only identified themselves by first name, company initials and asking for Partner to call back. On the second time I politely asked them to write if it was important. So this is how it stands now, waiting to see if a letter comes, and what it might say. But just wondering how this might pan out. My gut feeling is that they possibly have not had responsibility for collecting the debt since the letters stopped. I only recently found out people should receive a statement at least annually which hasn’t been happening. (perhaps they will write to ask the payments to stop ) Have never asked for a CCA, or done a SAR on this account. Again, not wanting to stir things while it is all quiet. Not sure what to do. Any helpful observations / suggestions? Thank you
  2. RBS got a DCA to chase me on a 12 year old debt but I kept ignoring the letters. It's now gone back to RBS and they've instructed Moorcroft. There's nothing on my credit file, probably due to the time scale. Do I just ignore them or issue a CCA straight away?
  3. Hi All, I have an old secured loan with Welcome for £7000.00. Since Welcome went bust I've not paid anything (perhaps the odd token payment) and have dodged various DCA's. 2 weeks ago the current DCA holding the account wrote to me to advise that they will no longer rely on the security in my property and will take steps to remove the security from the land registry. This seems like a really odd thing to do but I am highly suspicious? Could they be up to something? Anyone else heard of this? Many thanks, Limelight Bournemouth BTW The account has also disappeared from my credit file (Noddle)
  4. Your good advice please. I received a letter from a DCA titled a’ pre-legal assessment’ on an old credit card debt that the DCA have recently acquired. I suspected this could be nearing SB I checked my credit file and discovered that there is no information about this account on my file prior to May this year! As they are are using the usual vague language i,e, ‘may’, 'being considered’, should I bother to respond to this or should I CCA them or other? Who’s responsibility is it to insure the information on a credit file is accurate and up to date? Would the OC remove this info or what could have happened? It’s all a bit odd and I’m not sure how to respond if at all to the DCA. Regards
  5. Hi..I'm a newbie here so thanks in advance for your help. I got into financial trouble in 2007 with an unsecured loan my ex husband got me into (it's in my sole name). I divorced my husband and missed payments on my loan. It went into default. Lloyds got Apex involved, I made an agreement and started paying £60pcm. Life moved on, the default timed out on my credit file, I moved house but carried on paying. I struggled financially and lowered my payment to £50pcm. 1 year after lowering my payment brings me to present day. Robinson Way have been calling me asking for me by my married name so i made the assumption its to do with this (i have no other unpaid debts). I called them and they confirmed they were instructed by Lloyds in September to collect in excess of £17k I'm still paying Apex! I said I would not enter into a discussion and asked for a copy of the agreement this refers to, a copy of the assignment for them taking this debt on and a statement of account. They agreed and said my account would be put on hold whilst they gathered the info. I asked for this to be put in writing to which they agreed. I had to give my correct address for this to be sent. Have I done the right thing? Should I continue to pay? Many thanks
  6. Hi all Had a letter from DCA saying they are the new owners of O2 debt and I need to pay them , They haven't provided much details except original company as O2 and the amount I owe and DCA internal.reference number What do I need to ask them so that I can be sure if the accounts belong to me or not , if I were to reach a stage I need to pay them ,I don't want to pay blindly without knowing if those are my accounts Please advise Thanks
  7. not even sure what this relates to but they have been trying for ages and not even sure if this belongs to me.....do I need to worry about it? edfenrgy_Redacted.pdf
  8. Hello I SAR'd VODAFONE for a debt that is on my credit file that i believe is not mine. I asked for SAR but they are asking for proof of my ID and address etc. I have only ever lived at one address, i told them that the credit file and the information they have put on the CRA's is the same as the address they are sending the SAR, but now the time has elapsed for them sending this to me. I don't want to send them any ID as I know they don't have my ID and won't send me any contract or nothing. There also sent it to a DCA, and I SAR'd them, they said its taking longer than expected, outwit the time limit and said will get back to me in a month or so - probably because they don't have any information from vodafone cos the contract and debt is not mine. Can anyone help me out?
  9. I also obtained this from them regarding a JD Williams account. It does not makes sense. Debt written off. No copy of contract, can't remove default as information was correct at the time but they can't send or have copies of nothing..? letter below including the reply from Exuifax, which tells me that the dca can't leave a default if it buys the debt? so something really wrong here.
