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  1. If it were mine then yes I would ignore until it stopped but these are young people who are getting very worried as it’s their first time dealing with this sort of thing.
  2. Yes it’s less than £60 but that doesn’t stop them harassing for unused energy.
  3. Yes a small portion of the £300 bill is the standing charge, that’s fair enough, the bulk of it though is the non existent usage.
  4. Hello could someone give me some advice please, it’s a bit long winded... My daughter and 4 others rents a private house between them whilst at uni. They signed and paid the final payment in July 2020. Because of covid restrictions they couldn’t pick up the keys or even enter the property until 1st September, they moved in on the 4th, read the meters and sent these reading to British Gas and started an account with them. All good so far. 2 weeks ago they received a demand from Glide Students utility company for over £300 for usage between June and the BG new contract despite not being in the property or using any energy etc. The house had been empty since the previous tenants left as the uni shut. Nobody has been living there, meters shut off, nothing. The June final readings from the previous are estimated, the bill shows this. They have carried on charging for estimated usage. The meter readings from June are higher than the actual from September, let alone what they say has accrued in those 4 months. I have tried to speak to them on the girls behalf, with their permission, and all that’s been offered is a £30 discount. The head tenant is getting daily texts demanding payment, she phoned glide when they took over the property to inform that they would be going with BG, must have got her number then. They keep threatening to charge her card even though they have no card on file or even any agreement between them. I have repeatedly messaged them, spoke to them, they say they will sort it but it continues and it causing a great deal of stress to the girls. Thanks for getting this far, any advice please would be gratefully received. OFGEM? Ombudsman? Best regards. Edited to add, Glide asked for proof of the moving in date and the September readings to sort this when I first spoke to them, they were sent to them but it made no difference.
  5. @ London1971 and Bazooka Boo Thank you I feel a lot calmer now we have a plan of action (sort of). Credit card idea is now on hold and hope to sort this without the DCA involvement, just seemed an ideal way to get rid of mail fear. Once again many thanks have a great weekend and I will report back in the future with a thread update.
  6. Thank you for the advice London1971, unfortunately the link doesn't work. I have found other archived COP 26 pdf's but the other page 11's don't seem relevant to this, could you tell me what I'm looking for please. many thanks.
  7. Just a post to update the thread in case anybody is in a similar situation. The appeal failed and the we are required to pay the £2800 back. The debt has been passed to Pastdue who want the payment in full. HMRC no longer wants to deal with it so probably best to put on a credit card.
  8. Thanks, I might have to give hmrc a ring to see what's going on.
  9. Ok thanks, I just don't want to make the situation worse, I guess the appeal will/has failed which is why hmrc has passed it on.
  10. Hello again, developments.. After my last post I sent the online SAR and also appealed about the decision. I have had the SAR letter back just confirming wages and National Insurance paid and all seems correct. This morning I have had a letter from LCS/ First Now asking for the amount and to only deal with them. We still have not heard any about the appeal decision. So.. do I ignore this? The letter states if I do the debt will be passed onto a DCA. I would be very grateful for some advice please. Many thanks.
  11. Thankfully it hasn't got to the DCA stage and hopefully wont, will report back.
  12. Yes this it how it has been explained, yearly total.. nothing else matters. Anyway a TC846 has already been sent but didn't include any covering letter. Just hoping they don't demand £240 a month to clear it in a year. Many thanks for the advice.
  13. That's interesting, certainly not how their letter reads which just looks at the yearly total and not how it accrues. Will SAR and appeal although almost out of time.
  14. @ London1971 thank you, that is certainly something to be checking although I suspect getting all the SAR documents will take us over the payment deadline waking up the non friendly dca. @ ericsbrother thank you, how they've calculated it is taking both years income as a total for each year that puts it over the threshold for claiming each year so want it back.
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