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  1. I sometimes wonder what an earth these people think they are doing. Background first: Wife had a store card with Evans, I was out of work for a while and card was low priority so was not paid. Evans got stroppy, then passed debt to Lewis Group. Eventually, Howard Cohen obtained a CCJ. I was ill at the time and they did their usual opposing my wife's defence on the day before the hearing. We only got their letter on the day the hearing had already taken place. The CCJ has sat there for a number of years. We tried to get it set aside, I can't recall just what happened but it wasn't allowed. Cohen have sent an annual statement ever since and that's all. The original debt was only a fraction of the amount they claimed, that much I do remember, and was made up mainly of lots charges my wife had objected to. Now, out of the blue, she has two letters - one with Hoist and CL Finance on the heading, the other with Robinson Way, same signature on both, both in same envelope. First says that CL Finance (part of Lewis) has assigned all rights to Hoist. They confirm that Cohen have been instructed in this mater on behalf of Hoist, but to make payment to Robbers Way. I know that 'Howard Cohen' is a Leeds solicitor who just hires out his name to Lewis Group to put a legal-looking stamp on their activities. I had the mis-fortune to work at their Cleckheaton offices at one time, but got out when I realised what their trade was. Back then, 'Cohen' was just another little office down the corridor, attached to the same computer system but had a printer loaded with Cohen headed paper. The guys in there just filled envelopes and sent them out. all that aside - if a CCJ was obtained by Cohen (aka lewis) - how can that be assigned to Robbers Way/Hoist ? I know Lewis have 'gone' since being taken over. My first thought is to continue ignoring them, although I realise that a CCJ will not expire under the statute barred time limits. A CCJ can't just be assigned like this can it ? I'm now registered disabled and therefore on allowances and virtually housebound. We are not in a position to pay these people anyway. Another thought is to go back to Evans and do a SAR, get details of the inflated charges they applied to her account (pre OFT £12 max rules) and make a claim on that, then IF we manage to get any joy out of that, to offer it back directly to Evans as F&F. Any thoughts anyone ?
  2. Lowell's Solicitors are chasing an old debt (6yrs old) - as mentioned in post #1 old catalogue debt for JDWilliams & Oxendales Never seen a letter like this from them before Tactics or can they go further with this? Thanks LowellSolicitors.pdf
  3. Hi, I am having problems paying bills due to lack of work and have agreed temporary monthly payments with several CC companies including to my surprise after reading the forum MBNA. The only real pain has been Barclays Partner Finance who will not accept my offer for a token payment and have pressed me to pay more. They have received an income and expenditure report compiled with help from the CCCS but still ask for what I cannot afford. The loan was for a car which has since been sold and a cheaper one aquired to reduce costs and enable me to work. The calls with this company have been quite distressing after the first person I spoke to said that they would accept an offer of £5. I wrote another letter to offer this amount which was refused again. I tried to pay a token amount over the phone and was put through to collections who did everything they could do squeeze more out of me, constantly threatening debt collection and legal action, obviously this didn't help them as I don't have it. The people at Barclays do not listen, they talk over you constantly and are extremely rude, which I did expect , which I presume is their goal. The last thing they said to me after reluctantly processing my £5 payment was to tell me that they will be fast tracking the account for collection. Amongst other things said to scare me was that I should consult a lawyer and disregard the CCCS. I have paid a token amount for the last 2 months and have no details of any charges they have recently made to the account. At a court case what is the likely outcome? Surely they can only order me to pay what I can afford is that correct? If that is the case then they will end up with £1 a month, surely they know this and why would they bother? Or is all this hard talk designed to scare me into paying them? I don't think I can avoid a court date just need to know what to expect. thanks in advance and apologise if the post is too long for you! Royal.