  10. lowell dca help Im hoping for some advice on an old 5 year defauted overdraft debt that lowell purchased some years ago total £!2k. I had my home repossesed at the time and never gave my new address to either original lender or the dca. Ive never had any contact from either but im aware they can still apply for a ccj at the old address they hold. My dilemma is do i contact the dca with my new address and try to deal with it or hope it slips past six years. They have never credit checked me to get my new address. So really i want to know do they usually wait till last minute for court action also are debts over 10k dealt with differently by courts than debts under 10k ? thanks in advance
  11. Hello everyone. Im new here, so I hope I am in the right place. I really dont know where to begin. I was paying my credit card off at a reduced rate until around 3 years ago when my debt was sold to Cabot who more than doubled my payments. It was too much for me to afford with no job, recently divorced and a young family to support. So I defaulted. Other than one letter from Cabot asking me for full payment of my debt, I have not received any further payment requests nor notifications of home visits during this time. I have lived at the same address for 6 years. I am in Northern Ireland. Last week I received a home visit from Resolve Call debt collection agency. He said I would have got a letter giving me 7 days notice of his call, but I honestly did not. He was very rude and really frightened me. He said various nasty things and made some threats of court action, bailiffs and being made homeless if I failed to pay in full. He also said that he will keep coming back until I pay up. I have been terrified to answer my door for almost a week. I really dont know what to do or where to go from here. I dont have the money to pay them and they wont listen to reason. I did query the account with him when he tried to push his way into my home by attempting to walk straight through me, but I did not admit to the debt. They want the full amount or they will take me to court. My original debt was for £15000 and with my previous payments it now stands at almost £9000. Any advice would be deeply appreciated.
  12. Hi All Last year i fired off CCA request's to the DCA that were handling my accounts. Not one managed to return a copy of the credit agreement, so I ceased payments as instructed on here. two of the DCA's have now 'passed' my account on to sister companies to recover the debt. My question is, do I have to go through the CCA process again to get rid of these guys too? I am also a little concerned that maybe the original DCA has received the original credit agreement and as the time has lapsed they cannot use it, but if they pass it on to a sister company and I CCA them, they then have the credit agreement waiting to reply! Am I being paranoid? Should I just ignore these new DCA letters or CCA them as before? I guess this is normal process until I get the position of Statute Barred? Many thanks for any advice given.
  13. Hi All, I have been chased since 2007 on a Northern Rock mortgage shortfall from 2002. I have never admitted liability for said debt and I have never made a payment. Shoosmiths on behalf of Arrow are now saying that I made a payment in 2008 which re-sets the statute barred status that I told them it has. I have never ever made a payment, the only money that has been sent was to cover the cost of a SAR in late 2007. After 2007 everything went quiet until 2013, eventually when I wrote back and forth a few times the DCA said their "case was closed" on this matter. Roll forward to 2017 and they start again until November 2017 then quiet again until last week. I believe that fraud is being committed here and wondered what others in my situation would do? I am thinking of going direct to Action Fraud and reporting them, I am, tbh, sick and tired of this harassment. I apologise if I delay to respond to anyone who replies as I am busy through this afternoon. Thank you in advance.
  14. Firstly I do apologize if this is in the wrong place on the forum: My partner received a letter from Judges Demand demanding just under £2,000 for unpaid nursery fees dating back 4 years ago or there about's. Now when the letter landed on the doorstep enclosed with it was a "Contract" which printed was my partners name and previous address. Overleaf was a signature that they claim is my partners which is far from her signature used on things such as driving license. Within this said contract there was a term "If payments are more than a week late then entry will be refused until the balance is brought up to date". My partner is insistent the correct notice was given to end the placement within the setting. A claim the client strongly denies. There was an invoice enclosed within this which stated figures only. Not detailing what the figure was billed for. We sent an email across to ask the following: Could your client please provide me with a true copy of the contract that you claim I've signed as the signature is nothing like my true signature. Evidence of this can be disclosed upon request. Could your client also please provide me with attendance records along with any correspondence that relates to this matter. Can you client explain why a debt of almost £2,000 was allowed to be accrued before seeking recovery of the amount. Surely as per term one if payments are behind then entry would be refused. Surely at £170 there must of been some common sense used as to when to begin recovery for the outstanding balance and not allow it to exceed a specific amount. They have said they would like to see a copy of my ID with my signature although have advised doing so would not alter anything to do with the amount they are claiming, To date they've now replied to say that they are unable to provide attendance records based on the time that has elapsed and they are entitled to claim the balance they've raised due to 6 years not passed. They also cannot provide us with any correspondence sent across to address this matter before passing it to a DCA. They've completely dismissed the quote around allowing the debt to accrue so high before pursuing her for monies. They've said that she's openly admitted liability for the amount therefore they want her to pay - All correspondence by email. Upon checking the emails there is no liability admitted whatsoever I'm keen not to just ignore this as I too received one of these that I was liable to pay and I stupidly ignored it now I've received a letter from the county court bulk center wanting me to answer. The one for me is significantly lower so I don't want to ignore this one. If anyone can shed any light as to which direction i need to go in. We only have around £10 per week disposable income between us once our debts are satisfied.
