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  1. A while ago we had HMRC chasing us for a Tax Credit over-payment. We paid it in the end to get them off our backs but I still suspect there was a mistake made somewhere. I'm not looking for help on this one but I thought folks might like to know that there is an online SAR form on the HMRC website... https://www.gov.uk/guidance/hmrc-subject-access-request Here's the acknowledgement: Thank you for your email. We will process your Subject Access Request (SAR) as soon as we can. I should explain that under the terms of the Data Protection Act we have 40 calendar days to deal with this SAR. For further information on this please go to: www.hmrc.gov.uk/freedom/foi-01.htm If you have any further queries please write to: Freedom of Information Unit, 100 Parliament Street, London, SW1A 2BQ. I'll let you know how I get on.
  2. Thank you - I think I should let LCS know that I'm disputing it though. Do HMRC have details about how they've made the calculations and do you think I would get that info from a SAR? I think this goes back more than two years as well - we had nothing last year so I think they're talking about 2013-14
  3. Hi everyone, We're being chased for £1253 by debt collectors LCS. This is the second overpayment by HMRC for child tax credit - the first was for £706 which we paid. I can't afford to pay the larger sum in one go. The reason I'm miffed about this is we have religiously told HMRC every time there has been a change in circumstances, I find it difficult to believe that they could have overpaid by nearly £2000! I've tried getting them to look at it again but it's the usual "you're out of time, yadder, yadder". I had originally asked for the reconsideration as my youngest wasn't mentioned on the calculation but they have told me every time that she has been taken into account when calculating our credit - I don't trust them ... do you think it would be worth sending a SAR? Or do I bite the bullet and try to negotiate a repayment schedule with LCS? We've have always done exactly what has been asked of us - I've completed the annual assessment every year (always early, always as soon as I received it) and they've had P60s every year and I told them that both girls at home are in full-time education - what more could I have done? Now we're being penalised. Any feedback would be appreciated, as always.
  4. Thanks for the reply Steve. Yes, I mentioned at the time that they should have contacted the council. No, there was no spare toilet. They had to use a bin, wee in the garden and use the facilities of the gym down the road. I doubt very much that the landlord has protected the bond. I haven't had sight of the contract but isn't the landlord in breach for not having repaired the loo? Thanks for the heads up about the interest
  5. Hi folks I would like an opinion on something I'm really not happy about... My daughter and her boyfriend were living in a flat (basically the lower half of a semi-detached split into two). The boyfriend was living in it originally and my daughter moved in, so all things relating to the let and the landlord and going through the BF. Towards the end of April the toilet blocked. The BF informed the landlord who told him to try and unblock it himself. He tried with no success. This plus the level of mould in the place finally led to them moving out of the property on 1st July. The toilet was not useable during this time. They gave notice that they were moving out but only a few days before they did. The landlord told the BF that they had to stay in the property until 27th July. The landlord is now after: £425 - March's rent (which they admit they owe) £425 - for July (technically the notice month) He's 'rounded' that up to £900 plus he now says he wants £200 interest for late payment He has £600 bond of the BF's. Things that I consider make the property uninhabitable/dangerous: Toilet not working for approx. 2 1/2 months - it seems that an incorrect waste pipe was attached to the toilet - rather than being ceramic it was the plastic 'flexi-tube'-type Awful level of mould, which the landlord is now blaming the BF for The gas mains pipes in the property were plastic Could someone give me their opinions on this as the landlord is now threatening court action (not that the threat bothers me at all, I'm a veteran!) Thanks
  6. Thanks for the quick reply. One thing they didn't do (or not that I can recall anyway) was to offer to put it back into the Civil Service scheme. I'll give them a call and see what happens - as you say, I have nothing to lose. Cheers
  7. Hi folks, This thread may be over as soon as it's started... Back in the 1990s I was one of the many people who were mis sold a private pension. There was the Pension Reiview in 1994 and the company who sold me the pension admitted they were incorrect in doing so and offerred redress of around £27k (to be added to the pension pot). Of course, muggins here didn't follow it up and I now realise that there was a time limit (31st March 2000) to accept their offer. I think at the time I must have been under the impression that they would just add it by default, which of course they wouldn't. Question is, is it now too late to do anything about it? Thanks.
