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  1. Well letter from recovery agent arrived saying car would be disposed of on the 21st. That's 6 days after being lifted. Also the fees that apply. Tho I can't work out if there fair either as as letter arrived 3 days after lifting I would have to pay 3 days storage plus the higher fee. Been difficult trying to sort stuff as work been getting in the way as well as hoping for some advice from here. I'm gonna send an email to the company over the weekend saying the matter is in dispute hopfully holding off the car disposal. I'll post a letter also. Same with the dvla.
  2. further more an FOI from the dvla: https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/wheel_clamping_operators_and_tow
  3. well a few calls later and i have some information: SORN had expired... however as i had no corispondence from DVLA since god knows when i can understand why i over looked it.. thus the company "redcorn" lifted the car not under instruction of anyone apparently.. and with notice to the DVLA a fine has been issued by them only 2 days ago.. for somthing thats been unlicened since 2012... surely a atomated letter would have been sent but thats besides the point. but however bit of google suggests that they still acted unlwafaly: The finance act states: http://www.legislation
  4. Ex didnt get it lilfted.. the land isnt council owned and hasnt been an isses with any of the neighbours as was causing no obsturction to anyone.. even tho car was registered in my name is was registered at that address from when i lived there. and being the registered keeper in law only makes you the person the "legally responsable person " for it.. and in this case my ex was the one looking after it for me so essentially she was responsible for the car. the sorn issue i seem to have over looked but as the lands isnt the councils but that of the landlord is has nothing to do with th
  5. However.. regardless of sorn no sorn tax no tax.... on private land they have no power to lift... espipcally in this case being the LA lifting a car not on their land or the public highway
  6. And i do have the email THIS IS AN AUTOMATED EMAIL - PLEASE DO NOT REPLY AS EMAILS RECEIVED AT THIS ADDRESS CANNOT BE RESPONDED TO. Confirmation of Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN) Thank you for using DVLA Vehicle Licensing Online ([url="http://www.taxdisc.direct.gov.uk"]www.taxdisc.direct.gov.uk[/url]). Your SORN declaration has been successful. Reference Number: 1088 **** **** **** Vehicle Registration Mark: P**** Application made on: 20/02/2011 19:21:34 SORN Period: 12 months The SORN confirmation letter should arrive in the post within 4 weeks. Please save or print this emai
  7. well i did it online so will have a sift through my emails... and i know about the DVLA loosing stuff had a letter sent to my new adress for a failure to tax/sorn a veichle that had been crushed in 08... i got the letter in 13 :/
  8. however i just checked a quick google and havent needed to resorn cars since the end of 2013 when the changes in continual insurance came into force: http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/news/miscellaneous/2013-12/no-need-to-renew-sorn-from-16-12-2013/
  9. yeah i sorn'd it back in 2012 when the tax expired.. honestly dont remeber if i have had re sorned it since but same time have had no letters from the DVLA
  10. haven't had a letter from the dvla in a while. quite honestly not sure when was last sorned.. however would be a DVLA lift not a council lift would it not.. ( as recorded on the police database)
  11. Hi, dont know if this is the right place but hopefully those in the know will move accordingly. Today i got a call from my ex to say my car had dissappeared while she was out. The car itself has been SORN off the road since 2011 and parked on an off road parking area thats associated with the building she lives in. .. the car is registered there and had been there without issue untill today.. I have had no letters in the post or stickers attached to the car by anyone and the housing estate officier has not mentioned anything when talking with my ex. i firstly called
  12. As an asda.com colleague i have dealt with many a call about this. unfortunatly the way the payment system works, although you pay on the bay you place your order. the final bill isnt actually tallyed and processed till about 15 mins before the vans leave the depo. this is to make sure all subsitutes are ajusted correctly, andy non deliverd items are not charged for.. and believe it or not it all gets scanned through a till the same as it done via a standard checkout.. (although we have one bar code for you entire order in a processes known as suspended transactions) i know that wh
  13. i have skimmed through this thread as i would like to put my personal expeience with CAT * vheicles. i regulary attend salvage auctions for cheap cars to repair and sell on C being insurence write off needing vic, D being insurence write off not needing vic, X being stolen recoverd. My current car is a 14yr old Ford escort RS2000. if i were to claim on my insurence for damaged rear bumper (approx £200 repai bill give or take) it would be classed as a CAT C due to it being finacially inviable to repair a car of such age... and this has been seen many a time at salvag
  14. Now this might sound a bit controversial, but i do like to see things at all angles. I have read many a thread on here as well as follow threads on tpuc.co.** that are based on the freeman idea.. where we are prisoners of statue law. now after reading up on many pcn threads... i have come to realise something the RTA states in many of its acts in relation to the "owner" of the vehicle. such do PCNs and especially NOTICE TO OWNERS.... now.. last time i checked, i am merely the "registered keeper" of my vehicle.. and because of this the police and dvla have the right to
  15. My girlfriend neglected to tell me she got a ticket for not displaying a pay and display ticket. however when the NTO arrived the accompanied picture did not show the ticket attached to the car.. im currently writing to them now asking for evidence that the ticket was issued correctly.. what i want to know is what can i ask for and what rules are they required to follow... Email so far Hi, My Girlfriend has just notified me she recieved a NTO for her car #######. Could you provide me the following so that i can ascertain that the issue of this NTO was correct as she
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