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  1. or have they played it clever as they said they dont want an hearing hence the reason i have not had the n180 mmm
  2. Yes ive submitted the n180 hence the call from mediation so i should expect it anytime now then and will they turn up at court by any chance it dont matter either way but they said they would rather not have an hearing
  3. Ive checked all letters concerning this dispute and ive deffo not had an n157
  4. no not yet ive recieved the forms to have the stay lifted and the n180 so now mediation has failed will the n157 come through the post
  5. Hi andy there is no dates on this form other than where it said i have 7 days of the service of this order for it to be set aside which i mentioned a few weeks back theres also no mention of defence i sent all the papers back signed 2 weeks ago (directions questionaire) my original defence was in 2014 Ive got the page where is says what if mediation fails but it just says it will go to a court hearing and the claimant will have to pay a fee there are no date what so ever
  6. Thanks dx100 yes i did everything you guys told me by the dates on the court papers its now at the stage of mediation they called today just to confirm the appointment Thanks Andy
  7. The directions was sent weeks ago how do i revert back to the Notice of Allocation do you mean dont do the mediation and let it go to court
  8. Hi guys Ive recieved a call from mediation to book an apointment and he asked me if i am desputing the claim and if i have all the information i need from the claimant which i havnt so he said maybe mediation is not right for me so hes given me some time to speak to my solicitors can you advice thankyou
  9. Thanks dx Ive passed the deadline for the court to set aside or to vary the order Im just hoping I can still defend the claim
  10. Great thanks for that dx100uk Ive got to send the directions questionair in tomorrow so I agree to mediation and small claims track and then what do i do thanks for your help
  11. I hope this is right its took me 4 hours PDF Photos 15-05-2017.pdf
  12. oh right you are a star The agreement is 24 pages and covers terms and conditions and the headline is credit card agreement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974
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