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  1. Hi there, Looking to see if someone can give this CCA and accompanying letters a look over, I sent a CCA Request to PRA Group and got the attached back from them is it all there and legit? This is in regard to a recent agreement. Thanks in advance. Barclaycard Letter Redacted.pdf Barclaycard Base CCA Redacted.pdf Barclaycard CCA Redacted.pdf PRA Reply Redacted.pdf
  2. Hi, I am wondering if anyone can confirm whether the attached CCA request from Barclays is enforceable. I took the card out in 2011 and along with an MBNA card i stopped payments in Feb 2018 with a balance of £9104 on the BC. I contacted Step change and entered into a DMP paying £344pm to cover both cards. In Aug i sent the CCA request to Barclays and they returned the document, i thought it was legit because it had my name and address on so filed it away and did not send one to MBNA. A month after the CCA request i was informed that my debt had been sold on to PRA which i thought odd because i was almost paying the minimum amount. I have been reducing the amount i pay through budget reviews and am down to £170pm between both cards. new year and decided to get a grip, i have requested a CCA from PRA and MBNA, PRA have replied saying that they are trying to retrieve the documents, i am presuming that they will be the same as the ones that BC sent me and have put my account on hold. So, if they supply the same docs is it enforceable and what info is missing from the document. I have searched for what info should be provided but have drawn a blank. Apologies for the first couple of pages not being in order. Any help greatly appreciated. S25C-919012107300.pdf
  3. Folks, Long time since I've been on the CAG. I have had a couple of issues sorted with the help of this site, and I'm very grateful for the support so far. I am now wanting to end another 2 barclaycard accounts, which has balance amounting to 15K in total. One of these (the largest) is an old morgan stanley card bought by barclaycard few years ago. The balance was built up very quickly when the account was opened (circa 2004), and I have managed minimum repayments for many many years. Those are more than £200 a month. I have certainly paid well over 20K on that account over the years, and it's time to end it. So where do I go from here? I'm guessing a SAR for both accounts, CCA for the morgan stanley one? are the rules still similar to those from 2011? e.g. if they cannot produce an enforceable agreement, I can end this quickly? also, i understand there's new legislation around over-limit and late fees which can be claimed back? in my case i'm sure these are significant! Any other advise? I need to end these debts once and for all. Thanks all. NC
  4. I ended up with 3 debts to Barclays bank - Premier Card / Overdraft and Select loan.I challenged Barclays on the way that they had been charging interest on my Overdraft and Select Loan. Very good news they did not challenge me back but simply sent me letters saying they would be writing them off. I have written to Robinson Way who now hold the Barclays Premier Card debt asking for my terms and conditions / interest rates/ how Barclaycard applied them to my account. Barclaycard have supplied a copy of the original agreement but have said " WE ARE UNABLE TO SUPPLY THE HISTORIC AND VARIED TERMS AND CONDITIONS " My question is whether they can refuse to supply these details ? Many thanks in advance for your kind help
  5. I have a credit card debt with Barclaycard dating back to 2014 and have not made a payment or been contacted by them for at least three years. Today I received a letter stating they are making a refund of £75 being an "inconvenience payment" and asking for a contact telephone number my bank details and a signature so they can make the refund. They also state: "We are now closing your account and do not require any further payments in relation to the outstanding balance. Your account is partially settled this means although there is still an outstanding balance on your account you won't need to make any more payments" Is this a fishing exercise to get my details and confirm the debt or is it genuine? Sounds to good to be true:???:
  6. Hi All, I’m hoping someone can help me. Would anyone have historic purchase interest rates from 2010 to 2016 for on Barclaycard Visa preferably with start and end dates of variations. Many thanks. Ff
  7. Hi Guys, Missed a payment 3 months ago so they charged interest and the missed payment fee. Adding the fee took me over my credit limit so they added another fee for being over limit. There is no way I'm going to be able to make a full payment for ages, and a letter today says:- "You'll continue to be charged fees each time you miss a payment or go over your credit limit." Is there any kind of legal ruling regarding fees charged, because if they are going to keep adding them I don't see any point in even trying to make a payment. Thanks Andy
