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  1. Sorry, I think I am being a bit dim, i can't seem to find the spreadsheet you are referring to. I already have a spreadsheet which i have used to calculate redress where I have all the necessary statements. Unfortunately until I know what methodology Barclaycard will use to reconstruct my credit card account when they appear not to have statements for, I am not sure that spreadsheet will suffice. The spreadsheet I have was constructed based on the example in the FCA handbook.
  2. In August 2018 I had my complaint against Barclay card upheld for my PPI Insurance held on my Barclay card from 1992 until 2004, the card continued without PPI from 2004 to 2011. I was unhappy with the redress offered as I knew that this card would have had an average balance of around £2400 a month during the period up to 2004. Barclay card offered me compensation which was inadequate. They stated as they had no records of my account previous to May 2004 (my PPI was stopped in April 2004, I found that to be a little too convenient that all my statements prior to May 2004 had gone mi
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