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Found 19 results

  1. Hi Peeps Slowly making my way through Payplan DMP..aiming to obliterate them all at last. Lloyds Current Account O/D £900.00dr sorry been paying them £1 month recently payplan. 10 year old debt - fallen of CRF. obviously being fleeced as debt not really gone down. What letter do I send to Akinika ? unsure of this one as current account. Thanks Peeps
  2. Hi I received a PayPal Working Capital Advance nearly two and a half years ago when running my own business. I folded the business last year (sole trader so everything was unsecured and this is the only thing I was in debt to) and had been maintaining repayments until October last year. between workload, an upcoming employment tribunal and the neighbour from hell I managed to forget all about it. I also missed the three notification emails they sent re: notice of intention to terminate (I get an amazing amount of Paypal [problem] emails so I've not opened any for ages). The last one (2/3/2017) read as follows: Notice of Intention to terminate [insert my name here], We have made numerous attempts to contact you in order to discuss and resolve outstanding issues with your PayPal Working Capital merchant cash advance, but have been unable to reach you. You entered into a contractual relationship with us on or around [early in]/2015 (the “Agreement”). Under the terms of the Agreement, we purchased a share of your future receivables in exchange for a purchase price and fixed fee. You have not complied with the Minimum Future Receivables Requirement in Clause 4.2 of the Agreement. This is a breach of the Agreement, which allows us to terminate the Agreement in accordance with Clause 6.1.2. In accordance with Clause 6.2, we are entitled to terminate the agreement and seek to recover our losses. A total specified amount of £[less than 1000 but over 500] is outstanding and we will seek an amount equivalent to this as damages. If this specified amount is not repaid within 7 days of the date of this notice, we may take the following actions: Terminate the Agreement; Limit your PayPal account or any other PayPal accounts linked to you or your business; Seek recovery through the use of a third party collections agency acting on our behalf; or take steps to recover the amount due including, but not limited to, beginning legal proceedings against you for a breach of contract as detailed above. Please note that, under the terms of the PayPal User Agreement, we may also seek to recover amounts owed to us from any balance held in your PayPal account or any PayPal account you own. To discuss your options to resolve this, please contact our PayPal Working Capital Merchant Assistance on 0800 368 7102. Our hours of operation are: Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 17.30pm. Alternatively, you may write to us at Paypal Europe, PO Box 9473 Dublin 15, Ireland if you wish to do so. The emails and text messages began on 30/03/2017. They just bang on about wanting to talk to me regarding a "business matter". I've had five emails, seven texts and one phone call to my mobile - it didn't ring it just left a voicemail. The complication is that I never changed my landline and it is actually at my mother's house and she had her first phone call today (I'm going to go block all known Akinika numbers there as I do not want my mother harassed). They also do not have my correct postal address as I moved in January to get away from aforementioned neighbor from hell and neglected to update my PayPal details. I currently can't afford to pay the entire amount, have no issue making payments to PayPal but would like to avoid lining a DCA's pockets if I can. I'm also leery of incurring a CCJ without the opportunity to go defend myself since they do not have a current address (I require enhanced disclosures). What would you all advise as the best way to proceed? They are harassing my elderly mother every day- she was rang at 7:45am today and as it is an automatic recording she can't even respond to them. (Also attached a copy of the T&C if that helps) Thanks. Edit: it was three days ago she started getting the phone calls. I neglected to alter this before posting as had it drafted since Wednesday PPWC_Contract.pdf
  3. Hi, I CCA'd Akinika re a Halifax Credit Card that I took out in 1999 and defaulted on in 2009 for which I have been paying token payments of £1 ever since. Originally the debt went to Iqor. In reply to my CCA request Akinika sent me the visa card application form only - doesnt have terms and conditions or APR rate or how much credit was offered therefore I think it's not a credit agreement. They say "We write further to your recent communication and now enclose copy statement/bill provided by our client for your reference. We confirm that the above balance is correct and we require your proposals for settlement of this outstanding balance by return." The balance was typed in above the reference number, not a separate doc. Also, looking through a 2003 Equifax report I see that the account number linked to that credit card was marked as 'satisfied' in 2002. I vaguely remember upgrading the card at that point to a better deal with better rates and a bigger credit limit. How do I respond to Akinika who seem to think they have fulfilled their obligations? Thanks.