  8. HI I have posted on egg forum too, but as it is barclaycard who now "allegedly" own egg debts and who are now causing me headaches I will temporarily also post here until the correct forum is established on this issue - which I am sure affects many others too.... Quite simply Barclaycard just sent me - and probably 1000's of others - an email saying that they were not renewing my visa credit card. The reason is cos the combined amount of egg and visa is not to their liking. Now I am worried. I had thought I had successfully argued against egg and any debt as they had terminated my account. Now Barclaycard has bought egg. And now this means I have a huge exposure to Barclays : mortgage, business loan, current account, children's accounts, WCT and Child Tax payments, income. ... and of course they are considering the egg amount as a "balance transfer"and it appears they will be able to dip their dirty fingers into my personal account as soon as money comes in to it to pay off the "egg debt". Does anyone have a solution to this issue ?? I am copying the email I have just received below: Hello "HP MUM", You will have received a communication to let you know your Egg Card account was transferred to us on 29th April 2011. Now we're writing to give you your new Barclaycard Terms and Conditions which will take effect from 7th November 2011. Currently, we won't be sending you a new Barclaycard owing to the status of your account, and as a result, not all of these changes will affect you. Please make sure you read through all the following sections and review the online frequently asked questions and booklets so you don't miss out on any important information. Your interest rate and credit limit will remain unchanged and any balance transfer or promotional purchase rate is also unaffected. Changes to your statements and payments If your monthly repayments are made by Direct Debit they will continue to be collected in this way. Further information on the changes we will be making to your Direct Debit is available using the link below. Read the Direct Debit update > From 7th November 2011, you'll get 56 days' interest-free credit on new purchases made on your account instead of the usual 45 days. Your statements will continue to be produced on or around the same date each month, but your payment due date and when we collect your Direct Debit will change to approximately 10 days later. This means if you only pay the minimum payment, your first payment could be higher because of the increased time between your old and new payment due dates. If you've got an outstanding balance on your account then the interest you're charged will also be higher on your first statement for the same reason. Please bear this in mind and ensure you have sufficient funds in place for when the payment is taken from your account. For further information on your statements and payments or if you have a repayment plan please see the frequently asked question information at the end of this e-mail. New benefits The benefits applicable to this new account may become available to you should your account status change in the future. The benefits currently include earning Reward Money at participating retailers with Barclaycard Freedom, contactless payments, discounted holidays and travel services. Changes to your Terms and Conditions A summary of all the changes that will take place on 7th November 2011 is provided and a full copy of your Barclaycard Terms and Conditions are available using the link below. It's important you understand what the changes mean for you, so please read the following information carefully. Minimum Payment – will be clause 2 of your Barclaycard Conditions If you have Card Repayment Protection insurance, the amount of your premium will no longer be included in your minimum payment. Remember you can always pay more than your minimum payment – you may wish to increase the amount you pay each month to cover this. Interest – will be clause 6 of your Barclaycard Conditions Interest will be charged on all fees, including those on balance transfers. Default fees will only have simple interest charged – so you will not pay interest on interest. The minimum amount of interest that will be charged on your statement will increase from 50p to £1. This only applies if there is an amount of interest on your account less than £1. If we increase your interest rate, we will give you 30 days' notice before any reprice, and 30 days to opt out after you see the effect of the reprice on your statement. Default Fees – will be clause 10.1 of your Barclaycard Conditions Default fees will be reduced from £16 to £12. Balance Transfers – will be clause 12.6 of your Barclaycard Conditions When you ask us to make a payment from your account (like a balance transfer) we will process this transaction on the next working day unless you have agreed to make the payment on a future date. In that case the payment will be processed the working day after the date we have agreed. Any promotional balances, such as balance transfers will now be paid off starting with the earliest expiry date first, rather than the earliest start date. Other changes to your Terms and Conditions We are giving you longer to pay off your transactions before we start charging you interest. After your account transfers, you will always get up to 56 days to pay off your transactions before interest is charged