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Found 10 results

  1. Hi thanks to a member on here telling me to CCA Barclaycard I am looking for help. What makes it unenforceable I keep looking and some people say they have to produce original paperwork, others say they can send a revised one, being taken out in 1999 does it need to show my signature? Any help would be more than appreciated. X
  2. i had a HP agreement in novemeber 1998 for a car taken with welcome finance. Recently i thought i would try and find out if ppi was included. I was young and silly at the time but needed a car. Through writing to WElcome -i have found out i did have PPI and what the premium was paid including the dates taken out and also a policy number. - all paid off i may add. Welcome have stated they dont know who the underwriter is with?? i have contacted: Aviva Llyolds in relation to this and both even after quoting policy number etc have denied being the underwriter?? I,m not sure who else to contact in regards? anyone else have any underwriters for arround that time that i can contact please? any help would be appreciated. thanks
  3. Firstly i will say hello and thank you for any help i obtain here the basics of what i had are a ppi policy for a car loan with welcome finance from march 1999 i have a copy of the loan agreement i have tried to claim against welcome but have been told to pursue the underwriter i have contacted the underwriter ( a bit confusing Lloyds say they weren't the underwriter but admitted the would pay out the policy if it had been claimed against and said jubilee group were the underwriter which have replied on behalf of lloyds i have had much correspondence from Lloyds mostly contradictory and i getting nowhere they told me to claim against welcome i asked the question why are Aviva paying out on policies as underwriters in the exact same circumstance yet Lloyds are not the response was they cannot comment on what another companies position is. im at the point of not really knowing how to go on any help would be appreciated thanks Kenny
  4. Hi all, Starting a thread for my new claim for my very old mortgage insurance claim with Countrywide Assured. Having looked around the site I see they are resistant to paying out, especially old claims. They tend to claim it's too old, not covered by regulation and the FOS can't touch them. Nice. Luckily I have old bank statements and tracked down all the monthly payments to the policies. Going to send a SAR tomorrow to see if they have any information on my accounts.
  5. Hi Y'all and Happy Easter I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer me advise regarding my claim with Barclays over mis-sold package account? I have had an acknowledgement saying that i had an ADDITIONS account in 1999, but i have no statements going back that far, only from 2004 when it was upgraded to an ADDITIONS PLUS. Does anyone know how much I would have paid in fees per month, back in 1999, for a Barclays ADDITIONS account? They are taking forever on this, I first complained in December '14 and have only just had acknowledgment wanting more info - I had an ADDITIONS in 1999 which was upgraded in 2004 to ADDITIONS PLUS and in 2011 to CURRENT ACCOUNT PLUS ( I left in 2012 as I was having problems with them raiding my mortgage account to pay my barclaycard) But as I have no statements from 1999 I don't know how much I was paying for the account Jo x Thanks to anyone who knows and can help
  6. I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a t mobile current balance showing on my credit file from 1999. The amount is for £155 It is not showing as a default, only as a current balance. How can I get this removed as experian said that T Mobile must do it? Any advise would be greatly appreciated as this is giving me a poor credit score. I have not been in contact with them since 1999 and have made no payments at all.
