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Found 5 results

  1. Thought this was interesting https://qz.com/998260/egypt-s-nile-farmers-are-going-to-back-to-beat-climate-change/
  2. Had a letter off Restons back in November telling me to set up a payment plan for an alleged credit card I had with Halifax for £13500 I can't recall any card I had with an amount like that on it. I rang them up and said I had a letter stating that I needed to set up a payment and asked them to send documents to prove i owed the alleged debt. The woman was very evassive and kept saying you must set up a plan or we will take court action. I repeatedly said until I have documentation proving I owe the debt I will not agree to anything. After being put on hold after I asked who do I write to have the documents sent to me, is, them, MFS or cabot, she came back saying she is not obliged to tell me and it is up to me to prove I do not owe the debt. I did a little research and found that Restons have a reputation of being evasive, non helpful and use bullying tactics to scare you into a payment plan. after some more research I found a conditional acceptance letter I sent off to all 3 companies(recorded) asking them for original copies of contract and other information that is required. I heard nothing back after 15 days sent the second letter of non conformity and asked again for documents to be sent across. I heard nothing from MFS or cabot, but had a letter from Restons saying I must set up a payment plan and that their client will not send out the documents requested as it is uneccessary and irrelevant. A couple of days later, 23rd December, I got court papers through the post where with costs they are asking for just under £14500 I submitted a defence online stating I have requested documents on the dates sent, and dates received. I stated I received nothing back in the 14 day time scale. I said I sent the request again and heard nothing back again accept the response from Restons and that I have nothing to say I owe the alleged debt. My issue is that I don't think I put enough in the defence and didn't use legalise terminology do I write to Restons requesting a CPR 32..14 for all documentation. Can I resubmit the defence with more information or did I respond too quick and done it all wrong. I had a letter from Northampton saying that they are forwarding my defence. In my defence I did also contest the durastriction of Northampton county court. Any help on this would be gratefully received and appreciated.
  3. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/better-combat-compensation-for-armed-forces The link to the Consultation is on the above link.
  4. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/ban-on-women-in-ground-close-combat-roles-lifted
  5. Hello CAG ! You have been such a great help with lots of issues, however this time I fear , even you won’t change things. Sorry if posting in the wrong place – have posted twice, once under Armed Forces and also under Benefits & HMRC So call this a ‘rant’, because I have to tell someone ! In short, I can’t say too much, my partner, ex royal marine, saw active service on his country’s behalf, everywhere in the world there was conflict – a decorated hero, now broken. With terrible nightmares he is diagnosed with chronic PTSD due to combat, I cannot begin to tell you what he has seen in the service of his country or the dark places he now seems to visit on a daily basis. Croydon are the worst borough I have ever experienced dealings with. I am not a Croydon girl and for that I am grateful. I have tried to get him medical help in the borough, he is fully diagnosed and ‘in the system’, acknowledged as a ‘vulnerable’ person. I have been trying to get him DLA for about five months. ATOS, who requested a medical assessment in order to assess his DLA entitlement, have to date, cancelled five medical appointments, each hours before the appointment. DLA has during that time ceased to exist. Croydon’s Mental Health medical facilities, pushed him from pillar to post, for two months, and finally, he has been offered an appointment within six to twelve months. ATOS cancelled his appointment again last week – and that was the final straw. This man is frightened of stepping outside his flat, frightened of what he might do, thinks he is in a combat zone or sometimes so desperate he wants to quit. Perhaps if he lived in another borough it would be better. I don’t know...but he paid his taxes...fought for his country...and is being treated without any thought for his well being or dignity. He is a shadow of his former self...drinking at night is a better reality for him than the one that haunts him. I have lost most of him –he is a desperate man who will take desperate measures and I and family, are going to lose him entirely. Why will nobody put themselves out to help him – he put himself out for us. I am at a loss, I won’t give up but fear by the time I get to someone who cares, it will be too late. Any bright ideas anyone ???
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