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  1. Evening all, I ordered some equipment from Fitness Superstore, checked both items were in stock (it showed as such on the website but I checked anyway)and there is an email trail showing this. As I was having them install it I had to submit a form which I did and they acknowledged receipt. I had to hasten info on a delivery date but once they had been reminded of my order this was set for next Monday (11th Feb). Yesterday they informed me that the Monday delivery is only for one item and the other will be restocked 'sometime in March but they don't know when'. It could potentially be 7 weeks before it's available again and then there's the wait for installation. A kerbside delivery isn't an option for us with equipment of this size and weight. After some discussion I have today cancelled the whole order. I did use a credit card but I transferred the money to it on the day of the order so I am out of pocket over £3000. I want the refund sooner rather than later. The way this went I've lost all confidence in this company as they don't give a damn and I want my money back so I can go elsewhere. I can email an LBA first thing on Monday and I'd like to give close of business on Friday as a deadline - all they have to do is press buttons to refund my credit card and I know it can be done. Must I give them any longer? I see two weeks quoted on here quite often.
  2. I just wanted to check regarding how the UK minimum wage works online with one of the project websites where buyers offer projects and freelancers bid for them. In this instance, both are based in the 'uk I recently bid and was successful on a project where budget, timescale and objectives were agreed. I produced a good piece of work within the timescales and sent this off three weeks ago. When 'I came to invoice, the buyer rejected the project and in essence has asked for additional work that if I undertook would end up meaning that 'I would be paid 87p per hour for a month, as opposed to the 75 pound per day agreed. I was wondering where the law stands on online work in the Uk regarding the minimum wage?
  3. Record £15.6 million underpayment identified for workers on the minimum wage READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/record-156-million-underpayment-identified-for-workers-on-the-minimum-wage
  4. Nearly 180 employers named and shamed for underpaying thousands of minimum wage workers READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/nearly-180-employers-named-and-shamed-for-underpaying-thousands-of-minimum-wage-workers
  5. Does a company by law have to apply when National Minimum Wage goes up in April even for temporary worker works through an agency?
  6. Hi, I live with my husband, we are both self employed, I had a baby in September and receive Maternity allowance. I was also receiving Working Tax Credits and Child Tax credits, around £80 per week. My husband is currently quiet with work so we asked the council for rent help, they told us they can no longer help and we need to apply for universal credit. We did this (horrendous application system!) and in the meantime our working and child tax credits stopped, we were never informed this would happen, i wish i had just left it as it was. We were relying on that money and now it has just stopped! We both had a job centre interview yesterday which is part of this ridiculous process and my husband has to go back yet again with business details. He only earns around £5000 per year , they basically want to see if it is worth him running his business, if he earns enough, if not they will make him look for other part time work - how on earth can he do that around a self employed business that is on demand (ie it depends when his customers want him!). This is all if we want to claim universal credit. So, i assume they will say he does not earn enough and will have to find other work....we do not want to do this so my question is, if he says no to looking for other work, will we just get no help....even with a new baby. Am i correct in thinking that £5000 per year approx will not meet their requirements? Just wanted a little bit of advice before we see them again. The whole new system is ridiculous, i have worked and paid tax all my life yet when we need a bit of help we have to fight for it, yet people who dont want to get a job, try their hardest NOT to get one, receive all the help there is out there!!! Any advice appreciated
  7. Hi all ... Hope this is the right place to post this. Having lost everything in the recession I then suffered a major breakdown and now have Complex PTSD and fibromalgia amongst other illnesses which are all getting worse. After two years of being homeless myself and my partner were given a council flat. Our neighbours are the local drug dealers and generally bad things happen daily. I now won't go out of the flat at all. I have a pension which I could cash in in 18 months and I wanted to do this and buy a small cheap house. I currently get PIP and my partner gets carers allowance and we get income support which I apparently claim for us both. I don't really understand it all as the CAB sorted it out for us. If I did cash in my pension and buy a house would our income support stop. Also would this affect my state pension when I get to retirement age. Someone told me that we wouldn't be entitled to pension credits. Thanking you in advance for any advice you can give.
