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  1. I'm happy I found this forum of well informed people. As long as nothing will happen suppose I'll just wait it out, and eventually they'll stop trying to contact me. If only other PayPal users were wise to these schemes
  2. I appreciate you guys telling me not to pay, I'll just ignore them and see how it goes. Unless I'm best to tell them to stop trying to contact me for harassment etc? I'm sure there's 1000s of people that these DCAs contact at the same time
  3. thank you, should i be worried about paypal taking it further? Just curious if they have been known to do anything else
  4. Thanks guys, it's good to hear people who have had good outcomes. also I assume my credit is fine as I'm 19 and only thing I have been paying off is my phone contracts.
  5. Thank you, I assumed it was typical fear mongering. Considering paypals woeful dispute policy That allows sellers to get conned out of money 6 as far as six months after a purchase I doubt they'd have a formal complaint thing. Only was worried In case they or PayPal could escalate the claim? But only thing is court, which would out weigh the debt wouldn't it?
  6. From reading PayPal always sides with the buyer. I'm just not sure whether I should try and not pay this or what should I do. The debt collectors offer direct debit payments. But I'm worried about doing that
  7. I think they claimed shoes weren't as described. Which they 100% were,and surely they'd have claimed right away not weeks after wear. Although I couldn't reply as my account was closed
  8. Thanks for the reply! It's just if I was to go through PayPal then would this company will still bother me. It seems they've added a fee on the value. I also paid 11 pounds shipping on top myself. This may be stupid but can this affect my credit?
  9. Not sure, the buyer had the shoes a few weeks by this point as item was tracked arrived before I closed the paypal account. They did, and I couldn't comment or act on the dispute. Yet the item never arrived back
  10. Hi, I'd like to thank anyone in advance for helping me. I'm looking a bit of advice. Around May time I was selling shoes on eBay. The items were as described and brand new. But I sold one pair through paypal invoice t to a guy in russia. I had since closed the PayPal account. after the account was closed a dispute was opened, and I couldn't do anything. I have since apparently owe PayPal 190.24 but I have never received the shoes back either the buyer gets a win win. Today I received a letter from akinika about paying the debt. I'm wondering if there'
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