  15. Hi guys a little help needed if i may ask.. I was with Step Change for about 10yrs (maybe longer) not sure.. i have 7 DCA acounts.. 1 with Morecroft, 1 with Idem Capital Securities, 1 with fredrickson int, and 4 with cabot.. I can only remember that 1 debt is for a bank loan Lloyds, now with cabot, 1 was an over draft, Lloyds again.. cant remember who i'm paying that 1 to? and the others are for credit cards.. Because they are old, and i have really bad memory i can't remember who had what ACC? i've no address detals for any of these DCA's but i have the Account Numbers, du i google there address info and then send off CCA? Forgot to say that i've been dropped by Step Change because i didnt do my review in time. any help in the right direction please? many thanks.
  16. The driver has just received a letter from a solicitor regarding a traffic violation in Italy four years ago. All the information provided seems correct, i.e dates, type of car name and address of driver. At first we thought it was a [problem], this is now looking less likely but still possible. What is the best course of action? The requested amount is €300 from waters&gate
  17. Hi Just received my credit file and after getting into a bad financial situation I have a total of 19 defaults on my credit file!, 11 are due to drop of this year and 3 next year the rest are around 2022, for the latter do you think my credit file will improve If I pay them of so they are marked as satisfied? or should I just wait, none of them are chasing me for payment at the minute Just edited to add one is for a mobile phone debt that I was paying for 2 years at £35 per month, it says I owe £550.00 now
  18. Hi, Looking for some advice if possible My partner and i recently went through the process of trying to get a mortgage. After providing all our financial details to the Mortgage advisor his view was we would only qualify for a Mortgage with a high risk lender such as Kensington which I will not entertain. Reasons are: - My partner is in a debt management plan with Step Change, any reputable lender will be put off by this. - All but one of the debts in the plan are over 6 years old so do not show on her credit file - The only debt that is less than 6 years happens to be the largest a £7.8k balance from an old Nat West loan now owned by Wescot - this debt is due to go over 6 years in January and then fall off my partners credit file. The advisor suggested a couple of options. i) Pay the £7.8k balance off and stop paying Stepchange then reapply with 3 months clear bank statements not showing any payments to Stepchange. ii) pay nothing and wait until January, then reapply for a mortgage and deal with debt after the mortgage is in place. Obviously paying the debt off impacts our deposit. My partner has written to Wescot for a reduced settlement and they rejected this. She's resigned to paying the full amount, however i wanted to check on here if anyone has any advice on how we could reduce or prolong the process? There is no PPI on the original loan or anything. Just looking for some help! thanks
  19. In 2005 I paid (what I thought was) the final payment towards a mortgage shortfall arising from repossession and sale of a property. The mortgage was in joint names with my now ex wife. I argued with the DCA at the time that my wife was jointly liable despite her claim she could not afford to pay, and eventually agreed to pay 50% of the Lenders' shortfall amount. The DCA claimed to be acting on behalf of the Lender. They wrote and stated that the Lender was prepared to accept my 50% offer in full and final settlement of my liability to them. I paid the agreed amount in full and received a further written confirmation from the DCA that this was accepted by the Lender as full and final settlement of my liability. They stated that the Lender reserved their right to pursue "any party not named above" for the remaining balance. They stated that the Lender would make arrangements to show that my liability has been satisfied on the register maintained by the Council of Mortgage Lenders. However, I have now had a letter forwarded from a previous address claiming that it is from the Lender with a letter 'enclosed' from a 'solicitor' with whom the debt has now been assigned to from another DCA I have never heard of! The letter claiming to be from the Lender appears to have an old logo which I am unsure as to whether they would actually use and it is enclosed with the letter from the solicitor which strangely bears the exact date the solicitors letter bears. They are claiming that I owe them the other 50%. They state the following: "We understand that payments have been made towards this account in the past and from this we have determined that this account is not in dispute, there is no valid legal reason for it to remain unpaid and these payments are an admission of liability. If you believ this not to be the case you must contact us immediately to advise us of the details."! Where do I stand on this. Could this be the 'solicitor' faking the Lenders letter? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.
  20. Update on General data Protection Regulations due to hit in may 2018 There is a overt permission of Data Subject to consent to processing of data, so a CRA processing John Doe's data without him knowing could fall foul. Likewise a DCA. Full implications are not yet known http://www.idgconnect.com/blog-abstract/26688/what-gdpr http://www.idgconnect.com/blog-abstract/24273/gdpr-probably-won-decimate-businesses-leave-burned Discuss?