  8. Hi. Just needed some advice. I currently work in the care industry. At our place we do sleep ins as our clients need 24 hour care. A letter was written complaining that in light of recent rulings regarding sleep in pay, the employer was underpaying us under the national minimum wage. This was discussed in our staff meeting with all the staff names typed on it. The area manager wanted to know who sent it. They were very dismissive of the letter. The area manager commented on the poor way it was written. They wrote directly to the individual concerned saying they would look into it. As per company procedure, they failed to respond within the 10 working days. In fear of being singled out and the effects it could have, an anonymous letter was sent to the company. It stated that they had broken the law by not paying the minimum wage. It also said we should have been paid the full amount from the end of July. It requested that a response had to be made in 14 days on how they were going to address the back pay. It also expressed concerns of what may happen to the sleep ins and how it could affect our residents. Whilst not everyone saw the letter before it was sent, then the manager has shown the staff since. Whilst some did not give their consent, all agree, including the manager that the contents were right. Our concerns were over the monies owed to us prior to the 27th July 2017, the monies due since then and proposed changes to our sleep-in arrangements. This also include our residents would not be covered. We wrote this as we feared our jobs if HR found out. 1) The company tried to find out who wrote the letter. They got all the staff to sign if they knew anything about the letter and did they give authorisation. Most of us signed we did not in order to protect our identities, but we all signed “but we agree with the contents”. We all felt the company was more focused on who wrote it, rather than address the issues. 2) Over the last few days, they have called us all in individually after the company had an emergency manager meeting. We were all told verbally that the company has until March 2019 to pay. In addition, they said that they would be waiting for an appeal due in March over sleep in pay. From what we have understood, the ruling regarding back dated pay by the inland revenue only applies to pay owed up to the 27th July 2017. Normal enforcement by HMRC applies for pay after this date. A number of care companies already pay the correct amount, but the company still only pay £35 for a 9.5/ 10 hour sleep in. We are often up during the night and rarely get any extra. 3) We were all told verbally that the company may have to consider closures if this is pursued. We all felt that this was delivered in a threatening manner. 4) In terms of moving forward, they have proposed that our sleep ins will change to on call. We were told we could leave the premises at night and come back, but we must be able to return to the premises within 10 minutes (Nobody lives within 10 minutes). It would be monitored and anyone arriving later will have their contracts terminated. In addition, we asked if all the staff leave the premises, what would happen. We were told someone would have to stay and cover. In other words, we all feel they are trying to avoid their legal obligations and have shown no interest in any ideas or other ways that can address this issue. Most of us feel that the company is trying to take advantage of some of our foreign workers who are too afraid to upset the company. This was given verbally and they wanted us to sign that we had a supervision over this issue. We have also checked our contracts. We have noticed that training is also not paid. Training is a requirement by CQC and other care authorities. All staff must have certain training. This also, we feel is breaking the rules on the minimum wage. Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Hi - my wife recently applied to a local hotel for work as a housekeeper/cleaner. She now works full-time for the agency that supplies cleaners to that hotel and lots of other hotels. They pay only minimum wage but even so, I thought her wages were a little low considering how many hours she is working. On checking her own record of hours worked against her payslips, i found that nothing tallies at all and after telling her to confront one of her bosses about it, she was told that although her payslip tells her she is paid by the hour, in fact she is paid by how many rooms she cleans. 2 rooms = 1 hour. However, each room can take her up to 45 minutes so I think that she is therefore being paid less than MW. The company is quite big, i think, and employs a large number of Moldovan/Romanians (my wife is Romanian) i am concerned that they are exploiting a large number of people. Now i am unsure about who to approach and of course, if I am right at all - as a large company, perhaps what they are doing is completely above board? Any help at all would be very much appreciated. John
  10. There's no point in whining about them. We know they're ripping the public for all they can, any way they can. 58% rates, 28 day account periods when almost everyone gets paid monthly nowadays. My wife has a debt of £2096 with Marisota and I don't know how much with Very. (She says she doesn't know the password! I'm resetting it.) And a credit card, and who knows what else hidden. She doesn't work, I have to pay everything. I want to work out a prediction of where this will all go unless dealt with now. I can use spreadsheets but I'm not sure how they calculate the minimum amount. T's&C's say: The word is INITIALLY. That insinuates there will be something different later. Or is it so simple as 4% of the £2096? That is £83.84 but they are saying amount due is £251. How is it worked out? Thanks.