as long as you pay your account in full by the payment due date The minimum possible credit limit on your account is now £250, reduced from £500 There is now a limit to the amount of cash you can withdraw on your Barclaycard. This may be a percentage of your balance, or an amount. We will let you know before we make any changes The fee payable if you want an additional copy of your statement will increase to £3. Remember your statements will still be available online If you authorise a transaction in the European Economic Area and the amount wasn't specified beforehand and you later find out the amount is more than you could have reasonably expected, we will review this for you and refund the transaction Your account will now be included in Barclaycard Freedom and will no longer be registered for the Egg Cash Back Store powered by Quidco. For further information on your Quidco membership please see the frequently asked questions below We will discontinue the following insurances: purchase protection, internet delivery guarantee and travel accident insurance Read the full Barclaycard Terms and Conditions > Are your contact details up-to-date? It's really important we have your most up-to-date contact details so we can get in touch by e-mail and post and send you reminders about key dates by text message. You can check and update your details by logging in to your Egg account at egg.com and clicking on the 'Personal details' tab. If you can't log in to your Egg account you should contact us on the usual number. Questions? For further information, please see the below frequently asked questions using the link below. Frequently asked questions > If you have any further questions, you can send us a secure message via the Egg website by logging in to 'your accounts' at egg.com clicking on the option to 'Contact us' then 'Send a message' and finally selecting 'Egg Card'. All you have to do then is select 'Transfer of Egg credit cards' from the drop-down box. If you can't send us a secure message you should contact us on the usual number. Remember to look out for future updates heading your way with more information about how to manage your account from 7th November 2011. You'll also find all the latest news at barclaycard.co.uk/egg Kind regards, P*** M******* Head of Consumer Sales and Service
  9. I got a letter from CapQuest last week stating I owed Barclaycard £450 odd. I thought I had paid the card off and closed my account so checked my credit report and its showing as me being in debt. To cut a long story short I paid off the balance and asked Barclaycard to close my account. I didn't put the request in writing (first mistake I know), I asked them to close the account over the phone. I then moved house and didn't hear anything else from them, not even through the mail redirect I had in place for three months. My card was due for renewal in December 2010 but by then I had a toddler and a young baby to look after and my marriage had fallen apart so kinda had other things on my mind then my Barclaycard. I assume the new card was sent to my old address and the new tennant there has had a shopping spree at my expense. First I hear of the debt is when CapQuest contacted me so I sent them a letter asking them to prove I owe Barclaycard the money. If its an oversight on my part then I will pay but I'm not going to enter a debt repayment plan if I don't owe the money in the first place. (Didn't tell them that, just sent a letter template I got off the National Debt Helpline's website) I got a letter from them today which looks like a pretty standard response telling me to request statements from Barclaycard at a cost of £10 So what so I do now? Presume I contact Barclaycard and pay for the statements firstly as that will show when I paid the balance off and how this debt has racked up. But if it is the new tennant having a shopping spree how do I prove it? I could contact my old Landlord and ask for them to confirm the tennancy dates but would that be enough? Any help would be much appreciated
  10. I made a CCA request to Barclaycard but the information I received was just some terms and conditions. I took some advice and made a Subject Access Request http://i1019.photobucket.com/albums/af319/Ukmark319/BarclaycardSARrequest.jpg I got a reply today under this request and all I got was a forwarding letter (Below) and a bunch of statements going back to 2003. http://i1019.photobucket.com/albums/af319/Ukmark319/barclaycardSARreply.jpg so there is no signed agreement or anything that resembles one just pages of statements. What should I do now Many thx Mark
