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  1. I have the CCA for the Barclayloan will do a questionaire and send off so can get that one in motion, Will send out the SAR for the others. Along with CC charges to reclaim and chasing up Virgin media for monies due after contract cancellations a few busy months ahead. Finally going to get my financies sorted and hopefully get a few quid to help pay off my DMP
  2. Having visited my mums i have found some old statements and i cannot beleive how much i was paying PPI at the time. They date between 1996 and 1999 , is it too late to make a claim.I do not have all the statements, just some from that era. All accounts were closed many years ago, exact dates i do not know. BarclayLoan 1996 Have the credit agreement PPI paid 140.72 Barclays Bank PLC Overdraft Protection 80p per £100 Statement from 01/1999 (Have Others) 90-02 Burton Account Statement from 06/97 (Have Others) 96-99 BOS Mastercard Statement from 06/97 69p per £100(Have Others) 96-00 B
  3. As expected they refused my offer stating it was 2 separate companies etc. I will be moving it an official written complaint asking for an adequate cancellation fee as they would me if i cancelled. Will wait on their reply on this matter before looking at further options. Stupid thing is i spend over £100 a month with them and they will be loosing future business from friends and family over this matter who cannot believe they have taken this cause of action.
  4. Just sent a request asking them to release from my commitments with Virginmedia. Since it would no longer be economical for me to stay with they once the mobile contract ended. Reply should be interesting
  5. Issue is i renewed my broadband taking into account that the mobile phones i had the prices would rise if i did not renew. If i knew that this would happen i probably would have moved to another service provider. I am now tied into Broadband until May 2016. Do you think i have grounds to be able to leave the broadband without penalties
  6. Just had a letter from Virgin Media saying they are switching a 24 month contract phone (Still 10 months to run) from Unlimited to 2GB as it is Uneconomical for them to continue to offer it. The options are 1 To cancel with no penalties and keep the phone. 2 Accept the new terms and pay extra if you go above the 2GB and still pay the same price as unlimited. Whilst some may find Option 1 appealing there's not much to be gained with the age of the phone. Can they actually do this and force people to accept these terms, especially since trying to find a truly unlimited tariff w
  7. Letter sent off last week, no further bills as yet but nothing from the CEO's office not even an acknowledgement. How long before i escalate the issue and where to next.
  8. Still coming through at random dates, a total of 11 so far since 27/11/15. 3 received over the last week all at 09:31. Spoke to my service provider who say because the texts are coming from a messaging service there is little they can do. Surprised there is no regulators can complain to, i have no intention of ringing these cowboys but i bet some do.
  9. Time for an update. Sent off a letter of complaint to the CEO disputing their charges and requesting an itemised bill to see what the charges consisted of. This was received and signed for on the 5th January. Received a reminder dated the 8th of January, looked like the standard automised letter asking for payment etc. Now escalated received a formal demand from Buchanan Clark & Wells on behalf of their client EE Ltd asking for full payment including a 10.75 % admin charge (lol) to compensate their client. I imagine these are just their in house debt collection service as i
  10. All quiet but has started again today.08:31 same as before. Now i received one at 19:00 sounding a bit more threatening. "Call now on 01772557642 We need to speak to you about a personal business matter". No letters telephone calls just text messages reported them to 7726 but don't expect much, It is quite clearly fishing for information since i would have expected a letter or to rung by name by now.
  11. I do not get the option on mine unfortunately. Wonder how many i can get before they change the time on the automated system. Clearly they must be using a system like text local meant for marketing purposes.
  12. Message again 09:05 the time is regular as clockwork, forwarded to 7726. Still no letters or phone calls. Getting a bit annoyed now. Have had this number just over a year, do not know the numbers history previous to this.
  13. I will type up a draft letter for her to sign and pick up the letter mid week. Does anyone have any contact details?
  14. Am seeking advice here due to the issue is with my ex partner. She received a text early November saying the account was been limited due to excessive use and a bill of over £200 been created. The payment was taken by DD even though no bill for the charges has been produced and was requested numerous times. Phone contact did nothing to resolve this issue and she advised them to cancel the contract immediately and send a final bill. She also informed them the DD would be cancelled and if the charges found to be legit then the bill would be paid. The SIM card was removed after that conversation
  15. Another text message arrived this morning Approx same time and exactly same format, No correspondence by post is this going to be a 15 day thing
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