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  1. No disrespect but look at post 11 above advising me to contact HSBC first. Complaint has been filed with with ICO as instructed but ICO said I had to go back to HSBC first which I have done.
  2. Today I called them as no reply to my email. Basically I was told to complain to the ICO if I was not happy. What a poor attitude from a major UK Bank! Complaint has been filed but I'm told there is a 3 month backlog maybe that is their game plan.
  3. Thanks for your reply I will complain to the ICO tomorrow. HSBC are the only Bank to be a problem so far!
  4. Update on this No response from HSBC at all although I have proof from Royal Mail that they received my SAR request. Searching the forum I have found the email address of the HSBC Data Control Office and sent the following email: I recently made a Subject Access Request which appears to have been ignored as I have received no communication from HSBC at all. You will find attached a copy of my letter requesting information and also proof of delivery by Royal Mail. Can you inform me at your earliest convenience if HSBC intend to comply with my request and if so within what time scale? Please be informed if I do not receive a reply within seven days I will start a formal complaint with the ICO and consider taking action in the small claims court. Should I be taking further action at this stage or wait and see if I now get a response? Thanks in advance
  5. Update on this Made the subject access request (mailed Jan 15th) no acknowledgement from HSBC as yet. Should I wait 30 days before contacting them? I am concerned about the deadline approaching. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thanks for the info I will do my homework first. If I make a successful claim I will donate a % to the Forum:-)
  7. Thanks for the reply I will mail the SAR request ASAP. With regard to starting the claim. I do not have any paperwork only a card number provided by HSBC, will that suffice to begin the claim?
  8. Happy New Year to all! I have contacted HSBC using their online contact form about PPI that i took out with an old Marbles credit card. They have replied giving a credit card number and the start date, the also confirm PPI was paid. Reading other posts I see its best to start with a SAR request, can anyone advise the current address for making SAR requests or is it the standard complaints address : HSBC UK Bank plc, Complaints Department, POBox 5207, Coventry, CV3 8FB ​Thanks in advance
  9. Had another letter from my friends at Cabot. When I originally wrote to them I stated that I had no assets and various health problems. I informed them that as Cabot were unknown to me they were causing me a lot of stress. This has triggered an "investigation" and today I received a letter enclosing various print outs of CC statements and a copy of the previously uploaded illegible CCA agreement for the credit card (nothing related to the current account). The enclosed letter informed me of the outcome of the "investigation" and requested I supply confidential medical reports from my GP to confirm my medical issues and that I fill out an income outgoings report. The letter also states that both accounts are unenforceable! I intend to place these papers in my file marked Cabot and ignore them but as always advice is appreciated. Interestingly the CC statements all show PPI payments:roll: Happy New Year to all:-D
  10. If my reply is not too late take a look at this link:https://www.crunch.co.uk/knowledge/employment/travel-and-working-times-regulations/
  11. You made me smile sir:whoo: So if Cabot are dumb enough to take me to court I defend on the basis the wording of statutory requirements is illegible?
  12. Update on this: SAR from Santander has arrived most of which I don't understand however it does confirm Cabot bought the debts. There is a copy of an online bank account application with no signature and an illegible copy of a credit card agreement dated 2008 with a very poor signature that does not match the signature on my passport. Both accounts show significant charges. Is the credit card agreement enforceable as there is confirmation it has been forwarded to Cabot. Thanks and Merry Christmas to all:-D
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