  4. I'd seen recently on my Equifax file that an old BT debt was being recorded by Lowell This was chased by and already paid to Credit Resolve in 2017 I emailed Lowell last week along with proof of payment asking them to remove the entry They've said: Good Morning, Thank you for your email, I have noted your comments and would be happy to assist you. Account Number Original Client Current Balance xxxxxxxxxx BT PLC £72.84 I appreciate the comments you have made and I can see from the screenshot provided this shows the balance due was paid on the 31st of May 2017. Your query We’re investigating this matter with BT PLC and will let you know of the outcome. What happens next? You don’t need to do anything. The account is on hold and we will contact you again as soon as we hear back from BT PLC. If you require any further assistance please don’t hesitate to let me know. Kind Regards, Hakim Lowell Financial, part of Lowell I've paid, I don't owe them, would I have to wait for them to investigate or should they be removing the entry straight away? Can I go back with the 'remove in 14days or I'll start legal action line'? Thanks
  5. Hi all, I recently CCAed all my creditors in order to try and sort out my finances finally. I have been paying £1 token payments to each, having defaulted on all over 6 years ago. I have moved house a few times since and have lost track of what has happened to them all. having sent a CCA request to Robinson Way, who I originally dealt with for a Halifax debt, I received a strange reply, returning my £1 PO, and saying that "the account is closed on our files, please contact our principal". This was written on a very unprofessional piece of paper that looked more like a memo than a letter! Has anyone got any advise as to how I should proceed with this? The 12+2 days are definitely over. As Robinson Way were dealing with this, is it still their responsibility to respond to my CCA request? Thanks AM
  6. Hi All, Been a long time since I've been on the forum but need a little advice if possible. I believe I defaulted with Barclay card back in 2010 but I'm not sure of the exact date. Had personal/business problems back in 2010 (actually before if you see my posts) which ended with me becoming divorced. After this point I "stuck my hand in the sand" and ignored a lot of the relentless letters from them (and others) as the recession had wiped my business out and I had far bigger things to worry about. Over the years I haven't heard much from BC seeing as I'd left the marital home. Some letters did go to the old house but were ignored/binned and some of these were from various debt collectors. I know - not clever. I've started to to get a few letters recently from Robinson Way at my new home address that I'm renting (on the electoral role) and even an email to my business email account. To date I haven't replied to them but can't work out how the debt they are chasing for has gone up to £7684, my original credit card limit was £7k I think. As you can possibly gather I'm not in good position with facts as a lot of this got lost all those years ago. I've moved on in life and have remarried and don't want all the relentless hassle these companies make however I do want to fix my credit file. How/should I communicate with them? Don't really want all the pestering of paying them this inflated/made up figure with the penalty of them marking my credit file for another 6 years:evil:!! Thanks guys
  7. Hi there, I've sifted through a few threads trying to get a jist of what to do. Quite a bit of info, I'm hoping someone can help me with my issues Done a credit report and I've currently 5 defaulted accounts and 1 arrangement NatWest credit card - defaulted balance £984 with a current balance of £785. This debt is paid DD £20p/m directly to Natwest, I've ignored ALL letters from Wescot who manage my account on behalf of NatWest. NW have just written to me this week informing that my account has been assigned to Cabot Financial, to cease my payments to NW and make future payments to Wescot for the foreseeable - Thoughts/ advice on what to do at all? Aquacard - Account in arrangement with CapQuest to pay £5p/m, current balance is £1,200. This doesn't show as a default on my credit file. Notes that its in arrangement Vanquis - account is defaulted with Hoist Portfolio Ltd - this was forwarded to Robinson Way and I currently pay £10p/m with them Current balance £320 defaulted balance was £859 (Dec 2018 6yrs expires) JD Williams - Held with Lowell managed with Fredrickson paying £5p/m. £919 defaulted balance, current balance £504 (Nov 2017 6yrs expires) BT - Debt was passed to Past Due, then Capital Resolve, then Freds. I paid Capital Resolve the debt of £91.05 Freds have this as balance owing when I checked online with them Lowell have a default recorded with the account type being Communications Supplier, default balance £72, august 2015 which I think is the original BT debt Oxendales - Default recorded with Lowell, managed and arranged payment with Freds of £5p/m I have just at the moment cancelled all standing orders & DD's, just want to get some clarity on what to do with them Thanks Shelly
