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  1. Hi there, I am self employed and have worked successfully with TaxAid to get rid of any fines, so I know exactly what I need to pay. The debt is about £9,000. How can I best negotiate with the HMRC Taskforce without taking the bankruptcy route? I have heard of asking for the debt to go into remission, which basically pauses it for a length of time. I can afford to pay about half of the £9k up front. But I don't receive a monthly wage, it comes in unpredictable chunks throughout the year. Does anyone have any advice about how I can propose a repayment schedule? (I wil
  2. Hi, I am disabled and my wife is my full time carer.l receive ESA and my wife receives carers allowance.We have been trying to understand the figures HMRC have sent us regarding our tax credits. My ESA is income and contribution based (l rang ESA and asked how much is income based and how much is contribution based but l was told they couldn't give me those figures). I have my P60 which says my ESA benefit for the year was £7,783.68 and the taxable amount was £5,842.61 The letter from HMRC regarding our tax credits says my ESA taxable benefit is £7774.50
  3. Hollerz

    Hmrc compliance

    Hi apologies if this is posted in the wrong place. After spending all night reading posts about overpayments I wondered if anyone had advice. I received a letter last week asking for information as my daughters dad is linked to my address. I knew this as his mail has been coming here for years after we split and we entered into a mortgage agreement in 2016. The mortgage is complicated, my daughter is disabled and was granted an adaption for the house. There were quite large costs to meet and I needed to raise funds for the overspend. Her dad agreed to help and we set up
  4. Hello, Old user, new issue : Where do i post HMRC issues please? Its regrading old tax penalties from 200-2002 reclaimed against last 2 years accounts as a self employed person resulting in loss of approx 5k
  5. afcwben

    HMRC & Interest

    In 2014 I was re-assessed for my tax for years ending 2010 and 2011 this resulting in me having to pay HMRC extra tax quite a bit of money so paid via a payment plan, as a result I was charged interest. This was all settled within the payment plan. I got rid of the papers because that was the end of it. In my 2018 tax return I was due a refund HMRC have deducted the interest for year ending 2010 even though i have already paid it. I cant seem to get HMRC to understand what they have done is there any way to SAR HMRC to get this information from them, any help really appreciated.
  6. Hello Back in June 2017 we had a letter stating due to income (loads of overtime) we had been overpaid tax credits and payments would stop. In August another letter stating that overpayments of £2800 had been received but a final decision would be made. Final decision made and we are now facing a demand for this amount. I have checked through our finances and this seems correct, they want all of 2016 -17 back and the few months of this years. I have read through many of the threads about this and the advice is generally not to phone them, in this case I guess it's ok jus
  7. Hi please please can someone help. I am at the moment feeling like I’m having a heart attack with actual panick attacks. I am in the wrong from what I can tell and I have read. Let me point out that 25 years ago I pleaded guilty to false representation for income support when I opened a business and didn’t go down the employments support start up route (dont know the correct name) but two dates and I pleaded guilty. Since then I have always stuck to the rules!! I claimed previously with my useless ex husband and then removed him when we separated. I then had my bu
  8. Hi all, I need some advise on how to deal with HRMC and stop them from coming to my house, applying crazy charges, taking my goods and making me bankrupt (which will cause me to lose my new job) all down to a problem with self assessment tax , charges and interest from claiming child benefit. Really don't know what to do but I know that they can reclaim tax by adjusting the tax code which I assumed had already happened as my online tax code seemed to change ever few months . A collection office turned up at my door last week, demanded £75 for his visit and i
  9. HMRC calls on online marketplaces to sign agreement tackling VAT fraud READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/hmrc-calls-on-online-marketplaces-to-sign-agreement-tackling-vat-fraud
  10. Hello I hope some one can help. My husband today got letter from the HMRC stating that since he earns over 50k per year we have to pay back all the child benefit payments we have received since 2014. He received form SA252 on 17 August 2013 (following incorrect 2012/2013 Self-Assessment – where didn’t tick the Child Benefit box!) whether receiving Child Benefit – clearly missed this. Since that time there has been no communication and no letters etc have been sent to me his wife either, even though I get the payment. The HMRC states that they sent letters on 15/9/17 and 23
  11. Hello Thank you in advance for any advice on my situation. Between 2009 and 2013 I was registered as self employed, in the earlier couple of years i was going through a stressful personal break up was having problems with work because of depression, also spending my money to go to court of access to my daughter. At the time I was couch surfing and frankly forgot all about tax returns. The HMRC fined me in total £4,524 over this period which I can't afford to pay. I find these charges extortionate, is this even legal for a start? All i did was not se
  12. I have a long running dispute with HMRC about alleged overpayment of WTC which they have failed to answer. Today received letters from LCS Leeds making growling noises. I presume that I should tell them to F.O and that I will only communicate with HMRC and they have nom authority to be involved? Thank you
  13. cuteypaula1