  11. Thanks. Just had a telephone conversation with Debt Managers Ltd regarding Barclaycard Goldfish. Problems started on this account in sept 09 when i advised them wouldn't be able to make repayments bal was 692. Was handed to dml in may 10 bal 925. All charges & interest. Telephone conversation this morning they were able to offer settlement 500 around 46% drop. Can i pay this now. I advised them next that i didn't agree with their balance & would take the path of reclaiming the charges so as to get the balance to the original 692. They then gave me a 7 day f & f of 445. I then replied if i reclaimed the charges & got to the balance of 692 & then applied there wonderful percentage reduction of 46% i would be somewhere near to where i wanted to be, 350. They then offered me for today only 370. I am lucky to be able to get my hands on this amount & telephoned back to make payment. Before i make the payment i asked the question what guarantee would i get that i would not be chased further down the line for any more money & how it would appear on my credit file. Their reply was i would receive a letter stating that i would receive a full & final settlement letter from dml & then the account would be returned to barclaycard goldfish. It would be entered on my credit file as part payment settled, but settled. I would like to take this opportunity to get rid of this debt but its the wording on my credit i do not like. Is this correct or should it be showing as satisfied or does this matter .Also if account is returned will barclaycard ever come looking for the difference. When dealing with these people i just don't believe anything they say. I post it here as it will come to be connected to the above barclaycard account in the fact that i will be taking the same sort of action with them. I have untill 8 tonight to do something.Any guidance on this appreciated.Ever helpful Slick?
  12. Hello fellow caggers, i'm hoping you can help my mother in law out. she has paid Aims Reclaim £250 up front to sort out her PPI claim against Barclaycard. That was 2 months ago and now they have sent her a questionnaire to be completed in PENCIL and signed in ink. She is 75 years old and very trusting and paid this money out after repeated phone calls from this company. She only told us the other day as she was short of money and had no food in the house. I know she should of done a SAR to Barclaycard and paid £10. Is there any chance she can get the £250 back from Aims or is it long gone. Thanks in advance. Jim
  13. Have just received the attached letter from Bryan Carter Solicitors. Have been fighting Lowells and a number of other DCA's for years. None have been able to provide a signed CCA despite numerous SAR and CCA requests. Any advice on what I should do (if anything)? Thanks.
  14. Hi, Just wondering if someone could help me please, I have an account that will become stat barred in about 10 months time, Its for a Barclaycard from about 2005 In 2008 I cca"d Barclaycard and they couldn't find the agreement, so I put the account into dispute, a few months later they sold the account to one of the big debt collection agencies, The debt collection company then sent me a pay up letter etc etc, I explained account was in dispute as no cca, Not heard anything for a few years, and then last week out of blue the debt collection company sent me a reconstituted agreement, no signature ,no prescribed terms, no nothing just waffle and copy statements, I don't even think its a true copy as the penalty fees are for £12, Im prepared to fight them if its a winnable cause, but was just wondering, if the actual stat barred limit came into force while it was still in the court system, does that in itself make the alledged debt unenforceable due to becoming stat barred, or would it be classed as a claim was made prior to the time limit and therefore continue to an end in court, DB x
  15. Hi all Just stumbled on this website when i googled Cabot.... I got into a bit of bother with my barclaycard following my divorce in 2005, Barclaycard froze the interest I owed about 3k on it... ..I started paying £20 a month, then in about 2008 they called me and talked me into paying 50 a month which i have been doing, I am now working full time, and single mum, with resnt, council tat and the cost of living gone up so much i am struggling a bit to make the payments (although i still have been) last month I got a letter saying my debt had been sold to Cabot and now i am getting lots and lota of phone calls demanding to sign up to a plan there and then, i asked for a bit of time to work out my disposable income and she was trying to pressure me into allowing her to set up a direct debit there and then (my account is up to date, this months payment was made) she kept saying my account will go into default.... ..i said i wasn't agreeing to anything until i had read the letter and had worked out my finances as to be honest £50 is a struggle and I might need to drop the amount, she said if i did this the account would immediately fall into default and my credit rating would be affected. ..this is my only debt... .shall i skint myself and make the payment or offer them £20.. .and spend the extra on the kids... ...it annoys me so much to think they probably bought the debt for 200. ..the current amount i owe is £2000 Thanks in advancce Katy
  16. Hi ok brief summary, I have been fighting with Bcard to get PPi refunded after cancelling the PPI cover. I didnt push too hard until they cancelled my card after then sent a final " no" letter about a year ago now. Although I guess I ll need to await SAR and full calcs I suspect this turns a £290 final balance into a £450 credit refund. Last week I received the usual letter from Allied, a DCA. Questions or confirmation I guess of first steps and end goal. i presume initial steps are to CCA Allied and SRA Barclaycard? Is the end goal to send the legal letters or do I have a better course of action? I presume the FOS will not be interested as I left it too long since their "no" letter? My end goal is to be refunded PPI, charges and interest plus have credit markers removed Any help from the gang appreciated