  8. Hello All I have a Welcome Finance CCA which for one reason or another has been bought by MKRR. I CCA'd them last September, and they have sent me a copy of the front page of the agreement with no T&Cs, but the thing that is puzzling me is the figures stated on the agreement. They are as follows: Total amount of credit = 2945.43 Payment over 65 months APR = 20.80% AIR = 19.6% Total charge for credit = 1805.93 Monthly Payment = 73.07 Made up of Acceptance fee = 75.00 Interest Charge = 1728.93 All well and good, and I am no accountant, but I have work this out on several online loan calculators and got the same amount on each of them, which is different to that on the CCA. They are: Total amount of credit = 2945.43 Payment over 65 months AIR = 19.6% Monthly Payment 73.88 Total Repayable = 4802.43 There is also no total repayable on the credit agreement. My question is, is this CCA enforceable? I was under the impression that the figures given should be correct. Please help Total charge for cretid = 1857.00
  9. Evening all, Since around May this year I've received a shocking amount of post related to alleged debts against my name, I binned most thinking the sc@mmers would get bored... tonight I've just had somebody knock at my door saying he was from Robinson Way debt collectors, I played dumb and said we were not who he was looking for (with a mouth full of tea and my youngest on hip). He said he'd have my addressed removed from the system, I know he wont, I also received a call from them a number of weeks back... where they got my number I'll never know. Now... when I was 19'ish (wrong side of 30 now) I did run up some debts, paid the majority off but moved up and down the country alot with college/uni etc and not heard anything since, in 2010 I bought my own house, with only myself on the mortgage, never been denied a credit card/loan and not heard of anything for YEARS. I've googled the companies in the subject which has led me here... I have three seperate account numbers 'owing' three separate amounts.. .strangely the lowest amount one has had the most mail, some dated the day after the previous letter was dated?!?!? having read alot of the links google has supplied from here, there's alot of dead links to letters i should be sending to ask said companies to prove the debt is mine... .I'm sure the forum gets alot of these requests, and I do apologise. also, I've checked my statutory credit file with 3 agencies and none of them have a record of these alleged debts. Had I been prepared for this visit I could have handled it better and found out whats going on but, i didn't - and i don't want my wife having to deal with these people - whilst he was non threatening/abusing/confrontational - its not what I want. attached 3 letters with all barcodes/details deleted. any and all help appreciated and will update as and when...
  10. I will be concise as this is not a confessional, if helpers need more information I will respond promptly. I am 67 years old and have seven creditors, one with CCJ. I followed the advice of CAG and offered what I could, a token £5 a month to each. These payments were set up and have run without apparent fault for about seven years. Since doing this I was evicted from my home of sixteen years (the reluctant CCJ with a very patient landlord) and had no valid postal address for some time. In 2013 I had to move to Germany for family reasons. My only income is my state pension and a very, very small private pension. In short, absolutely no spare cash as the pension has to cover room rent and everything else. My assets fit into two suitcases and have no value My sister who is in the UK received a letter from Robinson Way addressed to me. She has told them to remove her address from my file as I do not and never have lived at that address. They have agreed to do this. They are talking as if this were a recent matter, insisting on the establishment of a repayment plan. Obviously I have nothing to offer them and their threats of legal action are not particularly concerning. When the CCJ was issued the judge noted that the matter would not be pursued unless there were substantial assets, which is oddly reassuring now. I intend to contact RW by email so that everything is recorded but before I do I wanted to gather any advice from you good folks. Incidental to this, I do not know what my credit record looks like now. I have lost my CRA access details and it seems not to be possible to open a new subscription from Germany. Finally, (because it is stupidly embarrassing) I have noticed an error in Robinson Way's payments. When I agreed to the monthly payment I established a standing order which is still running. I periodically check that all payments are going out as they should. What I did not notice was that RW established a direct debit, with the same reference number in addition to the standing order. So they have been receiving and taking twice the payment I agreed and this seems to have been going on for the whole period.
