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  1. No problem complying just wondering what on earth they are going to do - check every single invoice, add everything up etc - ugh i hate the job centre lol! Just wondered, thanks!
  2. My husband and i are self employed, we have been on UC's since having our daughter in 2016. They have asked for proof of expenses for the last 3 periods, which is fine but we have to make job centre appointments, take all the paperwork, for them to do what , go through it all and add it all up or what? Just a bit random i thought - anyone else had to do this?
  3. Hi I will try to make this as short as i can. My husband and i are both self employed but Claim Universal credits. We have a 16 month old baby. Since returning to work after maternity my income has been bad, i barely earn anything despite my efforts....all whilst caring for my baby. My husband only earns around £1000 per month if that. So, my question is, if i decided my business was no longer viable what would happen? I am at a loss as to what to do, i dont want to give up my business but we are struggling and they wont offer any more help
  4. cuteypaula1

    HMRC debt

    They said it would be a field officer so assume someone actually from hmrc rather than anywhere else?!
  5. cuteypaula1

    HMRC debt

    i wrote to them again and have called them today, they have the letter but it can take 8 weeks to process!! they still refuse to set up a payment plan and a field officer will visit and i will have to discuss things with them.... .so if hmrc direct wont accept £40 per month, are these officers going to accept less? It seems to make no sense really. What do these field officers actually do?
  6. cuteypaula1

    HMRC debt

    The SAR form on their website seems to be relating to national insurance, this is for tax, am i missing something somewhere? Sorry, i think i have found it thank you! Have written back to HMRC today so will await their repsonse and hope we dont get any 'visits' in the meantime! Thank you
  7. cuteypaula1

    HMRC debt

    The letter doesnt use the word enforcement anywhere, just debt collection agency, so if we get a letter from them then we will make a monthly offer of payment, just as we did ith HMRC, seems silly really!
  8. cuteypaula1

    HMRC debt

    Actually received the letter later today and it just says we have to pay in full or they will pass to a debt collection agency! Have written them a reply but dont hold any hope for them to care about our situation!
  9. cuteypaula1

    HMRC debt

    Hi My husband has an old tax bill, he has paid around £1000 back but still owes £1500 I have been acting on his behalf and have had payment plans in place however a few have failed and now they will not accept a payment plan. They said a letter is in the post, i think enforcement was mentioned. We have no money in the bank , no savings, live in a small rented bungalow and our biggest asset is a van my husband owes money to my mum or, he uses it for his business. We are both self employed i have made a loss this month he is averaging only around £500/mont
  10. Can anyone explain please. For example, a self employed person has a MIF set of £1001 If he earns below this then the UC award is still calculated based on the £1001 If he earns above this then the UC award is calculated based on actual earnings. So....are you telling me that if he earns above £1001 then he will get UC awarded? It makes no sense and google does not clarify - nor do the DWP. If he was earning above £1001 then he likely would not need UC help!
  11. Going up the wall with this! They finally made adjustments and paid us some money back because they said my husband should have not had a MIF in place, then they retracted that and said he should! Now, i returned to self employment in april after maternity leave, income will be low until i get going again, between my husband and i we have less than £500 this month and they are paying us nothing. i have a MIF of £600 set even though i was told i would not have one as i have a baby....any advice, i cant pay rent , council tax etc
  12. i initially did it because we needed housing help but they just dont care! Yes the £1092 must do but like i say its all a mess, i appreciate your replies, really hope they realise they are wrong and they owe us! Now that would be a first!
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