  4. please help. I need to know if for any reason I can get rid of this debt. I owe a working capitol loan - the debt has been passed to akinika. they rang they asked who I was I said they have wrong number. now im worried - as the same company I owe money and are paying them off - will they link this will they come to my house? will I be able to remove this debt following the process set out to send the letter - ?
  5. Today I got a letter from akinika saying tv licensing have past on my debt balance of £28.50. I not sure what to do about This, do I need to contact this company and arrange suitable payments which would include further payments towards tv licence. They say if I don't pay an enforcement officer will visit. That won't be easy as I live in flats and security don't let unauthorised visitors to access flats. I am unemployed. Thanks
  6. I'll keep it short but include all necessary details. I started a foundation degree with the Manchester College in September 2011. I was on the course for 6/7 months and then I dropped out. I never informed Student Finance and I just informed my college that I was dropping out. I am not sure if my college then in turn informed Student Finance or not but I never received any further payments after I dropped out (I know that much). I am not going to lie and say I know all the figures of what I borrowed or how much I was actually paid. upon checking the student loan repayment website, it says I owe £4099.70 as of 31/03/2016 (this amount may have changed now, I'm not sure). I was in employment from September 2013 up until January 2015 where I ticked that I had a student finance and my employer was automatically making payments on my behalf but I didn't actively keep track of them, I just remember seeing them on my payslips. I then didn't pay anything off my student loans until my most recent employer who I started with in November 2015 and have just left this month (January 2017). I have some payslips (not all) to say that money has been taken out of my salary for payments towards student loan repayment. I can maybe get a copy of all my payslips from my old company if needed. Out of nowhere I have received a letter from a company called Akinika Debt Recovery who I believe from my research used to be called IQOR. They now say I owe them £1087 and they have made attempts to contact me by phone, SMS & this letter. I haven't spoken to them as of yet and I didn't want to until posting here. I have no idea why they are suddenly contacting me regarding this SLC debt as I was under the impression I was paying them through my employer (up until my redundancy this month). The only thing I can think is that my former employer has been collecting payments from me for the debt but has not paid SLC or because of my redundancy SLC have passed the debt onto Akinika. I am going to ring the HR department tomorrow and seek there advice as to if they have paid them or not. I have no idea what to do or who to turn to or whether to make contact with Akinika or not to see if they have ended up with the debt, but I don't know if contacting them is the wrong thing to do . Should I try and contact SLC and see what they say? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you. Edit: Also just as a side note, I have never received anything from SLC. This is the first that I have heard of this debt (besides knowing about it already)
  7. Hi Guys, I sold an item back in November via eBay. Customer then opened a PayPal case for SNAD in February and PayPal informed them that the item should be sent back to me, once it was sent back, they issued a full refund. The item arrived back broken and I called them up, I was then informed to report this to ActionFraud which I did and to provide them with the Ref #. I did this but this was not enough, they want a letter with Ref #, I am chasing Action Fraud for this. Everyone at PayPal says something different, one chap said the Ref # is enough, then another said I need the letter headed paper from ActionFraud! these guys Akinika have sent an email, of course I have not contacted them but I just had a few questions: Can these guys affect my Credit Rating, I never had no issues before and I don't want any sort of mark on my Credit Record. Do these guys have any power at all, reading the forums, I see they referred to as potless DCA, Any help would be much appreciated, Regards
  8. Hi, I'd like to thank anyone in advance for helping me. I'm looking a bit of advice. Around May time I was selling shoes on eBay. The items were as described and brand new. But I sold one pair through paypal invoice t to a guy in russia. I had since closed the PayPal account. after the account was closed a dispute was opened, and I couldn't do anything. I have since apparently owe PayPal 190.24 but I have never received the shoes back either the buyer gets a win win. Today I received a letter from akinika about paying the debt. I'm wondering if there's anything I can do. Or if I am to deny/prolong this will I end up paying more? Is it also possible to get them to wipe the debt by paying say 100 right away rather than paying a very low direct debit amount each month? Thanks, Michael
  9. I had some outstanding crisis loans to pay and they sent me a letter last year demanding payment, I think it was for the full amount but I can't remember now. If I hadn't just burned half a tree's worth of letters from them the other day I could dig it out now probably and check. I wrote back to them and asked them if I could pay it back weekly or monthly at a reduced rate, and they never replied, I just assumed they were giving me more time as you can write to them an appeal for more time as well. Today I get a demand from Akinika to the tune of £300 and there is probably some more, as the inept organisation that they are they can't just bundle everything you owe them up into one tidy sum. Can I safely assume then that I can just ignore this and it'll eventually go away and I'll probably never ever get a mortgage? Or should I deal with it. Have the DWP done something wrong, like contravene the data protection act?