  11. Hello all, a really helpful site and I’m hoping you can offer advice on a strange situation I am in. Out of the blue, I received a text message (no calls) from Robinson Way, asking me to call them As I don’t deal with them or have any defaults as (just) keeping up with payments, I ignored it. Yesterday, i received a letter saying I owe Abbey (I assume Abbey National) over £7000, yet I have never had a loan, card, mortgage, current account with Abbey. What is very odd is that they used an abbreviated (1 syllable) version of my first name, rather than my full first name in it’s entirety. My surname was correct. What are the next steps to get RW to leave me alone? Thanks for your help
  12. Hi guys I'd like your thoughts on this. I have a Barclaycard / ex-Egg account - that defaulted back in 2012. In middle of last year it was sold to Hoist and then Robinson Way came chasing. It's a familiar story. Last payment on this was February 2012 (default was Nov. 2012), so I'm thinking "you sods!". I sent CCA request which has taken them months to comply with (I have all the time in the world!). I finally received a recon from them this week, with an I&E sheet attached and 30 days complete it (keeps clock ticking ). Reading between the lines, I don't think they have a clue when this agreement commenced, but nor do I, to be honest. There isn't a date specified anywhere. On the bottom of the Egg recon it states "04_2006", but this only appears to be a copy of T&Cs, so probably isn't a compliant recon anyway. They certainly don't appear to have a copy of the original agreement, so from that perspective, I'm hoping this account is from pre-April 2007. All I know is that it's from around that time and could well be 2006, or could be a year later. With the six year anniversary of the last payment coming up next week, I'm hoping that I'll also have the SB option in my locker too. I'd prefer to eat up another few months though before I would feel confident having to rely on this should they issue a claim. I don't know if it affects anything, but I did enter into conversation with one of these Dor-2-Dor callers a few months after the last payment - they called to the house and caught me on the hop. How would you recommend I respond to the recon they sent me? I'm ideally looking to string them along for a little while longer if possible, although they might even keep sending begging letters for a few months without any form of prompting anyway. Cheers! Sham
  13. I made a cca request of Lloyds in 2011 over a credit card that dated back to 2003, I have carried on making cca requests of all of DCA,s that have contacted me, I am still being contacted by Robinson way some 7 years later. I point out that many of the DCA,S have written to me after deed of assignment. I have only ever been supplied with a copy of the application form, Robinson way tell me when I have pointed this out, that the application form is enough to demonstrate liability. Can anyone help me to bring this to an end as it is wearing me out. Best wishes Little Feet
  14. Hello, This is an addition to another thread I had on a £5500 Barclaycard credit card which was transferred to debt collection agency, which I ignored, and have not corresponded with at all. I responded saying that they had given up but I suppose they haven't. The debt gets transferred to Robinson Way, why I don;t know, but then I carried on not responding to letters or calls. Then I get a letter which I open and it says that they will send it to a solicitor (howard cohen) who will take legal action.... Can this solicitor take successful legal action? I don't know why they would not have done this in the first place and gone so far to get me to pay them. Is this solicitor in any more power to get me to pay than the DCA?... Thanks
  15. Hi, New member here. I've just received a letter from Barclaycard, stating that they've transferred my account to Robinson Way. I have already been paying my debt to a company called Link Financial which Barclaycard had originally transferred my debt to. I have now emailed Robinson Way to tell them my debt is already assigned to Link Financial. I have been happily paying Link Financial each month for over a year without any issues. What would be the next step?
  16. I have recently had a CCA response from Robinson Way, regarding an old Burton card account. The CCA they have sent however relates to another older and closed account in my name, as the account numbers are different. Just wondering what the best approach is now. They have resumed collection activities but at present just threatening to send e-mails, letters & phone calls. Is it worth responding at the moment to point out the error or should I just let it run it's course for a while and see where it goes? Any advice would be appricated. Many thanks.
