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  1. Very true HB, and thanks for reminding me of it! I have a final interview tomorrow, but hopefully I can just focus on it and not become busy with other stuff! Thanks all!
  2. so now people know what to do to get it sorted properly and quickly threaten in writing reporting whomever to the ICO. =========== Very true, but also get in touch with companies like Experian because they have a duty of ensuring correct facts - specially after GDPR so they will act on your behalf. Also, remember, what Dx told me is the key element: SW use the same account, and they may add prefix or suffix to it, but that's still the same account! Definitely the threat of ICO loomed large on SW and made them react so quickly I think! Also on aside point, ICO have an easy way to complain - so go ahead and do it! Very easy online way to lodge complaints!
  3. Just to update you all: I threatened SW with reporting to ICO, and told them this is one account and there the same account that had a default from 2013 which should come off. I told Experian the same and they started an investigation, sending myself and SW an email. I woke up this morning and checked the situation on my account expecting nothing, and lo and behold, my credit record is almost excellent! And no default! I don't see any default at all. No explanation either. Amazed - relieved too. But puzzled as to how companies like these just add and remove defaults at will, and affect people's livelihood and jobs! If all is good, i.e. I am not just dreaming this!, I'd like to thank you all for reading this and hope it has helped you somehow. Thanks to Dx for his incessant efforts to help. Really appreciated!
  4. In 2014, I applied with a financial company passed interview etc, went into office and was 1 week from starting officially when they withdrew their offer because of a default on my credit record. My "temp" manager even spoke to HR and they refused to do anything citing company hiring policy. Yes that was the 2013 SW default then! I am worried it might happen now!
  5. i'll type something up in english later. i wish you'd stop ringing/emailing/writing to people every 5 mins before you know what bullets you should be firing and at whom. you've confused the bejesus out of all and sundry by randomly firing off bullets in every direction hoping to hit something... stop it ================ Just saw this. Sorry Dx, I am panicking as I am in my final stage of an interview and I haven't worked for 4 months, not on furlough or benefit, so just kind of losing it really. Apologies Dx - so worried this default will stop me from getting a job, finally!
  6. the account was defaulted nov 2013 it should thus no longer be showing. ================================ I have sent this to SW
  7. Ok, I typed in what Dx said above, and SW replied with Yes, but it was satisfied on 12.01.2020. The satisfied default will show on credit file for 6 years. ?? Default set in 2013, satisfied in 12.01.2020? That's over 6 years? Are they that clueless?
  8. the cra's dont put defaults on , the originator of the data does, cra's simply provide the reports. you are missing the point of your complaint completely. =============================================== Yes I know. The issue is that the default was registered on Nov 2013, and should have come off on Nov 2019. Yet they haven't. That's the complaint right?
  9. I am going to send off to SW and ICO on this matter quoting this fact. Thanks Dx So on ICO site online, and they specifically ask whether I have approached the organisation I am complaining against. I am now drafting a complaint against SW. Here it is: if anyone can add to it, please feel free I am very concerned about the way my information has been handled. I am not in default as my account clearly shows that I am not, and yet you have told third parties that it is in default. These organisations like Experian have put default on their record when my account with you is not in default.
  10. if you have always lived in that house and SW have always supplied you water then that's BS. ================ Yes on both accounts. That's why when talking to the Experian guy he said they can't issue a default if the account is still open which it is as I am paying into it every month? I think SW are not telling the whole truth or something is missing...
  11. the account should not be showing the first default is more than 6yrs old.... === Sorry Southern are making out that the old default was on an old account, and has come off, but on the same month and year that it came off, they issued a new default on the new account. Its not a credit agreement..SW are not creditors ... ========================= Experian guy said credit agreement but I think he meant account. He said default are for accounts that have been closed. So the account cannot be active still. Their definition of default is that the account has been closed.
  12. Spoken to Experian customer service, the guy said the company that has set the default is able to remove it. I asked them what is the definition of "defaulted" status, and he said that it means the credit agreement has been cancelled. I told him I have still that credit agreement with them which I am paying every month so technically this isn't a default. He said he's going to raise this with Southern Water and they have 28 days to reply. In the meantime, they will put a not saying the information is in dispute. Funny that Southern was saying they can't do anything about removing the default an yet that's a total lie! . Sorry I can be stubborn! Southern are claiming that this is a new default, not related to the 2013 one. It shows as being registered on Nov 2019 with Experian??? so I assume this is new.
  13. Spoke to the Southern customer service via twitter, and they said they can't remove the default and it will stay there on the file for 6 years. There is nothing they can do. However they said it will show up as satisfied. Problem is on the main page it shows a default and you need to drill down and go a specific page before you see the words satisfied and also even though it is marked as satisfied, it had an impact on my credit as the rating has gone down. There is this feeling of corporate wall in front of me!
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