  10. Hi Please can somebody help me with this. My mum had an ebay debt, which has been paid in full and cleared with ebay. Their dodgy collector 'Akinika' has been harassing her on a daily basis with phonecalls and letters demanding payment. She has contacted ebay who have confirmed the debt was cleared and that she should not be receiving these calls. We have tried emailing the AKINIKA complaints email address but get delivery failure as it does not seem to exist. This also happens with their enquiries email. She has explained the situation on the phone and been told she is lying and that bailiffs will be sent. What the hell do we do.
  11. Hi This is my first time posting on this site as it was recommended by my mom. whilst at uni in 2011 I was given a grant which I didnt have to pay back. I left uni early as I was unhappy and deceided to quit. Now I am receiveing letters that they require this money back 1st from the student loans company whilst I was not in any type of work and now the debt has been passed on to Aninika. I need some advice on how to handle this company and the best way to approach and repay the debt. Many Thanks
  12. I owe about over £200 for ebay fees and I need some advice on what to do. Would Akinika allow me to pay £5 weekly? How long do I have to pay the debt off until things get worse? Can I pay £5 weekly then make a full payment in July? I'm not earning that much as I'm not employed. All advice is welcome. Thanks.
  13. Received a text message from the above 27/11/14 09:05 We have been trying to contact you please call us. Web address and a ref number. No further calls or texts yet Have not received anything from that company in the post or anyone else chasing money recently Am in a debt management plan coming up to 2 years. Had nothing from my creditors to say they were reassigning. I assume i should just ignore until something comes through the post.
  14. TL;DR Akinika calling and sending letters about DWP debt that has been repaid. Should I ignore, write and tell them to jog on, or contact DWP? In 1999 I was temporarily homeless, and got a crisis loan for b&b, food e.t.c. Was paying £10 a week back, then lost my job and was on jsa for ~6 weeks, they were taking a few quid a week out to repay the loan. When I got another job, I started paying back £10 a week like before. Last payment was sometime in early 2000. In late 2005, got a letter from DWP saying I still owed £82 and a bit of change. I did my sums and it seemed correct, so I sent a cheque. March 2014, started getting letters from CCS saying I owed DWP £68 for a social fund debt. First few went straight in the shredder, but after the 4th one I wrote back asking for proof. No more letters came. 4 days ago, got a call from Akinika. Refused to confirm any personal info as I didn't have a clue who they were. Now I have a letter from them saying that I owe £68, at the top it says the debt is to CCS, but in the body it says the debt is to DWP. They "intend to arrange a doorstep call by one of [their] home collection division and, with [my] agreement, discuss [my] outstanding account" and I have 72 hours to respond to the letter. They can discuss anything they want with my doorstep, but I don't think it will be much help I searched on here and read the akinika threads, so I'm not actually expecting anybody to roll up, and I know I did right by not discussing it on the phone, but what should my next step be? Do I write back? Contact DWP for clarification? Ignore altogether? I not only want to resolve the situation, but also find out why DWP passed my info to these mouth-breathers without contacting me first. I should point out that I have absolutely no records of either the original loan, or any repayments. I actually did have, but lost everything in the floods last year. No point getting historical bank statements either as I made all the payments at the jobcentre office, except that last cheque, but AFAIK because that was more than 6 years ago, the bank wont be able to provide that info.