  17. I got letter from solicitors, on behalf of Robinsons Way acting as agents for HPH (ex Barclaycard) on a debt they say originates from a legal agreement from 2004. This I believe relates to an old Egg debt, but BCard bought my Egg debt in 2011/12. I was paying Egg card small amount monthly, Egg stopped taking payments (not me defaulting) when BCard bought debt. Bcard wrote to me said I needed to change SO to their details and quote my Bcard as a reference!!! I didnt have BCard, it was an Egg card. I wrote and told them, they didnt reply, I didnt resume payments (Never made any payments to Bcard). That was in 2011/2012 not too sure of last payment date - have to scroll thru old bank statements, but never made any payments to BCard. Had various letters from Bcard, Robinson Way and other companies over the ensuing years, debt been passed off from one co to another. Now just received a Letter of Claim from solicitors saying they have legal agreement between me and original creditor (who they seem to be implying was BCard as no mention of Egg), and the date of that agreement. Said their "client" (think they mean BCard) purchased the account and it was legally assigned in July 17, Notice of Assignment sent to me - I not received! I have drafted a letter asking for a copy of the CCA, a full breakdown of the costs involved in the debt, and a copy of the Notice of Assignment. Will send recorded delivery tomorrow. I know they have 14 days to supply a legible true copy of the CCA -. My main thought is why has it taken them so long to initiate legal action if they have a good case? Any thoughts or advice please on what else I can do, Sorry for War and Peace!!
  18. Hi all, I received yesterday a lengthy letter from Barclaycard regarding Egg credit card. It told me that they now had my account, and that back in April I should have received notification that the Egg card was being sold to barclaycard. I am concerned as I haven't received any such notice, and moreover, am in a current agreement to repay both my barclaycard Visa and Mastercard debts off. However they have not stopped interest on either card, only reducing the interest to 2 percent. Has anyone else had experience of this or received notifications back in April?
  19. Hello one and all I have just received a letter from "Robinson Way and there reff : is HPH ltd (ex NAGB) Claiming i owe £5211.60 .... I really have no idea what i may owe this for and to the best of my ability i believe i have a very high credit ratting (banks and credit cards throwing 0% at me) .... I have so far sent a standard letter any advice would be great. I do not acknowledge any debt to you or any other company or organisation that you claim to be representing. Dear Sir/Madam Reference number : You have contacted me regarding the account with the above reference number, which you claim is owed by myself. I would point out that we have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to . I am familiar with the Consumer Credit sourcebook of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) which states the following rules. "A firm must not ignore or disregard a customer's claim that a debt has been settled or is disputed and must not continue to make demands for payment without providing clear justification and/or evidence as to why the customer's claim is not valid." 7.5.3 "A firm must suspend any steps it takes or its agent takes in the recovery of a debt from a customer where the customer disputes the debt on valid grounds or what may be valid grounds." 7.14.1 "Where a customer disputes a debt on valid grounds or what may be valid grounds, the firm must investigate the dispute and provide details of the debt to the customer in a timely manner." 7.14.3 In not ceasing collection activity whilst investigating a reasonably queried or disputed debt you are using deceptive/and or unfair methods. Furthermore, ignoring and/or disregarding claims that debts have been settled or are disputed and continuing to make unjustified demands for payment amounts to physical/psychological harassment. We would further note that based on the information you have supplied, this account would also be statute barred under the Limitation Act 1980 Under the Limitation Act 1980 Section 5 "an action founded on simple contract shall not be brought after the expiration of six years from the date on which the cause of action accrued". I would also point out that in their Consumer Credit sourcebook, the Financial Conduct Authority states the following rules: "...a firm must not attempt to recover a statute barred debt in England, Wales or Northern Ireland if the lender or owner has not been in contact with the customer during the limitation period." 7.15.4 "A firm must not continue to demand payment from a customer after the customer has stated that he will not be paying the debt because it is statute barred." 7.15.8 We would ask that no further contact be made concerning the above accounts unless you can provide evidence of both: (1) proof of my liability regarding this debt. and (2) payment or written acknowledgement from me in the relevant period under Section 5 of the Limitation Act. We await your written confirmation that this matter is now closed. Otherwise we will have no option but to make a complaint to the trading standards department and consider informing the FCA of your actions. YOU MUST ALSO TREAT THIS AS A FORMAL COMPLAINT, AND AS SUCH I REQUIRE A COPY OF YOUR COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE AND A RESPONSE TO TAKE TO THE FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN. I look forward to your reply. Yours faithfully Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android
  20. Good afternoon. I have received 2 letters, from a company called "Robinson Way" who appear to be claiming a debt of £279 upon me. The thing is, I have never taken out any loans, nor entered into any credit agreement, or anything like that. Ever. According to the letters this Robinson Way Ltd are managing an account on behalf of an HPH Ltd (Ex Style), where or how this 'debt' has come into existence I have no idea though. The letters have these details inside a box: Due to: HPH Ltd (Ex Style) Our Reference: ********* Account Number: **************** Amount Due: £279.20 I'm baffled, but also rather worried. And annoyed. Who are these people? I ought to add, having no dealings with this sort of thing before, I am not familiar with legal terms / acronyms / etc. Thanks in anticipation.