  17. hi everyone , I was wondering if anyone could help me regarding my mums Barclaycard. she got herself into a little trouble and got quite a few charges on her account and decided not to tell any of the family. my mum has just recently pasted away and we discovered these charges while sorting through her paperwork ,i was wondering if we could claim these charges back and her ppi. any answers would be greatly welcomed as I would like to give my 70yr old mum her dignity back if I can as I think this is why she kept it to herself instead of telling my sister or me.
  18. Hi, I think it would be a good idea if anybody who has had the latest NOA from Barcalycard/Marlin could find threads easily: These are the ones i've found perhaps other can add to the list http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?211539-OH-s-second-Egg-card-Microfiche-agreement http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?382983-Marlin&p=4149652#post4149652 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?215961-EGG-gt-gt-A-Quandry http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?382408-Credit-Card-debt-now-Sold-so-where-do-I-stand&p=4143272#post4143272 http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?383054-Marlin-very-old-Egg-credit-card-now-BC-2yrs-to-default-drop-off-starting-threat-o-grams(2-Viewing)-nbsp I'm sure there are many more! Barclaycard really have sold Marlin a pile of poo!
  19. Hi Caggers, Sorry to bother you all again, but I am totally confused. I have been getting advice on another PPI claim but have started a new thread as it's a different card. Basically, I have been trying to work out the PPI on my old BC as I have a copy of all statements, and I've got into a bit of a muddle. (I can see why people use a company as this is giving me a headache.) Firstly, I am confused because I thought the charges had to be claimed for separately? Anyway here goes. Going on the instructions received regarding using the fosrunningPPI spreadsheet, I have added the PPI, charges and interest together, and added the compound interest this gives a total of £1,567.91 (677.72 charges + £890.19 interest) Have I done the correct thing here or should it just be the PPI + CI? also should I add the 8% to the total amount? or just the total charges? Secondly, I wrote to BC in Apr 2008, explaining I felt I had been missold PPI as I couldn't claim on it due to a pre existing medical condition, (I tried to claim back PPI + 8% - a total of £187.88). I received a final response containing the usual I had 30 days cooling off yatta yatta, and that compensation was not applicable. At the same time, I also asked them to refund the late and over limit charges which totalled £294.83. They agreed to repay £224.00 which they said would be reflected on my next statement (This account was now with 1st credit and the amount never came off my outstanding total) Can I still make a claim for this now that all the PPI mis-selling has come to light or is it that because I've received a final response, I've blown it? I didn't pursue the late over-payment fees as I put the account into dispute when 1st credit/BC failed to come up with a valid CCA in late 2008. Any help with the charges and any advice on the letters sent/received in 2008 would, as always be gratefully received. Many thanks all, Up2
  20. Hi I have been paying off my Barclaycard for over 5 years via an agreement. I recently decided to SAR them in the hope that my charges my clear the remaining balance (£1500). I have received the SAR pack today but they have only gone back to 2004. My account was started in 1995. There are lots of charges on the statements and I know there will be more in the years that are missing. I also found out that I was paying PPI for 11 years! I didnt even know. I will be claiming that back as well but again, how do I know what I paid for the missing years? As I have only received 8 years and 5 of those were in a plan, I have only really got 3 years worth of charges and PPI even though I would have been paying them for 11 years. With interest this could make up to a substancial figure so I am keen to work it out fully. How can I get these statements? Regards
  21. Barclaycard are changing the rules on 22 Nov. Barclaycard (Condition 1.3) may not give advance notice of a change in credit limit. Thats pretty scary!. I have one card used only for holidays. If they make changes without telling me I could easily find myself on holiday with an invalid credit card. I'm not one to beleive statements such as " Oh that will not happen to you Mr xxx." I've seen people arguing with hotel managers before and It's not pleasent being caught abroad without sufficient funds. Is it legal for Barclaycard to change the agreed credit limit on your card without notice??
