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  1. We've lived next door to them for over 18 years, they have been here since the 70's. They are an elderly couply, they are not the problem. Their 40 year old son is. He sells drugs at all hours, his Dad has to answer the door to them. The son plays loud music, games and shouts. One time, this was a few weeks ago. My mum was in the bathroom and he said to his friends 'yeah, their grandson lives sleeps in the bath'. He keeps spying on us in the bathrrom. When we reported this to the council all they said was 'He's got mental problems, he can't help it'. His mental problems a
  2. Hello all, I am very stressed and anxious and feel I have no one to speak to about this. I would be grateful for any help anyone can offer me. I will keep it as brief as possible. Thank you for reading and taking the time out to help me. I was arrested for a very foolish issue in 2009, my assets were frozen so I received legal aid as I was unable, due to the restraint order being in place on my assets, to pay legal fees myself. In 2012, after many, many (expensive) meetings with my solicitor and barrister, I plead guilty and am sentenced to prison. I come home in 2014 and
  3. I bought my semi detatched house about 5 years ago, the house next door at the time was empty. So I thought it was a good enough area and I would not have any problems. After 6 months the neighbours on social security moved in next door, the word chav is best to describe them......one of them have been in jail for robbery and gbh, he is a teenager, the rest of the family not good as well. if you think of shameless that would describe them! I spent £1200 on fencing so they could not walk into my rear garden and start smoking in the garden shed (which I have since thrown out) When
  4. I bought a house 10 years ago as an investment, put it on rent, not knowing that what appeared to be an the empty house next door being, was in fact tenanted by a family who came from a rough council estate, well known to the police. I put the house for rent 10 years ago, during this time the family next door have 1. Had a scrap metal business operating from their back garden, piling up metal against the fence, I fixed up to stop them tresspassing into my garden. 2. Used a air gun to break my window. 3. Cut down a massive 50ft high tree, which fell into my back garden, brok
  5. Hi all hope you can help. I took out a paragon finance secured loan in 2006 for 63k I still owe around 43k after 10years of paying £737 pound per month. I am now struggling to pay BUT have not yet missed a payment throughout the term of the loan. Can anyone please give me some advise as this loan is killing me and putting a holt on my life. The loan was originally taken out with myself and my ex wife. She left in 2007 and has never paid a penny towards the loan. I want to stop paying the loan as I have paid circa 88k over the last 10 yea
  6. Ive received a county court claim from merligen investments for 330.00 plus interest and costs i have never dealt with them or had any Letters from them. ?? payment demands or default notices!!! Close inspection of Credit File seems it may be in connection with a shopacheck account but cant be certain. (Read a post sonewhere on here that was merlingen/shopacheck) Shopacheck account as far as i believe opened 24th December 2012 330.00 paid in full acc balance 0.00 updated 19/10/2013, old address placed on the record. looks good to me same as C-File. so checked merligen out,
  7. I purchased a second hand multiyork sofa and wanted to get a new cover for it. So i paid £550 for a new cover from multiyork. I waited 8 weeks for the cover to be delivered (not a problem as it was a bespoke item). When the cover arrived it was an extremely poor fit. Obviously got in touch with them and they eventually agreed to uplift the cover and the sofa so that it could be fitted at there factory. This was a satisfactory response and so all was well. We then awaited the return of our sofa..... When it returned the cover was fitted beautifully and so we were happy. Unfo
  8. Hi Long story but will keep as concise as can be. I am leasing a vehicle which required some work (impossible to remove wheel nuts to replace tyres - vauxhall dealership said previous owner had used the wrong instruments previously) I contacted the company for advice (first time leasing a vehicle, wasnt sure on liability) they admitted that after just 6000 miles I should not need to replace the tyres, and as a courtesy would take the vehicle and replace them. At no time was I told they would charge for this (or I would have done it locally) It was due MO
  9. Hi Please can somebody help me with this. My mum had an ebay debt, which has been paid in full and cleared with ebay. Their dodgy collector 'Akinika' has been harassing her on a daily basis with phonecalls and letters demanding payment. She has contacted ebay who have confirmed the debt was cleared and that she should not be receiving these calls. We have tried emailing the AKINIKA complaints email address but get delivery failure as it does not seem to exist. This also happens with their enquiries email. She has explained the situation on the phone and been told
  10. Sorry new to forums so hope I have posted in the right place. I am banging my head off a wall with npower and no longer know what to do to get things resolved. No one in exec complaints seems to know how to fix it. A really long story so think best to post email I sent to ceo and exec complaints. Apologies in advance as its really long but you couldn't make it up! Any advice anyone could provide would be much appreciated. Thanks. Dear Mr Massara, I am begging you to help me, in fact just now I am pleading with you to help me resolve the 2 YEAR complaint that currently have ongoing
  11. Vodafone has ruined my credit rating for the past seven years RE: ACCOUNT NUMBER XXXXXX On or around the 28th of November 2008, I took out a mobile phone contract with Vodafone through an intermediary agent Dial-a-Phone. At the point of sale, I asked if my existing number could be ported over from T-mobile to Vodafone. The sales agent assured me that this was possible and that I should phone up Vodafone when I received the package and this would be done. After the phone was delivered, I contacted Vodafone to request my number to be ported, but I was told that this was not po
  12. Brought an item from Flea-Bay seller described in his heading as excellent condition which suited me as needed this item for a particular job, so my problem is I am not fully acquainted with this piece of kit so took the sellers word it was in tip top condition but after using it things didnt feel right. After looking up the manufacturers and contacting them they informed me 1 part that was faulty and 2 parts that was missing, having looked at the sellers photos posted on Ebay they were indeed missing although his listing says in Excellent working condition. Fired an email to this fool who inf
  13. End of June -July Around the end of June my contract with Virgin expired and after a another shoddy year of service, and an insurance claim made really awkward... I decided to change ServiceProvider to EE, (out of the frying pan...) i hadn't tried any recent flagship handsets so went to my local CarPhone Warehouse a stones throw from my house to give them a go.... while I was there they snagged me with a £120 cashback on my old handset on the then new Sony Xperia Z2! happy days! or so I thought on porting from virgin to keep me old number ...the regular will take 72 hours scenario ...went
  14. Hi All I am being chased for a defaulted vodaphone bill from 2008 that defaulted in 2009 and is obviously affecting my credit score. I only had the phone for roughly 2 months before it was lost which I reported to Vodaphone. It seems that due to carelessness details of my account are no longer available or details are not appearing on my account. I am being chased for £464 which I would like to be written off and the default removed from my account. I have read some of the threads on here and have sent an email to Vodaphone with the subject line as suggested so hope
  15. Have a look at these video clips on YouTube. They say everything about Countryside Properties. Simply brilliant! Has anyone had similar problems with them?
