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  1. Well I have had a phone call at work from the DCA, I have told them to take my work number off there records and let them know we have requested a SAR with HMRC and he left it at that. I am waiting for my appointment with my GP to send off an appeal, is there any sort of timeframe for an appeal as it has been a few years now and if we had known we would have done it earlier but it is what it is.
  2. Wow!!! I will sit down this weekend and check the website out. It's good to hear of your success and will take your advise and see what happens. It's a big worry when you are working to pay off debt and are just getting by and then you get hit with more debt. Can they take my condition into account? I had a heart valve replacement and don't have any daily issues really just daily medication and get by ok but I will go and see my GP and see if they can help. Many thanks
  3. I can ignore them no problem How do you go about dealing with HMRC, they are more than difficult on the phone I have read through a few threads on HMRC and dealing with them and sending a SAR seems to come up often. Is this the best course of action and keep everything in writing? TBH I don't mind repaying but for the next 3 years it would only be a token payment until the debt I have is gone.
  4. Need a bit of advice, 2013/2014 HMRC said they overpaid working tax credits by £5500. My wife was claiming DLA, we didn't receive a payment but they paid her NI contributions as I earned too much, the previous years claims where fine apparently but nothing had changed in the claim just maybe my wage might have increased slightly. Long story short we tried to go through the dispute path but missed out by being over the 30 days mainly due to me having heart surgery in-between all this. We haven't heard anything regarding the debt just on the renewal pack saying we had a debt and it would be taken out of any working tax payments but we don't receive any payments so it hasn't been dropping. Got a letter from Advantis wanting full payment or a payment agreement setting up, I don't mind paying what we owe even though we have issues with HMRC in all this. How is the best way to deal with this I am limited on how much I can pay as just before my heart surgery we got married and took a loan out and as I was off work for 4 months racked up a big credit card bill just getting by.
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