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  1. I had my PIP assessment in July 2018 and was award 0 points across the board. Fast forward to my tribunal on Tuesday. I was able to submit all my medical evidence, present my version of the assessment, and today received the decision to award me standard rate of living and mobility for 4 years from the original decision. I missed the top rate living by 4 points, mobility by 2 points. I now have, as I see it, 2 options: appeal the tribunal decision, or refuse the decision altogether, and reapply immediately. But is there a third option? The reason I ask, is that my award was backdated to the date of the original decison and since then my conditions have changed. For instance, I now have to wear surgical braces permanently on both feet/ankles, and I need to have surgery to repair a 2cm tear in my shoulder muscle, dating back almost 8 years, and which has caused arthritis in the shoulder. Pain, and stiffness of the shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand were all taken into account on the original, and subsequent, decision. And they are just the two most important changes. can I ask for a reassessment based on these changes? If not, is there any other recourse I can take?
  2. Yeah I've since come across others who have had the same issue. Interesting as well that the text came from Royal Mail with no associated phone number.
  3. I got a text message from Royal Mail last Thursday to say they would be delivering a package to me that day. I was out with my wife all day, and got another message later that day to say the package had been delivered to me or a "neighbour". When we arrived home, no card had been left by RM, so my wife checked with all our neighbours to se who it had been left with. But it hadn't been left with any of them. The text message also had a tracking number, and when I checked the RM tracking site it just said "The system is currently unable to confirm the status of your item with reference WJ915772456GB . Please try again later". 4 days later, it is still showing the same message. And to make matters worse, I have no idea who the package was from, but I am expecting several deliveries. I have trawled RM's website looking for a number to ring to report this, but every option I select invariably just returns to the original page. CAn any of you suggest a number for me to call to report this? I live in the Belfast area. Now, an aside to the original problem, I also got a text the same day from the RM number, to say "There is an item waiting to be confirmed by Michael" (ie me), which goes on to impy that I had won a prize in RM's annual Currys prize draw. It includes a website address to go to to claim the prize. Now I'm no dozer, as we say here, and I know its a [problem]. But is it possible the 2 incidents may be linked? The first to give the impression that there was a package for me, the second to imply the package is a prize which I have to visit a website to claim? Its the time of year when almost every household in the country is expecting some sort of package in the run up to Christmas, so would be a fairly easy [problem] to pull. I'm not even impressed by the use of my name an mobile number, as I'm bound to have had these stolen in a security breach at sometime or other. If there is a genuine package, I know its highly likely that I'll never receive it now. But I need to know where its from so I can let the sender know asap.
  4. Just a quick update to close the topic. I submitted the a for a statutory reconsideration, as advised. And a couple of days ago I received a letter saying I would no longer be required to repay the amount overpaid "due to a change in circumstances". The letter doesn't say what the change in my circumstances is. So its a win on that front. However, it is pathetic that they can't, or aren't allowed to, admit they were responsible for the events which led to the overpayment in the first place. Many thanks to everyone who responded to the original post.
  5. I told the guy I was speaking to that I would have had no problem with the overpayment, only the original letter was worded in such a way that I was the one who had caused it by not supplying the information. If they apologised and said that it had happened due to an error on their behalf that would have been fine. And I would have had no problem discussing a payment reschedule. But again, that was imposed on me on their terms, and without waiting to see if the reconsideration was successful. Riding roughshod over the vulnerable in society as usual.