  22. Hi just curious,i won my claim start of the year with barclaycard,got 654 cleared my balance and got extra. One thing though,they close the account after this,same with capital one. is it standard practice for the credit card accounts to close after you claim the charges back? im not overly concerned but just curious as ive not seen it anywhere on the forums that they closed the persons account. Thanks
  23. Hi All, Discovered my Barclays Account was around £800 short .and that Its down to Barclaycard helping themselves ,yet again!!!! Its happened once before(£350 last summer) so it could have been avoided if I'd have started banking elsewhere ,but I was assured that it wouldn't happen again after B/C worked out a fair payment plan ,based on my priorty outgoings & living expenses etc... At the time I was in the early stages of recovering from pretty bad back injury and in reciept of Incapacity Benefit, when I told them this,within 2 days I got a full refund,the only stipulation being not to default on the payment plan they had set up or they'd do the same again.. Had to pay £12 p/w which I have without fail since so I'm at a loss as to why they've burgled me again, even though they're aware its my benefits account and that I'm actually,albeit slowly,paying it off. I deposited a £1800 cheque recently,so that might start their bells ringing, but this was my partners wages, her Santander account has been compromised 3 times in as many years so she had her cheque re-written and used my account as a quick fix. In total theres about £230 to cover about £1100 out goings!!! I suspect we may actually drod dead sometime during the back end of the month!!!!!! I know they can take whatever they want pretty much, but I was making regular re-payments which I'd agreed to increase as soon as I could, they set the payment amount/standing order and how often i pay. ..Ive not been contacted about any changes at all They've just blatently done what they ,so clearly,told me I shouldn't do otherwise they'd nick my money again. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Are there any "unchangable" rules that cover this anyone knows of? Even though I got a refund last time,I don't think I'll be as lucky this time round for some reason. Got to wait till Monday to contact B/C,if I get no joy there a few pointers on how best to approach the whole thing would be magic!! We really cannot get by without this money to be honest Thanks for any help Jules
  24. Hi fellow caggers, I am in a very long and laborious battle with barclaycard to reclaim charges on an old credit card account. I sent my preliminary letter to barclaycard on 2nd November 2011. They responded to ask for more proof of address as the address they had on the system didnt match their records (strange, as all correspondence, including subject access request and statements were all sent to the same address) so they asked me to send a copy of my SAR request letter to them before they could look into my enquiry. I then got a response from them on 15th December 2011 in relation to reclaiming my charges, they say there are no charges on the account within the last 6 years which is total nonsense, as i have copy statements showing these charges and will not be refunding my charges. To add insult to injury, they also sent a copy statement which was only 1 page and showed 0.00 balances. I would be grateful if someone could advise me further as im at the end of my tether with their delay tactics! Thank you
  25. For some time now I have noted that Barclaycard incorrectly under quote my Barclaycard monthly statement interest rate. If I then pay the quoted monthly minimum payment as shown on my statement I find that next month my outstanding balance has actually " INCREASED ". I would have thought that this was not only a failure under Barclaycards own terms and conditions but is illegal. This underhand practice by Barclaycard must be adding millions to their bottom line when you also take into consideration the added compound interest to customers Barclaycard accounts. Any comments advice or similar experiences by other Barclaycard customers appreciated.
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