  21. Morning, Yesterday I received a letter from "Robinson Way Limited" the letter was for an address confirm. They must have sent some letter to my old address that was 5+ years ago, they could of easily checked the electoral role as I have been here for nearly 3. I am to get in touch with them and let them know if I do reside here. No details of what it is regarding is on the letter, however I think it relates to a Santender loan that I had with an ex a long time ago. My credit file states "Hoist Portfolio" it was recently held via someone else (can't remember who) Loan taken out early 2007 and I think last payment was August 2008 so in theory SB. Should I write back and say that I am who they are asking and get further details? For some reason the default date was early 2010 so that needs to be investigated also. Cheers, Flappy
  22. Hi, Hoist or Robinson Way recently bought an old debt I owned to Halifax and have been paying £10 a month. The letter from Halifax said any money I sent to the credit card account would be forwarded on to Robbers. Today Robbers say they didn't receive my £10, even though it is shown in my account that my standing order to the Halifax went through. I've sent Robbers £10 and set up a new standing order once a month, but now I'm £10 down. Is this a con?
  23. we received a letter from this gang and we are unsure if it may well be SB whats the first step in getting out a CCA to someone i am supposing we don't speak with them direct thanks in advance rway re BC Egg card.pdf
  24. Hi, looking for some advice! I've been dealing with Robinson Way working on behalf of HPH2 Ltd over an old Barclays account for around £1,800 that is no longer on my credit file as of last year. The default date on my credit file was sometime in late 2011 and to my knowledge, no payments or contact has been made since, meaning the debit is stature bared (I hope!). Robinson Way sent a field agent to my door though I was not there at the time and sent them a letter advising I did not acknowledge any debt to them and I did not welcome any more visits. They then replied saying they would raise this as an official complaint. 2 months later I received a letter advising the following: "I believe the issues raised regarding your dispute of this debt is the responsibility of Barclays, as the original creditor, therefore your complaint has been forwarded to them (in accordance with the FCA's guidelines set out in DISP 1.7) and you will receive an acknowledgement letter from them detailing their complaints procedure in due course. We have placed your account on hold to allow Barclays to contact you with a resolution. When your complaint has been addressed by Barclays this hold will be removed and unless you set up a payment plan, we will continue to write to you as part of our collection activity." They then go on to say that they will remove my phone number from their records and that they will ensure no further home visits are arranged regarding the debt. They also mention I can go to the Ombudsman if I wish. As yet, I haven't sent a prove it letter nor advised that the debt is SB. I'm wondering if I should see if they make further contact after this letter or send them a prove it/SB letter? Any advice appreciated!
  25. Many debts dealt with on this forum thank you. I had a claim form from the court with a £6k debt from Tesco/Robinson Way. I filled in the I/E form and sent it back recorded delivery. Just had a letter from the court saying I never responded and I must pay the £6k. I have looked at the tracking information from when it was posted over 3 weeks ago and it still says its on it way! I also took a photo of the form before sending. What do you suggest? I did everything in the timescale but the Royal Mail has failed me.
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