  16. Hi all... I'm told you guys are good for advice so here goes... I have been a pay as you go customer for nearly two years, I am on the text plan and am provided with 500mb of internet access and unlimited texts to use the following month if I top up £15 a month. In April this year I contacted T Mobile as my account balance appeared to be going down extremely quickly and I found I’d had to top up in excess of £30.00 over the month which was far in excess of my usage. The lady who took my call advised that I’d been charged for data usage and after looking into the mat
  17. One man spent years trying to fix his credit score - and even changed his name - after being wrongly chased for another person's debts Gareth Pierce-Jones changed his name and has resorted to court action after he was linked to a serial debt defaulter with the same first name, surname and identical date of birth. His case highlights the intractable difficulties people face trying to rectify errors on their credit files, which are checked by lenders every time a customer applies for credit cards, mortgages or mobile phone contracts. Mr Pierce-Jones, 35, has been repeatedly hounded f
  18. Gareth Pierce-Jones changed his name and has resorted to court action after he was linked to a serial debt defaulter with the same first name, surname and identical date of birth. His case highlights the intractable difficulties people face trying to rectify errors on their credit files, which are checked by lenders every time a customer applies for credit cards, mortgages or mobile phone contracts. Mr Pierce-Jones, 35, has been repeatedly hounded for another person’s debts since 2010. He changed his surname from Jones to Pierce-Jones in August 2012 to tr
  19. Hi Everyone, Just trying to get some advice really. I bought a second hand car on the 22/03/2014 for £995. I was also asked to sign a 'Sold as Seen' piece of paper which I did. One question I forgot to ask while I was there was 'when was it last serviced?'. I decided to the decent thing and book the car in for a service as the MOT is due in May so I wanted to know if there was anything that needed doing to the car as the previous MOT had no advisories on it so if anything were to go wrong then it would have to be something that has gone wrong in the last 12 months. Am I right??
  20. I am totally fed up with Hastings Direct. I had an accident at the begining of Nov which was not my fault. It took until Feb to get my car fixed, after numerous phone calls. I was told that I had to pay my excess and that I would get it back when the other company admitted liability. My car came back fine and to be fair Nationwide was fine and helpful. My main problem is Hastings NEVER call you back, and when you do get someone in the right dept they just use delay tactics. The latest is that after 2 months they still haven't paid for my car to be fixed so they can't chase the claim!!!!!!!
  21. There is land behind my rear garden which is owned private by a company whose details I do not have and can't find. Yesterday a tree on that land has fallen over my rear garden fence - causing considerable damage. I've never made an insurance claim before - do i tell the insurer: 1. The tree was on land owned by a company and that company should pay for all damage? 2. Should I goalso go to a solicitor and ask them to find out the details of the landowner and send them a letter to ask them to pay for the repair (tree is on private land behind my rear garden fence) Atta
  22. The Neighbours from Hell (NFH) are tresspasing into my rear garden through the gaps in the fencing here (the fencing was destroyed by a tree which they cut down in their garden and which in turn fell and destroyed my fencing) NFH kids and their friends are coming into my rear garden through the gaps here (where my fence used to be) They have also placed a dog shed on purpose leaning against my fence which broken by the pressure, see below My rear garden is private property so if the children and their friends are tresspassing into my rear garden wha
  23. Hi, My boyfriend and I had decided to move in together and had found an ideal property for us and our 3 children that we have between us. Upon finding the property, we were very upfront with the lettings agent and disclosed to them that my boyfriend had been discharged from bankruptcy in July 2012. They relayed this to the landlord who said he was happy to still proceed with all the referencing checks necessary. When my boyfriends credit check came back, the letting agent informed us that there were some problems with it. We signed up and downloaded the credit report that they
  24. Hi, Currently I am in the situation of having a loan of £1000 with the Cheque Centre, as I cannot afford to pay this off they debit my account for £1275 per month interest and I go back to them each time for a loan of a £1000. This has been going on for a while now. The situation has me depressed and there is no way out of this situation I can see. I plan to bite the bullet this month before they take the money of me and cancel my card and email them to see if they will agree to a repayment proposal. I am not too confident however as I have read horror stores concerning this company issuing
  25. Hello I wonder id someone could help me with a situation I have been put in by Virgin Mobile, I have an HTC ONE X 24month contract with Virgin Mobile at £42pm unlimited. I am 10months into the contract at the moment and the HTC ONE X has been playing up for the past couple of months, it then started to reboot itself all the time, so I contacted Virgin and sent it in to be fixed, they then sent me a second hand HTC ONE X that had the same problems, I was vey annoyed at this and contacted Virgin again and said this was unacceptable as the replacement phone had the same issues as th
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