  11. My uncle has learning disabilities and has worked for a major supermarket for over 20 years. The company has now introduced minimum service levels and say he is not reaching these. One problem is getting cages out and the other is customer service. A mystery visitor gave a damning report of his interaction with my uncle who apparently blanked him. The manager says that he does know what to do but doesn't always do it. The company have offered my uncle a different job doing the trolleys but our family doesn't want him to take it. The company have also brought in an in work support advisor from a charity to help support him and given extra training. My question is can they change his hours and duties as they say he is not achieving these new criteria? There are not as many hours available to all staff as there were last year due to the supermarket not taking as much money as they did. Is it discrimination if they change his job? Thank you for any help.
  12. National Minimum Wage: Workers win £2m compensation READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-40952205
  13. Hello all I'm going for my first signing on JSA after many years. I remember previously I had 3 different types of job titles that I was looking for - eg, care assistant, sales assistant etc. I'm wondering if that's still sufficient or is there a minimum number I need to list? I just want to know what I should expect really - bit nervous. I've been told to bring in my CV (haven't signed up for UJ) for my first interview - should I have it redacted? I'm very privacy conscious and I've read how very little I can trust the DWP with anything. Thank you - appreciate any guidance
  14. My Clearscore report has updated today and I have noticed that a marker is placed if a minimum payment is made on one of my credit cards. Is this information given to banks etc if they perform a credit search and does it have a negative effect on how I am scored?
  15. I have contacted the credit reference agency Noddle (CallCredit) twice about credit card lenders incorrectly placing a Minimum Payment Marker on my credit report with them. The lenders are Co-op Bank and Aqua. I have made payments that were marginally above (e.g. £1) the minimum payment with both lenders. I filed a dispute with Noddle. Both lenders have refused to correct the data. When contacting both, they both deny responsibility and say that they have no control over how Noddle displays the data. Co-op Bank even said that this means that I didn't make a full payment but made at least the minimum, which I know is untrue. I have since paid off Aqua in full so there's no longer a problem, but with Co-op Bank, it still displays. This could affect my credit rating, which they also deny. It appears that lenders are abusing the Minimum Payment Marker in breach of the Data Protection Act and punishing those who pay £1 or less over the minimum payment. Some MoneySavingExpert (MSE) users recommend paying £1 or even 1p above the minimum payment to avoid this marker. Other websites also recommend this. However, in my experience, this does not work. One user on MSE did mention paying 1% more to avoid this, but how do lenders get away with this? Under the Data Protection Act, the data that lenders give to the credit reference agencies has to be accurate. If a minimum payment is £10 and a payment of £11 is made on or before the due date, then it shouldn't be marked as the minimum payment made. I have searched for guidance on when lenders can place the Minimum Payment Marker but couldn't find anything. Credit Card Lenders that currently report the Minimum Payment Marker (that I am aware of) are: Co-op Bank Aqua Capital One Lloyds Bank Barclaycard MBNA GE Money HBOS This measure was announced on 24 November 2008 on the APACS website. The link has now been removed. Originally, five lenders agreed to share this information with the Credit Reference Agencies and has since increased. I have also had problems with other card issuers in the past (e.g. Capital One and Lloyds Bank) who also place a Minimum Payment marker if I paid £1 above the minimum payment, and not just with Noddle. Experian and Equifax are also reporting this.
