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  1. Link please? also have they breach any ethical or other laws by saying thanks for your payment when I never made any payment? Clearly this Payment of £3 something is a lie? Is this a normal practice?
  2. Hi wonder anyone could help. I had a HSBC card debt around 2006. I have recently got PPI from them as they realised I was missold a secure loan I had which I paid back fully. Now out if blue, I got two letters from Cabot. One proclaiming that the debt for the cc from 2007 is sent to them to chase payments for it. The letter says they are looking to setup a payment plan. A few days letter I got another letter from them thanking me for paying £3 or so towards the debt? Even though I never got in touch the last time I paid must’ve been
  3. Fair point, about nailing the colours to the mast! Will do. Thanks
  4. Well, I haven't moved in 20 years - except for 4 years in Australia. So they just had to send the letter to the address pre-Australia. But I do feel like they are trying to bait me and see if they get lucky The SB, in this link? https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=65092&d=1476888386 I read here that if a debt is statute barred, I don't have to do anything at all? So can I just ignore this whole saga? I called Barclays but they have no way of verifying the details and asked me to give them details of the debt company
  5. Again, just give barclay card a ring tomorrow and come back to us =============== Will do and thanks
  6. relax, and give them a quick ring tomorrow morning ============= Thanks. I can call Barclays, but hope this doesn't constitute any sort of admission to the debt. Therefore, if they say is it the account where you had owed some money, I'll have to say no or I don't admit to anything being owed? I'd rather not liaise with Cabot at all. If I send them a statute barred letter, what if they ignore it and chase the debt. Can I ask them for the original contract?
  7. Hi I had a debt with Barclaycard in 2004/05 for £476 and then facing financial trouble, I have an IVA in 2007/08 which failed because of emigrating to Australia for 4 years. Since 2006/07, I had no contacts with any financial companies and didn't pay any money to anyone, other than GE. I have come back to UK and since then paid off GE. But, I have no communications from any financial companies. I checked my credit history and there was nothing showing from any financial debts from 2006/07. I did get in touch with Barclays but that was for a PPI claim which they paid up. I
  8. I did SAR SLC unlike what I said in the morning. I wouldn't mess up that as it costs time and money. I see so many of the threads here end suddenly without any closures from the OP and just wanted to give out my final update. I know I rushed it but hey an update is better than no update.
  9. Just re-read the whole thing and what dx100uk said is correct: It was nothing to do with my loan
  10. Just an update on this: I tried different machines to log into the Student loan England site even using work laptop but kept getting the same issues. I had at this stage sent a SAR to Erudio too. I then decided to call Student loan England, not Erudio. I picked option 1 when I called them which is the one about having problems logging into the site. The automated system will ask for a cust ref which I just entered some random numbers because I don't have that anymore. At this stage, the system keeps trying to get that ref and it can drive you nuts After a while, t
  11. tried it from the Laptop and from my tablet, no success sane issue
  12. Thanks Dx, Will try that tonight and if that fixes I might even !! Sending the SAR now. Can the DCA take court action before responding to SAR and they must delay the action until SAR has been sent?
  13. When I try to login to the site at Students Finance England with the url logonDOTslcDOTcoDOTuk/cas/logon because I am parent and need to provide information to support my daughter's application I don't remember the password and it asks me for name and DOB and I do supply these but site crashes with this (note tried the registration route with exact same outcome) I get this error: An unknown error has caused the application to stop working. The information you entered on the last page may not have saved correctly. This could be a temporary error. You can try again later (w
  14. Didn't know about the CAGmail feature! Great feature by the way!
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