  8. Hi everyone - I've been away for a long while - used to frequent the Debt section quite a bit. I'm not after help right now but please feel free to add any comments you may have on this thread as it goes along. I'm half expecting things to turn nasty down the line Okay, briefly.... My parents died within 6 months of each other in 2006, I'm an only child so got their house. At the time this seemed like a bonus - how wrong I was! Beware anyone who finds themselves in a similar position. OH hasn't done any paid work for 5 or more years (had depression and work-related stress), we have three kids at home, I work full-time for £18k a year. We get child tax credit, no working tax credit so have to pay for the meds we have every month. We have tried over the years to get the usual employment-related benefits - not entitled because we own the second (empty) house. So, not only is this house costing us in utilities (not a massive amount admittedly) we can't get anything because it's counted as savings. Right, in comes another player in this scene - the local council. We pay full council tax on the property we live in because (yes, you've got it) we own a second house and are therefore not entitled to council tax benefit. Now they're pestering us for the council tax on the second house. I'm not sure how much they want yet but here's what I plan to do: Write to the council covering the area of my parents' property and tell them.... (a) the property has been empty (unfurnished) for the time since my mum's death. I think we may be able to claim 12 months for nothing as we were renovating it (still are). (b) we are actually paying full council tax (to another council) on the property we occupy © ask them to defer claiming what they are due from us until the property is sold - it's been on the market for 3 years If anyone thinks of anything else I can add let me know and I'll keep you informed as to what the council say. Bug
  9. Right, HS, my guess is that you have received the county court claim (via Northampton Bulk Issue Centre). 1. Have you acknowledged the claim (sent it to the court)? You have 14 days from the date of service to do this. My advice here would be to always adhere to the dates set out by the court, that way if Restons try to deal out the rubbish (and they will, believe me) they will be prevented from doing so by the court - make sure you keep your nose clean in other words. 2. What are you doing about the claim? You mention that the account number is wrong. I'm not sure that will give you any real grounds to defend but you need someone with a bit more experience to help you on that one - PM one of the helpful guys who assisted me - they're on my thread. You're welcome to use any of the defences/letters on my thread as templates for your own, after all they were generated by the good folks on this site. 3. I would certainly dispute that trumped-up collection charge - it's unreasonable. 4. You want copies of statements, etc, in particular the Agreement - that needs to be checked through carefully to see if they are actually entitled to persue the matter through the court. 5. You can file your defence online in many cases though I think it can depend on the amount of the claim. 6. Keep copies of everything from here on in. Don't speak to Restons on the phone. If they keep phoning you, keep records of times/dates, etc. All of the defence-related stuff on my thread is concentrated in the early pages. You'll find some answers there hopefully. PM one of the mods to see if you can get some help from someone with more experience. I'm subbing, so I'll keep an eye on your thread. Good luck
  10. ....I've posted on your thread, 111253. I'm not much practical help I'm afraid but I might be able to help with encouragement
  11. Sorry, forgot to say, that was an application to strike out the claim..
  12. Hi G, Yep, still very much around....I've answered your PM but anything else will be posted as I like everything (well, most things!) to be out in the open, as it were... Right, I didn't prepare any witness statements so perhaps someone with a bit more savvy in that area will come along to help shortly, if not then PM one of the mods.... In the case that I won, Restons had applied for Summary Judgment with the usual grounds 'I had no reasonable prospect of defending the case'. Remember that they were trying to obtain judgment on an application form (post #176, this thread, no sign of a properly executed agreement anywhere. So, we had a hearing, I told the judge about not being able to read the copy form and it was adjourned to allow them to supply a legible copy of the form they wished to rely on. They didn't file another form, instead they tried to fool the court into thinking that there was other legislation they could rely on (post #266). I could have just let the hearing go ahead but I decided to try and have a go back. The form was just a general application form (post #283), I was lucky because I am entitled to full fee remission, so in it went. I took it up to the court in person and asked if it could be heard at the same time as their application for SJ. It went before the judge (ex parte) and he heard them both on the day. I think the following points helped me win on the day.... (Ok, the facts were on my side but I'd turned over and done nothing they would have won, without doubt) 1. I kept it simple. I was clear why they shouldn't get judgment against me and was quite assertive about it. 2. It helps no-end if you know what you're talking about - I even did a print-out of the relevant bits to hand to the judge. 3. I went in determined that they were not going to walk all over me .... so I went all out to win. If you think something they're saying is incorrect, say so. It helped me to remain calm and polite to the judge and I think that really helped my case. Fire away if you have any questions or comments. 111253, I'll get back to you shortly, I need to read what's been happening with you... Bug.
  13. Been doing a bit of fishing .... apologies if this is second-hand news for any of you ... quite interesting though.. HSBC arm flouting 'anti-bullying' rules | This is Money (deal with HFC not wanting to deal with debt management companies direct apart from the one they 'recommend' - the Consumer Counselling Service) Me for one, 111253! I could have lived without the stress though
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