  16. Hi guys! This is my first ever post on here and I'm in desperate need of help. I was employed as an apprentice from June 2015 working towards my NVQ Level 2 in Customer Service. Originally, my NVQ was supposed to end in October 2016 but as my employer refused to let me work towards it (I was told that absolutely everything else in the office took priority over my NVQ work) the end date was extended by my NVQ assessor to October 2017. When my end date was extended, my NVQ assessor informed me that the minimum wage I was entitled to would have increased in June 2016 (after completing my first year of employment) and that my employer had been paying me below this amount for the past 4 months. My assessor told me that they would pass this information on to my manager and confirmed that they had done so via email. Four weeks passed with no mention of this at work at all. My NVQ assessor came into the office to help me get started on the next part of my course. At the end of the day, they asked me if anything had been said about my wage increasing and the money that I was owed. I confirmed that nothing had been mentioned. She went and had a word with my manager and came back and told me that my employer knows that they need to back pay me and that they were going to deal with it shortly. Two days later, my manager asked me to go to a one-to-one meeting where they confirmed that I was going to be back paid the amount of money that I was owed but that, due to a move-around in our department, my position no longer existed and that I would be out of a job this time next week. I was told that there were no problems with my performance, only that my role didn't exist anymore. A reshaping of our department had never been discussed, nor was I ever told that my role might not be there in the future. I was also only given 6 days notice when my contract said that I was entitled to a minimum of 3 weeks. Also, no-one else in the company has lost their job as a result of the reshuffle: I am the only person to have been negatively affected by this. I called ACAS and they told me to write down everything that I think my employer did wrong in a letter and then send it to my employer. The lady on the phone then said to wait 14 days and try to begin the early conciliation process. She told me that it sounded like what my employer did to me was illegal and I've gone through loads of other articles online posted by Law Firms which all seem to suggest that this I have been made redundant unfairly. I was just wondering what other people make of this? Has my employer acted wrongly and am I right in looking to escalate this? I'm really distressed due to the time of year where this has happened and I just want to make sure that I'm doing the right thing. Thank you all so much! Any help is greatly appreciated.
  17. A friend of mine is a carer but she may be handing in her notice today but this is one (of many) areas I have little to no experience in so any help would be gratefully accepted. This lady is on £7.35 per hour. She only gets paid for the time she spends at the clients home, no travel time is paid. She has to be at her first client around 6:00 who lives 15 minutes away and during the day she has times where she is not needed so has 2-3 hours off each day however she also does the night run, getting her clients into bed. She doesn't normally get home until 10:30-11:00 and then up again at 05:00 to start this all over again. Surely there must be some breach of law there. Her wage slips do not show how many hours she has worked, just a unit rate. The same applies to her mileage allowance. For her mileage allowance, nothing is paid for the first 25 miles and then 12 per mile. She does on average 50 miles a day and tends to work 6 days a week. I already have her permission to act on her behalf so when she does hand in her notice, I will be sending a SAR to the head office of the company she works for. Hopefully they will specify how many miles they have paid for and any other allowances (if any) Is there any way of calculating hours based on mileage? This is a rural area so not much traffic. She has not opted out of the working time regs even though she does more than 48 hours per week. she is on a zero hours contract so she feels that she has to do the work or lose money from losing hours if she objects.
  18. Hi, my balance was £6,700 on my MBNA credit card and paid £4,409 which made my new balance £2,224 owed. My direct debit then paid the minimum of £67 which should of then made my newer balance £2,157 but this did not happen, instead, my balance owed went from £2,224 to £2,291, adding £67 to the debt rather than deducting it. I'm currently in a interest free offer and I have not used my card. This has never happened before, it's strange.
  19. Hi all,i currently work as a carer in a private nursing home.I am on minimum wage.we have been told we have a meeting at work to discuss ways that our company will be able to afford the new minimum wage. They are talking of cutting our working hours from 7 hours to 6 hours daily.This will then stop us from having a break.Our holiday entiltement will be less.We will lose an hours pay each day. Can they do this ? Can it be fair that we are being made to pay for the rise in minimum pay rising to £7.20 by our hours being changed. I have worked there for 4.5 years and work 28 hours a week and have a contract. Thankyou Debbie
  20. Tesco are seemingly intent on annoying absolutely everyone in the UK at the moment. So what are they up to now? Well, they’ve just announced that, from 23rd July 2015, the minimum basket spend for those of you who shop online for groceries, will change from £25 to £40. Of course, you can still spend below that amount, but if you do, you’ll find yourself paying the £4 surcharge. http://www.bitterwallet.com/tesco-up-minimum-spend-for-online-shopping/86484
  21. Just a quick query. My partner has been summoned by his manager and been advised that the company intends to change all contracts of employment to include a clause that everybody has to do at least 6 hours unpaid overtime per week. Everybody has been told to accept this change. Does he have to sign this new contract ?