    HMRC debt

    Hi My husband has an old tax bill, he has paid around £1000 back but still owes £1500 I have been acting on his behalf and have had payment plans in place however a few have failed and now they will not accept a payment plan. They said a letter is in the post, i think enforcement was mentioned. We have no money in the bank , no savings, live in a small rented bungalow and our biggest asset is a van my husband owes money to my mum or, he uses it for his business. We are both self employed i have made a loss this month he is averaging only around £500/mont
  14. When my ex husband died a few years ago I inherited our small home (flat). I was living in rented accommodation and did not want to live in the flat so in the 2013/14 tax year I rented it out and it has been occupied since. Recently, a former colleague and friend who was doing my Self-Assessment tax returns has had a complete breakdown and will not be fit and well for the long term. I since discovered that no Self Assessment tax returns were submitted, the whereabouts of my paperwork is unknown and I'm not registered for Self-Assessment. I accept that this is partl
  15. :|My wife is a Carer who uses her car to visit clients homes. She's employed by an agency, but, doesn't receive a fuel allowance. She went on the HMRC website and filed what she thought was the appropriate form for claiming fuel allowance. She was told she would have to fill in a tax return form that would also include an expenses form. Being PAYE she had never had to do this before. So, she fills in the form, sent it off, and the next thing is she gets a letter telling her because she put her form in late,she had incurred a £100 fine and had (I think) 14 days in which to pay or it would inc
  16. Need a bit of advice, 2013/2014 HMRC said they overpaid working tax credits by £5500. My wife was claiming DLA, we didn't receive a payment but they paid her NI contributions as I earned too much, the previous years claims where fine apparently but nothing had changed in the claim just maybe my wage might have increased slightly. Long story short we tried to go through the dispute path but missed out by being over the 30 days mainly due to me having heart surgery in-between all this. We haven't heard anything regarding the debt just on the renewal pack saying w
  17. Mine is a complicated tale and desperately need some advice. To make it easier I will break it down as even I have difficulty undestanding it 2006 Applied for Job Seeker's allowance but refused on I hadn't worked for the last 5 years which I had. After much backwards & forwards they told me they had lost my records then found them and wld now credit NI onto my records. Too late to get the JSA etc as now out of time 2015 Applied for a Pension statement & noticed not enough years on Guess what the original missing 5 NI not been credited. Sent letter & copies of orig
  18. This post is long over due I need some help and advise as I just don't know if I can take this stress on my shoulders any more despite having a loving caring family and the shame that this will bring on our family. April last year I received a letter from HMRC compliance asking me to contact them re Self assessment return for 14-15 as they wanted confirmation expenses claimed, at the time I had been employed as a sales manager and had to take clients out a lot and they often refused to sign off expenses so I just put them through on my tax return as I thought that I coul
  19. daley1

    HMRC Worry

    Hello My father is currently in a Nursing Home on a permanent basis after a couple of years of bad health. Prior to that he was a Self Employed Accountant. However we have been getting mail from HMRC asking for him to file his tax return, and penalty notices amongst other things. We believe that nothing has been posted for at least 3-4 years? I am awaiting POA to come through but until then I really am at a loss what to do as they wont entertain talking to me. He also has a DC chasing him for £2050 which is also for HMRC. Any help greatfully appreciated.
  20. Just a quick question I recently received a refund from the HMRC for a overpayment of Tax, the amount was for £207 and covered the period between 06/04/16 to 05/04/17, does anybody on the forum know if this is taken into account by the DWP when it comes to payment of Universal Credit?. I have had a look on the internet but I can't find any clear information on this, so I hope you can help?. Many Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi, managed to find this forum and it so far have proved to be extremely informative and very helpful. I have a number of questions before I continue with my battle with the HMRC and the Advantis. Quick Summary: Back in 2015 I received a letter from the HMRC stating I owed over £3000 as an overpayment from Working Tax Credit. Really unsure how this could have happened as I always notified them immediately after any changes in my circumstance. Queries this via a phone call and realised there was an error on their behalf. They wrote again to me stating the
  22. Quick summary: - I owed about £200 in tax, which was passed to Rossendales - Tax was paid directly via HMRC website - Rossendales requested proof, which I sent - Rossendales then tell me HMRC say this relates to another debt (even though the payment reference shows the correct debt) and for me to send a payment proposal. - I send an SAR to Rossendales requesting among other things, a transcript of the conversation with HMRC about this being the "wrong debt". - Rossendales write back saying: "Sorry, we are not the Data Controller, send your SAR to HMRC" Question - is Rossend
  23. Just got a Annual Review letter dated May 21st arrive today, it is to do with WTC We are not entitled to WRC but are paying pay money owed to HMRC due to their error, paying £100 a month. The letter states over payment, up to April 2017, 3 931.71 £100 has already been paid back by us???? been paying since last year and have bank statements £526.39 is due from us now! and £305.32 is still to be confirmed as over paid I rang them and was told they can see we have a payment plan in place etc and that the £305.32 is owed to them but we will find out how to pay it by Septem
  24. Hi. Long story short. I have outstanding debts with HMRC going back to 2005, mostly due to not filing my SA returns. Most of it is fines and assumptions of my earnings, even though I probably haven't earned more than £5-8000 a year since the first year. We've lived hand to mouth since then, and hidden from our responsibilities, and the debt is now over £9000. I accept that due to me burying my head in the sand, it is entirely my own fault. My question is this. I am about to take one of my private pensions as a lump sum (around £40k) and I need to know whether
  25. [/HMRC are claiming that a "further information" box was ticked but there was no further information included on a child tax credit form from five years ago when my daughter was attending college and now want the payments back. I know for a fact I hadn't ticked this box as there wasn't any additional information. Could I please have suggestions as to how to deal with this?
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