  15. Hi hope someone can help or advise me H I'm receiving letters from Akinika they said I owe DWP £1,384 they have already sent me 2 letters and today's one said if I've not paid them this amount in 10 days they will pass this to their solicitors Wright Hassall LLP, but when Dwp first asked me to pay this back I called them and emailed requesting proof of this debt as I do not have any recollection of this debt, I was on income support for a year that was 13 years ago they over paid me and it was all taken back or I presume as I heard no more that's only thing I can think of,anyway I received no proof and saved emails I sent them I also called dwp and asked them what is was for so they passed this on to a Akinika and now threatening me with their solicitor to make legal proceedings. Should I contact these people asking for proof of debt also?? if I owed the debt and had the proof I would pay it back and offer an amount each month I'm not refusing I just want proof this is my debt. Hope someone can help as I'm starting to worry only my husband works at present as I've two boys to look after all I get is £100 pounds a week and that's to pay of my other bills I'm considering step change if I owe this debt to help me out
  16. Hi I'm self employed and have had "sole trader" status since 2012. Prior to that I was in a business partnership. My business partner was responsible for the financial side of things. He "resigned" in 2012 and I discovered he'd left everything in a right mess. He took all the money from our business bank account, hadn't paid suppliers or the VAT. It took me a while but I sorted all of those issues out and now the business is back on an even keel. I also discovered that he hadn't submitted HMRC tax forms. I submitted all the ones that I could, paying 100 fines for lateness etc. One form that they would not let me submit was the 2011 tax form as I "wasn't the nominated tax partner." I tried getting my ex business partner to submit it and got the usual lies about it "being submitted years ago" etc HMRC fines grew to £1200 for the overdue form. In desperation I submitted the form anyway. and wrote to HMRC explaining what had happened and asking what I was supposed to do, as I was in the surreal situation of being fined thousands for non submittal of a tax return that I was not authorised to submit. I received a reply from HMRC saying that as I had submitted the tax form I could now be considered as the nominated partner and could now appeal against the fine. I duly wrote and sent off my appeal to HMRC. A month or so later I received a letter from HMRC saying that they could not accept my appeal as it had been made after the 30 day limit of the original tax fine and that I had to write another appeal to appeal their decision not to accept the appeal! I wrote the appeal of the appeal and sent it off. Then I head nothing for a while, then they went back to demanding the fine payment. I wrote to them saying that I was appealing and got a letter back saying they had no record of my appeal of the appeal and as over 30 days had now lapsed I couldn't submit it again. They've now passed the fine to a debt collection Agency by the name of Akinika. What do I do now? What do I tell Akinika and how do I proceed with HMRC? The whole thing is rather surreal and doesn't seem reasonable or fair at all!
  17. I owe HMRC for an alleged overpayment, it is only a small amount originally £240 , I have been paying via standing order £20 a month to DLC since Feb this year som made 6 payments so far totalling £120. I have now just got a letter from Akinika stating I owe them £140 for the same HMRC account?!!. I have no repayment agreement with DLC I have just been paying it, what should I do with the Akinika letter, I have written a letter (not posted yet) to them suggesting their figures are wrong and that I am already paying DLC. Any advice?. Obviously I want to just continue paying it off with no fuss.
  18. Hi Long story short, in 1999, just before my daughter's birth we have to move to a totally unknown part of the country, chasing a job, and in the process we obtained a social fund loan of £450 or so, to get us some baby clothes/beds etc. I have completely forgotten this debt as I assumed that in those years when we both had recourse to benefits while we were rebuilding our future- anyway I assumed they have taken the money by reducing the benefit etc as that was what I was told by the staff at benefit center at the time of applying, ie that they would do that to recover the money. This was around year 2000. We then emigrated to Australia and after few years there, are back here. Last year, in March, out of the blue, I received a letter from DWP that said I still owe that money and that if I am in insolvency I should contact them. I was but that was ended in 2009 and I am not anymore. So foolishly, I ignored the letter until I got two weeks ago, a letter from a company called Akinika Debt Recovery, in which they state that a doorstep collector is coming to collect the money. I am confused why all these years, DWP never contacted me about this until now. What can I do now, please advice. Thanks
  19. Can anyone help me? A year or so ago I received a letter from DWP dating back to a time when I was on income support saying there had been an overpayment, I had no idea what it was and wrote a letter asking for details. I had no reply but an identical letter last month followed by a phone call from Akinika, I refused to confirm details, said I would write to them. The girl said she would tell DWP that I was refusing to cooperate and put the phone down. I wrote to akina telling the history and asking then to contact client(DWP ) as I had no response. To my horror I arrived home today to find a letter from akinika and enclosed was sensitive personal information from DWP. my national insurance number the dates that I had claimed, my child's name and the benefits that I had received, they aslo enclosed a copy of a letter that they apparently sent to me in 2005! akinika have therefore had information to all my private business. Surely this is a breach of data protection from DWP? I would have thought that the dca have no right to allow then such personal information. I rang DWP and she said that as dca were dealing with the 'debt' they had a right to access my personal information. My view is that they should have n't disclosed such private information.
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