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  1. My employer has changed their payroll system and as a result they have declared all my income correctly up to the end of December and then re-submitteded it all again to HMRC in January so now it appears to HMRC that I earned £2x,xxx inthe first nine months of the financial year and then was paid the the whole total sum again in one payment in January and that no PAYE was collected on this bumper payment the supposedly made to me. It is obvious that the employer has made an error and entered the year to date figures rather than the pay period figures but the implication of this is that HMRC are now looking to recover the PAYE on this generous lump sum my employer has declared I have earned in January. My employer will not acknowledge he has made a mistake and HMRC say they can do nothing as the employer has declared that the figures are correct and he paid me £2x,xxx in January. So we have a deadlock. Has anyone any suggestions? (I have suggested that the employer pay me the money he declared he had paid me in January and I would sort out the PAYE but needless to say that wont happen!) Many Thanks
  2. Thanks for the quick response. I agree. I have been reading up on the web and I am sure you are correct. I am however unsure what he should do next - I think he should write to the new owners seeking confirmation that they will not be continuing with his employment and asking a) for the reason why and b) if he is being made redundant - is this correct?
  3. My partner has worked for 7 years in a cafe (between 3 and 5 days a week) he has no written contract etc. He was informed last year the business was for sale - two weeks ago his employer asked him what his plans for the future were when the sale was completed on 24 Feb (this was first time he had been advised of the date of the transfer of ownership). He telephoned the new owners and was advised that "she wanted a clean sweep and intended to keep on none of the present staff"). As of tomorrow he is out of work! Can you offer any advice. Thanks in anticipation.
  4. Falcom

    Peter Rabbit V MBNA

    Thanks Intercityman well now I have been through the chase with Barclaays I know what to expect and to be honest if I can re-claim charges from a closed accoint with MBNA it will be a bonus so quite happy to play them at their own game! Peter
  5. I do get the feeling they are overwhelmed with the volume of claims and their system is falling into chaos. Look at how this site is performing - when I joined in October the Barclays Forum had about one page of updated threads a day max now its three or four pages a day. Over 75 people have looked at my thread today alone. So they are busy boys down there at Churchill Place and LONG MAY IT CONTINUE!!!!!!!! Peter
  6. Thanks - I will go and read up on a few of the MS threads including yours. Certainly not worried about submitting the case to court - Barclays hung on and hung on - I was due in court on 18/04 but Barclays failed to comply with directions and were in danger of a judgement being imposed on them by the courts next week! Peter
  7. Hi - I have just successfully reclaimed my bank charges from Barclays - it has taken 5 months but worth the wait. To Celebrate I have today posted DPA/SAR to Morgan Stanley to see if I can reclaim any charges from my old credit card account. Peter
  8. Hi - I have just successfully re-claimed my charges from Barclays incurred on my Bank account (it has taken 5 months!). So to celebrate have have just posted DPA/SAR letter to MBNA today. Peter
  9. Well I got my charges back - Barclays have settled in full!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I came home on Friday 2nd to a standard letter of full and final settlement - I checked the figures and it was £165 short so I telephoned the legal Clerk who had sent the letter. She checked the figures against mine and said that was fine and to amend the letter sign it and return it. I amended the figure crossed out the confidentiality clause and faxed and posted it back on Saturday and when I checked my account on Monday afternoon there was my money! So thanks for everybodies help - donation on the way. To celebrate I have sent SAR/DPA letter to both MBNA and Morgan Stanley to see what credit card charges I can reclaim! Peter
  10. Just rushed home to pick-up some stuff before I head off for the weekend and a letter from Barclays was waiting for me behind the door - I might be posting some good news on here very soon - off to find my spreadsheets and to check a few figures. I will update as soon as I return from what will now be a most enjoyable weekend away! Thanks to everybody for all the help! Peter
  11. Hi - And so Barclays struggle to keep up! Yes I think it would be a good idea to drop a quick letter to the court advising them that since you submitted your AQ you now hove some other dates you are no longer available for court: Holidays etc (I dont think you need to specify why you are not available just simply that you would no longer be available for court on those date. I think you need to do this sooner rather than later since if you wait til you have a court date and then find it clashes you will have to get it changed and that will be a pain. Peter
  12. Thanks Gary - I'll have a read - keep up the good work. Peter
  13. Latest Update - I wrote to the court using GaryH letter of non-compliance suggested above and today I have recieved a General Form of Judgement Order from the Court: "Before District Judge XXXX sitting atKendal Court etc.... Upon reading letter of Claimant IT IS ORDERED THAT: Unless the Defendant do by 4.00pm on 17 March 2007 comply with Paragraph 2 of the Order of 9th January 2007, (ie: the directions as per the draft order of directions) the Defence be struck out and the Claimant be at liberty to enter judgement forthwith. Dated 21 February 2007" So the Judge has given Barclays a final chance to submit to both the court and myself thier court bundle. It is a pity he did not strike out the defence forthwith and allow me to go for judgement but I must been getting very close to a settlement now. Happy Days! Peter
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