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Found 14 results

  1. They want to Evict me,can you help. Can someone please advise what I can do to stop Elderbridge (company that purchased from Barclays, all Firstplus accounts) evicting me from my house, I have received a letter today from Elderbridge stating that they are instructing their solicitors (Eversheds) to ask the court to set a date for Elderbridge to take possession of my property. What I want to know is if they can do this as the original repossession order was granted to Firstplus who have gone bust (and then taken on by Barclays as they were the bank that set up Firstplus)
  2. After two years my wife and I are still dealing with the fall out of having sublet our house to another couple who then used our details to obtain credit. We're slowly dealing with matters and starting to repair our credit we've discovered that a decree was granted in my name in 2013 there has been no charge for payment. Had a brief word with the local Sheriff Court who weren't helpful and said would be best to let it run as it expires after six years. However I'd like to have it recalled; is it possible legally after several years have passed? I have evi
  3. So I was nightshift last night and woke up this afternoon to a letter from scott and co telling me that a summary warrant has been granted against me for unpaid council tax, thing is I don't have any unpaid council tax. I did have a small amount last year but that was paid off months ago. I called the council in a rage who told me there was no one available to speak to me but that my account was showing as up to date and they couldn't understand how this had happened, i could wait 45 mins (!) on hold or call back later. So I called back later and they have recalled it from the sheriff of
  4. Hi all, Hoping somebody may be able to shed some light on my question.. I have a judgment against an individual. I have come to realise his name is misspelt on the judgment. Have been advised by the court to make a formal application to correct this using an N244 form 'Notice Application'. My question really is regarding what court fee I am supposed to pay. Ive read the official fee guide but it doesn't make it very clear regarding this type of application. Any thoughts? Ive already emailed the courts to ask but thought somebody may have the answer
  5. Good Evening, I have received some great advice here that has led to me successfully suspending a repossession hearing nearly being out of arrears (3 months to go) with my mortgage, council tax arrears and other debts which I am very proud of, however, I need some further help. I had a charging order placed on my property back in 2012 from Anglian water, the original debt was £2095 but has since risen to approx. £5000 I am told. I was contacted in April 2015 by Solicitors acting on behalf of Anglian Water stating that they are going to apply for a order of sale hearing as I was una
  6. Looking for advice please, a judgement in default has been granted and bailiffs instructed because the claimant has told the court the defendant didn't respond to the claim - however the defendant filled in form N9A and took it, with a witness, to the claimant in person who told them they would not accept an offer and would only take the full amount. The defendant made a part payment on that same visit which has been deducted from the judgement amount, yet the claimant has clearly pretended to the court this visit never happened. It's my understanding that upon
  7. Hi Looking for some advice please. Cabot purchased our secured loan from welcome finance last year (unknown to us until months later) they had been calling and calling, i presumed re welcome loan whch we are and always have paid weekly without missing, they transferred the dd into marlin cabot. I have received a judgement for claimant today for 664 which includes fees. I have had no paperwork at all through from either cabot or court (or mortimer clarke solicitors) until this judgement. I cannot afford the whole amount nor the £155 appeal fee especially when i am unsur
  8. Hi Folks, (Sorry this is a bit long!) I have trawled through several of the Forum posts relating to Possession Orders on here and on other sites but our case seems to be different (The story of my life!) Our INTEREST ONLY Mortgage with GE Money expired in Jan 2012 with a balance outstanding of approx £62k which we were unable to pay. We have since made interest payments of over £15.5k at a rate of 8.44% which hasn't changed since 2009 although we are meant to be on a variable rate. There are no arrears and we have OVERPAID approx. £740-00 to date. We made a written offer to
  9. I have recently had a Set-Aside Application granted. I now need to remove the CCJ from my credit file. I have been advised to either obtain a certificate of cancellation from the court to send to Equifax, Experian and Call Credit or Send the Order to Set-Aside the Judgment the aforementioned credit reference agencies, is this correct? Are these the only three agencies? It seems all to easy for a creditor to be granted a Default Judgment and subsequent CCJ and when it transpires that the incorrect address and amounts are used and the Judgment is Set-Asided, it seems impossible o
  10. Hi, I am sorry if this is in the wrong place. Last year I enlisted the services of a employement lawyer to assist with an unfair dismissal claim - in the end I decided not to pursue it and dropped it prior to it going to court. It was agreed with him that I would pay £200 no win no fee. I asked to pay in installments at the time they agreed to this and then I asked them to send me a final bill. It didnt get paid. I received 1 letter from Oct - Feb 13 regarding this. Completely my fault. I then received a summons for a small claims court for the sum of £240 on the 27th Feb giving
  11. Just before Xmas I received a parking charge notice from a private car parking company accusing me of overstaying at a car park in Leeds. They waited around 6 weeks before sending me the penalty notice letter obviously in the hope that I had thrown the ticket away in the meantime. Fortunately I still had the ticket ( useful tip 1-- don't clean out the car too often) and I sent them a photocopy of it. Appeal granted no further action. It would appear that they carried out quite a bit of letter writing at this particular car park during Nov/Dec. It occurred to me that the best way to deal with
  12. I used my grans freedom pass and got caught. I have phoned/emailed tirelessly to try and settle out of court but they are not backing down. I offered to pay triple the fine but its seems they just want to prosecute me. I don't care the fine I just can handle that I will get a criminal record as this is my first ever incident with the law and I am a student When is your trial date? have you settled out of court?
  13. Put simply. I defended a summons on the basis that I felt the companies case was wrong in many respects, but I was paying off the amount owed anyway because there was no dispute that I owed the money. They didn't challenge my defence and the action was automatically stayed. Two thirds of the account is now settled but they say I missed a payment (I didn't, they are cretins) and they sent me a letter saying that they would apply for the stay to be lifted and for judgement to be entered against me for the remaining balance without further notice to me. I'm not bothered about
  14. Afternoon all After becoming ill just over five years ago i had never previously had the need to claim benefits however went through the process then including dal as i was advised to do so at the time by the dwp. I will not bore you with the details of my illnesses and afflictions however in the interim period and up to the present time was awarded incapacity and a host of other benefits such as child tax credits housing and council tax benefits. I was initially refused incapacity however won this back 6 months later after appeal. in addition my initial dal appeal was also refused and de
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