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  1. Excellent. Thank you Followed the template letter and printed the SAR like the website says. Also added the query about this other amount into the letter. Going to just keep on at the HMRC and hopefully can get this matter resolved. All further letters from DCA will be filed in the bin.
  2. Hi, managed to find this forum and it so far have proved to be extremely informative and very helpful. I have a number of questions before I continue with my battle with the HMRC and the Advantis. Quick Summary: Back in 2015 I received a letter from the HMRC stating I owed over £3000 as an overpayment from Working Tax Credit. Really unsure how this could have happened as I always notified them immediately after any changes in my circumstance. Queries this via a phone call and realised there was an error on their behalf. They wrote again to me stating the new amount I owed was now £1200. This time I wrote to them asking for a breakdown of what they paid me and what I was entitled too. I also stated if I had been over paid I would repay. They responded with a letter stating they had considered my appeal and denied it but didn’t provide any breakdown. I sent a further letter stating I just wanted a breakdown to check the numbers (due to their previous error). I heard nothing for 1.5 years. I probably should have chased this further but didn’t. Until several weeks ago when I got a letter for Advantis stating my debt had been passed over to them for £1600. I followed some standard advice and wrote back to Advantis stating that I didn’t acknowledge any debt to their company and I was still in dispute with HMRC about this matter. This of course prompted me to re-contact HRMC to again ask for the details of the over payment. I also called HMRC about the matter. They stated they had received the change in my details but continued to overpay me stating it was standard practice. At this point I mentioned the Advantis letter and they then said they wouldn’t discuss the matter any further as it was with Debt Collect Agency and not their matter anymore. I’ve not had any written response from the HMRC. In the meantime Advantis have written back asking me to prove that I am in dispute with HMRC and to write to them about. They have also broken down the payment to show the original £1200 plus a new bill for the following year tax year for an additional £400. I’ve never seen this amount and not had any letters from HMRC about this amount There seems to be some great advice on this forum so hopefully somebody will help me in this situation. Questions: 1) do I write back to Advantis again stating that I don’t acknowledge the debt with them and say its in dispute with HMRC Or 2) Just ignore Advantis? 3) Do I need to send another letter to HMRC asking for a SAR regarding the original disputed amount? I also need to query where this additional £400 has come from? I’m not really sure the best way to proceed with this. On a final note, if I have been overpaid by the HMRC I will pay it back, I just wanted some form of proof that this has been incorrectly calculated. Any help gratefully received...
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