  7. Hello all, Thanks in advance for having a look at my post. I've been abroad since finishing university in 2004, while my loan was taken out in 1999 making it a new style loan. No contact was made by either side (i did not tell them I was moving abroad nor gave any info about my work life) until march this year when my old UK address received a letter asking for income info. I sent a reply stating I am abroad and working and an SAR to boot. 2 months later no reply. I am about to sent the "no reply to SAR within 40 days" letter but I'm worried about follow up. I no longer have an official UK address, will this hamper me going through the county courts? What can I expect to gain by doing so over data protection? I hope I've been clear General advice would also be most welcome! Thank you, dale
  8. An old old debt has come back to haunt me. For the record, I have not responded to the debt collection agency (DCA) and have at this stage, no intention of doing so. However, if this is the 'debt' I think it is, it seems to have been purchased by another DCA. The last correspondence I had with the previous DCA was, I think, over 10 years ago. What I need to know first is this. Is an old judgement (probably 1998/1998) still enforceable even after years of no-one chasing it and even if another debt collection agency has purchased the debt? What I then need to know is this. Can I request the court to set aside this judgement given the following facts: Firstly, the previous DCA never sent me notice of going to court - and I mean I had no knowledge of the CCJ before it came through my letterbox. This was 1998 or 1999 if memory serves - I can't remember exactly but that feels about right. At that time I had no knowledge of debt collection guidelines or that I could have gone back to court within 30 days to request a set aside. Anyway, I did start paying as per the CCJ but it became impossible to keep up. So in the early 2000s - I can't remember exactly - I managed to get the court to reduce the repayments on the CCJ to £1.00 per month. The DCA was furious, became abusive, and continually threatened to go back to court. As far as I remember, they never did. However, eventually I sent a series of letters asking them to write off the debt as there was no realistic prospect of my ever repaying it in my lifetime at £1.00 a month. They repeatedly refused. Eventually I wrote saying I would no longer be paying the £1.00 per month and I invited them to take the matter back to court where I was happy to argue my case including that they had not had the courtesy - as per debt collection guidelines - to inform me they were going straight for a CCJ. I heard nothing more from them and as time went on I thought no more about it. However, I have now received 2 letters over the past 6 months from another DCA (the latest yesterday) and the amount of the debt appears to have doubled if not tripled. Their approach is that they are 'aware' that this account is subject to a CCJ but it is their aim to agree an affordable and flexible repayment arrangement etc etc. I have not responded and have no intention of doing so. Given that I am now retired and on a basic state pension and in receipt of guaranteed pension credit, my circumstances are the same, if not slightly worse than they were when I wrote to the former DCA telling them I would no longer be able to pay the £1.00 per month. The next question therefore is, do I keep ignoring this new DCA or do I stand any chance of getting the court to set aside this judgement based on the fact no-one has chased it for 10 or more years? Alternatively, what advice can anyone offer? PS: I think that once a CCJ is in place that one cannot argue statue barred even though it's well over the 6 year period. Thanks for your time.
  9. These loans were taken out with Lloyds in 1998 and 1999,, was told the PPI HAD to be included or we could not have the loans . My hubby was made redundant from his job half way through , ,we put a claim in for the ppi insurance ,,in the meantime ,,charges were also placed on our account due to the insurance paying the loan cover late into the account each month , ,,,,from our credit records , ,,I have the account numbers on both loans ,the date they began and were satisified , ,,and also black horse has put an amount of arrears 2 months late ,19 payments 3 months late ,, ,which was not our fault ,as their insurance company the ppi was with , was not paying the loan amount in the account each month that they should have been ,,but were making the payments two or three months late , ,,therefore we incurred quite a lot of charges too . Can I claim a refund on the ppi and maybe the charges from these loans taken out with the ppi , ,,from all these years ago .? If so ,,please can someone give me advice on how to go about the next step and an idea of what to write in the letter to lloyds ,, ,,our life was made hell back then ,through all the debt and charges added ,,,
  10. Hi, with the probability that my student loans will be sold on in the near future, I'm after a bit of advice on my position. I'm self employed and have been since 2004, never earning 15000 which I believe is the threshold for repayment on my loans. I've had no statements or other correspondence from SLC since 2008 which is the year I declared bankruptcy. (I know my loan couldn't be included) What I'm concerned about is the possibility that any private company can affect my credit file should they decide to pursue me for repayment. In November this year I'll once again have a 'clean' file and don't want anything to mess that up! Should I be concerned? Is it true that the debt can never become statute barred? I suppose that's not really relevant as I'm not in the PAYE system. Would it be a bad idea to contact SLC to check everything's ok and they haven't been adding charges etc? Not sure what for..... maybe just to flag up that they haven't sent statements etc for 6 years. Or should I just leave well alone considering I don't earn enough to repay? Thanks
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