  21. Hello all. I'm hoping someone on here can help me. My partner received a letter from the land registry advising of a 3rd party wishing to apply to secure a debt on our property. After investigation this debt is from a shortfall in a repossessed property from 2002. My partner has no knowledge of this mortgage. The complication is her Ex Husband was declared bankrupt in 2006 and he owned a number of properties. We have asked for proof of this mortgage being in my partners name and the solicitors have sent us a photocopied mortgage application form with both my partners and her ex's signatures. Now it does look like her signature but it obviously isn't witnessed or anything due to it just being a application form. Please correct me if I'm wrong but i am pretty sure this doesn't constitute liability to the debt? Some of the information on the application is also incorrect. For example reference address for my partners then work. The mortgage was agreed and house purchased in May 1995 for £18,500 The outstanding mortgage was (I'm assuming this includes interest and costs?) £22,193 and the house was sold in 2002 for £14,100 (Which for me seems a little too low?) The whole thing to me seems to stink to high heaven. From my partners ex possibly forging signatures to the Solicitors/HBOS not sending to correct documentation/proof!! Any Advice or guidance would be much appreciated. P.S the court date is set for 30th Nov Regards Dean
  22. Good evening all, First time posting here and I'll try include everything in this message. I would really appreciate anyone's help on this matter. I sold an item on eBay and the buyer claimed back even though I sent proof of postage, it was a signed for service but I do not have their signature but tracking shows the item as being delivered. They didn't accept my case. PayPal didn't care as the initial case was with eBay. My PayPal account was in minus for a sum of £900 for around a month and a half, PayPal wouldn't listen to me just kept forcing me to pay even though I didn't have the funds to. Last week I kept receiving phone calls from a random number and 2 days ago I received a letter from Wescot. They claim they are acting on behalf of their client to recover the initial sum (no added fees or charges). How do I proceed? I don't intend to pay as I've been robbed of a laptop and my money. Couldn't care less about them limiting my PayPal account either to be honest. I've read loads of forums about the 3 letter process. I found templates on [removed] do you advise I do this? I don't really want any of these people carrying on chasing me. If I send these letters will I still have the option of entering a repayment plan if they still keep pestering me? I've not made any contact with them as of yet. Just need some advice. If you require more information I will happily provide. Thank you.
  23. Evening Peeps, newbie here. I used to be a member a long time ago and found the info on here very helpful. So thankyou ! I have now got a clean bill of health on my credit score, but still owe debts to various DCA's. My question is - can a DCA still try and issue a CCJ, even after say 8 years of the original default account ( notice of default has been isssued ) - my accounts have ALL dropped of the various CRA's as they all defaulted many years ago ( over six years ago ) - I am still paying them via a DMP. To summarise all debts are over 8 years old now. And I am still paying them. They just dont appear on my Credit Reference Agencies. Are these debts still enforceable in a court of law ? Lets assume than none of the DCA's have the original CCA's ? Thanks for any info, will be much appreciated, but cannot find this information, having trawled the forums. Big love and respect ! x
  24. Contravention date was the 12/3/2014 and I can barely remember at chichester college West Sussex , I’ve received a letter from zzps on behalf of Ethical parking management stating “notice of intended legal collections £150 debt unpaid” and they have given me 14 days. Contravention details: vehicle not parked in designated area. All I have is this letter, I was most likely issued a ticket at the time but I do not have it now and I have no other correspondence other than this. Am I really going to have to pay this? All tho blood out of a stone comes to mind. Any help would really be appreciated. Thank you.
  25. Hello Everyone, Not really sure how to start this so I'll plod on and hope it makes sense? A DCA has gone to a court case after an account (that has been in dispute) and where multiple dcas have been involved, now after the threats ONE has moved it to court! I've acknowledged service but now I want to help if I can. Seemingly the account has always been in dispute with the CC holder and the CC holder admitted things had gone wrong and would rectify but did nothing to recompense but instructed more dcas until it got to this stage. The defendent sent the dca the first of what would be three letters seeking proof of deed of assignment etc to a PO box addrees. That was ignored. I have since been told that it is always best to find out a physical address and send there, as the postman can only leave a card when a PO Box is concerned? QUESTION: Is this why these DCA's USE PO Box addresses, to delay replies, or confuse things, or worse still to perhaps deny delivery? It seems to me that this can be VERY SERIOUS where a court case and time to reply could mean the difference between innocence and a CCJ!! So it seems I need to start the series of letters again but my question is if my friend sent a letter to the dcas po box years ago in relation to this stated on the claim form nd they ignored it and just kept sending demands and threats. Do actually I mention this to the dca in letter 1 where I inform them I am in receipt of a claim form that I fully intend to ? Not sure what to do and dont want to let my friend down. So important Hope someone can help???? I have to apologise. Although I registered on CAG for many years. I am not active on the site which makes me feel a little awkward is asking for help in the first place.
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