  6. I got a letter a few weeks ago to say I have been overpaid ESA by £68 and that it had to be repaid. The letter stated that this was due to a change in my occupational pension in April last year, which they weren't made aware of until September last year. That all sounds pretty reasonable. Until you know the full story. So I was pensioned off from my job in the Northern Ireland Civil Service (NICS) due to ill health (life changing injuries in a motorcycle accident to be precise) and I get a monthly pension from the NICS. If a payrise is given to staff at my grade, my pension increases pro rata. And as my pension is below the ESA threshold, I get ESA to make up the difference. Each time thsi happens, and as both pension and ESA are paid by NICS departments, ESA find out about this before me, and send me a letter asking either for the details of the rise, or if I haven't yet gotten the rise, permission to contact my pension provider to get the details. And that is what happened last year. ESA wrote to me in May last year asking for details of a rise in my pension I wasn't yet aware of. So I wrote back to them giving permission for them to contact my pension provider to get the details. And the matter was then out of my hands. Then fast forward to mid -August this year when I was informed of the overpayment. I rang ESA to find out what had happened to create the overpayment. The young guy I spoke to told me that, after they had gotten my permission to contact my pension provider in May, they received the information from the pension provider in June. It then sat in a pile and wasn't actioned until September. He went on to tell me to ask for a mandatory reconsideration (yeah, one of those with a success rate of about 0%). So I rang the relevant team and asked for this reconsideration 2 weeks ago. Then I received a letter from them yesterday to say they were scheduling the repayment at £11-odds a week until its paid off. I also received a text from them to say they had received the reconsideration request and they will inform me of their decision in due course. And another letter arrived today from their debt recovery team to say they will be taking the repayments from my benefit. So thats where we're at now. I'm sorry for making this so long-winded but I wanted to include as much information about it as possible. However, I feel that this is totally unfair as the overpayment wouldn't have occurred only for their inaction. Is there anything I can do about this to have the overpayment written off, or at least scheduled that they're not taking a 3rd of my weekly benefit at a time?
  7. Thanks guys. Yeah it is cdw and sli. But Alamo themselves state that these are not compulsary and that it is fine with the basic insurance. But I've been recommended to check out a company called questor. I've got a quote for annual full insurance, including cdw an sli, for 2 drivers, for £52-odds. So I'm gonna go with that to be safe.
  8. I'm not sure if this should be in here. If not feel free to move it to its proper home. Okay, so we're going on holiday to the US in a couple of months, flying with Virgin Holidays. We've also hired a car for the duration of the holiday. I was on with Virgin yesterday about airport assistance and the rep I spoke to told me that the car hire doesn't include insurance, and if I can't show the hire company, Alamo, that I have valid insurance then they will charge me for it when I get there. I see there are companies here which provide international car hire insurance for an nth of what the hire companies charge. But before I take it out, will it be deemed valid by the hire company? I know they want you to take their insurance so they get the commission.
  9. And thank you for all your advice. I wouldn't have known even how to begin the negotiations without it.
  10. Okay so this is what is happening - I spoke to CDA. They were shocked that the repair should've failed so soon. They said that normally they would repair the fridge again foc. However, once the gas leaks for a second time (it is the gas leaking which causes the compressor to burn out) it cannot be regassed again. Not good. However, and this was very unexpected, we were offered a brand new f/f, the newer model of the broken one, with a discount of almost £600 (£799 as opposed to around £1380), with free delivery. This also covers the loss of the food. After checking other brands with similar features, this sems to be a very competitive price. So we're happy enough to go with that. And well done to CDA for going, we believe, above and beyond to get the matter sorted out.
  11. Yeah it was CDA (the manufacturer) themselves who did the repair and a new part (compressor not inverter as I previously said), was fitted. That was in July last year.
  12. Sorry its a CDA fridge freezer. I don't know where I got TCL from. The f/f was left in our house by the previous owner. It was less than a year old when it broke down the first time and CDA wouldn't transfer the warranty, so we had to pay for the repair. The retail price was almost £1500 going by internet prices last year but I don't know where it was bought from. I've no way of contacting the previous owner. Ironically, the engineer who repaired it last year said that the inverters are notorious for lasting less than a year. But we don't have the money to buy a new, more reliable model.
  13. We had to have our TCL fridge freezer repaired less than a year ago when the freezer inverter stopped working. It was out of warranty and we had to pay £300 + vat for the repair. Now the same thing has happened again. An entire freezer full of food is ruined now. Is the manufacturer liable for the repair this time, and can we insist on compensation for the loss of food?
  14. I had a (private) podiatry consultation yesterday. I was told I have arthritis in both feet and will need a set of "Richie braces", which cost 2 fortunes, regular hydrocortisone injections in the bone joints of both feet, and most likely surgery to remove excess bone growth, which will leave me in plaster for around 3 months and could result in me permanently suffering more pain as a result. What I find strange is that my assessor never picked up on any sort of issues with my mobility.
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