  22. Hi there. I have been in my new job as a support worker for a well known, national care company since May of this year. I support people with physical and learning disabilities. My job requires me to occasionally take "sleep-in" night shifts. The sleep-in shift begins at 22:00 and ends at 07:00, but most employees then do another full or half day shift. For a sleep-in, the employee is provided with a single bedroom (which is incredibly dirty and untidy with mess/equipment everywhere I might add!) with no entertainment facilities, e.g. a TV. For the duration of the sleep-in night shift, the employee is forbidden to leave the building and must be physically present, on site, at all times in case of an emergency requiring them to wake up and lend a hand to the waking night staff. The employee must clock in at the start of the sleep-in shift, as they would on any other type of shift, and of course clock out. For this 9 hour shift, the payment is only a single £35.00 amount, but if the employer is called upon during the night and woken up, they are paid their standard rate of pay for each hour they are awake (which is £6.64/hour for me). In reality, 99.99% of the time, the sleep-in staff are never woken up. The only part of my employment contract which specifically mentions sleep-in shifts, is the "Pay" section, which states "Your rate of pay for each sleep-in worked is £35.00. This payment is for 'on-call' services only." This equates to £3.88 per hour, for a 9 hour sleep-in night shift. Subscription to Unison is an unmanageable expense at the moment, given the cost of living and my current wages, so what is the most effective way to deal with securing the minimum wage (at least!) for sleep-in shifts. Any advice is very welcome. Thanks for reading.
  23. We have 2 barclaycards both we have had for many years, 1 was originally an Egg Card. Both cards in my wifes name. Current Balances: 5311.19 8405.12 We have received a default notice for both cards as we have paid very little in the last 6 months. I have just written to them asking to freeze interest and charges and give us 2 months to respond back with a payment offer. Is there anything else I should be doing yet?
  24. In times past, when Amazon offered you Free Super Saver Delivery, it really meant free. That all changed in July 2013, when the company introduced a £10 minimum spend to have your order delivered on the house. Almost two years later, the online retailer has announced it's raising that limit again, by doubling it to £20. One reason for the change could be to incentivise customers to put down £79 for Prime, which ships millions of items next day (and includes video streaming and other media services). The company may also be moving to to cover the cost of its wide range of delivery options, which now include same-day collection and shipment to your local Post Office. Regardless, the new threshold will come into effect from 6pm tonight (UK time), so if you have some low-cost items sitting in your basket, now might be the time to buy them. http://www.engadget.com/2015/04/29/amazon-uk-free-super-saver-delivery-price/
  25. Hey guys. Looking for some general advice with regards to clearing my debt. I am 29 years old and have been in debt since I was 18 (since uni days). Ever since, I have always paid and still continue to pay the minimum payment toward my credit cards each month and have rarely defaulted on payments but all my cards are maxed out and I am just scraping the barrel each month to keep up with these payments and my rent etc. I have checked my credit rating and its poor due to the amount of debt I have although I have not had any serious issues regarding my credit rating as I have always paid every month without fail (however I may have defaulted a handful of times through forgetfulness for example) 1: - 6000 2: - 6000 3: - 3000 4: - 500 5: - 675 6: - o/d - 1650 TOTAL - £17825 my minimum payments are currently totalling roughly £400 every month. My Rent is £675 a month so with this, my credit card debt and other living expenses (petrol, council tax, etc etc) I am left with little disposable expenditure every month and as a result often find myself having to use my cards that I have just paid off to get petrol, food etc - jus cant seem to make a dent in clearing the amount owed #viciouscycle I appreciate my circumstances maybe quite typical for an average man of my age but I am tired of continuing to just pay the minimum payment as I have been doing this for as long as I have been in debt and I now just want to get out of this. The only solution I can think of is getting a loan to consolidate my debt and I have tried to apply for unsecured loans (I am a private tenant in full time work) but have been declined each time. What can I do to help start clearing this off without damaging my credit rating any further. Is it worth speaking with my bank? Would they help? Or what about these debt management companies I have heard about... is it worth enquiring about what they can do for me? Thanks for any advice in advance.
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