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  1. Do you have a suggested course of action and how I respond to them please ?
  2. Thank you for your help very much appreciated. I have no other T's and C's. I made my last payment in August 2015. They then added wopping amounts of interest on and then handed to Robinson Way.
  3. No I didnt.....but they sent the copy of the signed original application anyway. What I wanted was the copy statements and how they applied the interest to my account to which they replied with the above " WE ARE UNABLE TO SUPPLY THE HISTORIC AND VARIED TERMS AND CONDITIONS "
  4. I ended up with 3 debts to Barclays bank - Premier Card / Overdraft and Select loan.I challenged Barclays on the way that they had been charging interest on my Overdraft and Select Loan. Very good news they did not challenge me back but simply sent me letters saying they would be writing them off. I have written to Robinson Way who now hold the Barclays Premier Card debt asking for my terms and conditions / interest rates/ how Barclaycard applied them to my account. Barclaycard have supplied a copy of the original agreement but have said " WE ARE UNABLE TO SUPPLY THE HISTORIC AND VARIED
  5. Hi everyone....back again for some more advice!! I had Egg credit card which I had repaymanet plan on . Out of the blue Egg sent me a notice saying that the debt had been assigned to CL finanance Ltd. The next day I got a letter from Lewis debt recovery who said they were acting on behalf of Cl Finance Ltd to collect the debt. I have been paying egg but have no statments or receipts to show what my outstanding balance is to reconcile to hwat the debt collector is after. I sent an SAR /£10 to Lewis Debt recovery who sent me the usual computer printout but none of my statmenets
  6. I have seen somewhere on the site a response to a debt collection agency that is requesting that I send them a passport or driving licence as proof of identity. I dont want to for obvious reason. Please could someone point me in the right direction Many Thanks
  7. I was in the same position..........I wrote before I defaulted....sent copies of everything.......Income/Expenditure statemnets etc etc. The only fly in the ointmnet was Amex who would not play ball an dhanded the debt to RMA resolve who are not a very desirous organisation to deal with.When I went to CCCS and got a case reference number it shut them up .I never actually engaged CCCS to do anything for me except use th ebudget sheets etc they produced after a telephone interview. It seems daft but they take you so much more seriously if you have talked to CCCS!!
  8. I have had horrendous debts to deal with............the key thing is to contact the CCCS..........they will give you a case number........the next time anyone rings tell them the CCCS are dealing with it and give them the reference number. They will not bother you after that.........hold your ground and if they keep pestering you ...tell them it is out of your hands and the CCCS are dealing with it!!! Take a deep breath there is loads of support out there...just ask and people will help...........
  9. I have used lots of the information and help provided here..wonderful thanks to everyone. I sent 40 days ago a CCA request for a true copy from Amex and have so far received nothing. Do I now write to them and inform them of the breach and its repercussions and that the debt is unenforceable and that I want the default removed??? or do I let it lie? I am obviously wanting them to clear the debt but dont know what will happen next.... ...will they now take me to court ?.. sell debt to DCA?? I would be really interested if anyone has had dealings with Amex and what
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