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Found 10 results

  1. Hello I hope some one can help. My husband today got letter from the HMRC stating that since he earns over 50k per year we have to pay back all the child benefit payments we have received since 2014. He received form SA252 on 17 August 2013 (following incorrect 2012/2013 Self-Assessment – where didn’t tick the Child Benefit box!) whether receiving Child Benefit – clearly missed this. Since that time there has been no communication and no letters etc have been sent to me his wife either, even though I get the payment. The HMRC states that they sent letters on 15/9/17 and 23/10/17, which we did not receive, they now sent a letter stating they are going to charge us £1500 in penalties as we never replied to the letters we did not receive. Apparently we need to pay back (on top of penalty of £1,517.82 by 6 December); 2014: £2351 2015: £2475 2016: £2549 Any ideas of what to do? Spent an hour on the phone to the HMRC, once they decide you are in the wrong you are in the wrong. Help!
  2. Another one falls... CashEuroNet Who operates Quickquid and Pounds2Pocket is to offer redress... Remember folks... Read closely... Loans AFTER 1st April 2014 affected... HERE
  3. Ok due to a recent court issue I have been ordered to do unpaid work although I work Sunday to Wednesday on nights finishing at 7am Thursday mornings. I also look after my two grandkids on a Friday I so was instructed to do the work on a Thursday with the instruction to be there by 8.30am working to 4.00pm then have to travel back through a busy town centre after not having any sleep for over 24 hours? This is not only dangerous I am certain that it breaches health and safety and the working time directive? ( I would need to drive in order to be there on time ) I am also aware that the unpaid work cannot encroach on my paid employment however should I injure myself this may affect my ability to earn and jepordise my job so how do I go about suing for any loss of wage due to injury? ( which I would be intent on doing ) Also when asked if I had any ailments they need to be aware of I explained that my wife feels I may have a issue with my heart I also explained that I have arthritis and an ongoing back problem that has resulted previously in time off work however as I do not have faith in doctors none of the problems have been confirmed by a GP as such the probation officer neglected to note these possible issues which in turn will result in a incomplete risk assessment being carried out so making them negligent in their duty of care as I understand it. Obviously a judge has imposed the community payback on top of other stuff which I won't go into as it is not relevant and my solicitor felt the sentence was totally disproportionate anyway but if I'm being expected to do this unpaid work I must also have rights for redress if the probation service fail to act correctly? As they are aware that I will have worked the night before but failed to address that and as it is not my place to correct their failings I would assume I would have a case to sue for neglect of duty? Please do not be swayed by the reason for the post just advice on the above would be welcomed Cheers
  4. Can anyone shed any light on this once and for all. My daughter was involved in a drink drive incident last may and she was subsequently fined and banned. At the time i was concerned about the damage she had caused and would the insurance company cover the third party damages cost. The duty solicitor informed me that the insurance company, under the road traffic act will cover all third party claims. However 14 months later my daughter has received a letter from her insurance company wanting £1400 and threatening court action if she does not pay up. They are saying her insurance cover had become void because of her being over the limit and she would be responsible for any third party claims, they have paid out and are now looking to being reimbursed. I have had a look online for any information relating to drink/drive incidents and insurance companies recovering their losses. This seems a bit of a grey area and would appreciate any information relating to this.
  5. Hi My OH got an upgrade with Orange a few years ago (Mar 2008 to be exact) Orange had been taking DD for both old and new contracts since March 2008 until June 2013) My OH got a 'gesture of goodwill' refund from Orange for the last 6 months overpayments (~£200) At the time I thought this was a refund of all overpayments, however now it's come to light this was only the tip of the iceberg! From trawling through statements the actual overpayment was just over £2k. Yes, I know she should have checked statements regularly, but excusing that, it does not give Orange the right to keep the money...surely? Apparently they only offered 3 months payments initially but upped this to 6 months and wouldn't go beyond this. Should I contact Orange again and offer them the chance to repay the rest of the money? Or should I go straight to the regulator? (is that Ofcom in this instance?) Or small claims? Thanks (again I know she should have checked her statements!)
  6. HI, I received `judgement by default` from a county court for money Mr AW owes me. The amount is less than £500 and judgement was issued 2 month ago. Now, I am proceeding to obtain information regarding the financial situation of this debtor by N316. The question is what I can do further after N316. I am quite sure that N316 will not provide much information. The debtor is an English man in his mid-40s who was born and lives in London, never worked, has been depending on benefits all through his life, have 3 kids living in Birmingham, has been declared bankrupt (intentional bankruptcy to earn money from a bank), gaining daily maintenance money by conning people such as disabled people and women, no bank accounts, no property or assets apart from some assets hidden (from authority)in West-india. The debtor most likely changed his address since he received the initial court order. Is there any way to obtain his latest address from Department of Work and Pensions or Housing benefit office? EX321 suggests that : • a warrant of execution; • an attachment of earnings order; • a third party debt order; or • a charging order. Due to above reason, only `a warrant of execution` would be an available option. It only works if the person actually lives in the address. Due to safety, I try to avoid direct contact with the debtor unless being supervised. I will use county court enforcement agent and possible other means to avoid direct contact: all contacts have so far been made through telephone and emails. It would be much appreciated if anyone could advise me. Regards
  7. Apologies if I get mixed up but im in a bit of a panic with a letter I received yesterday and am worried about what to do, basically the HMRC have sent me a letter asking for me to repay an overpayment of child tax credits which were paid whilst I was married 8 years ago!!. My then wife claimed for my two step children, and a letter has been sent asking me to payback £1300 approximately, it says that this can be paid back over 12 months!!. 8 years ago I was in full time employment as a Staff nurse and now and for the past 5 years I have been on incapacity benefit and now ESA due to a long period of ill health and not been able to work, I have no hope of paying 1300 back in twelve months, never mind 24 months as I only get £90 a week to live on. I haven't phoned them yet as i'm scared of doing so. apparently the debt is for an overpayment they made ( which if memory serves the did to many folks at that period due to an admin error ), it was 8 years ago, we only claimed tax credits for 11 months the length of our marriage, thanks will they accept a payment in line with what i get each week ie, £5 or so as I have no spare cash as it is.
  8. Hi All, My employer sponsored me for an educational programme and I have signed in a contract to repay all or part of these fees should I voluntarily leave the company. The agreement says, if I leave in 2012 - Total payback on leaving £4850 2013 - Total payback on leaving £3210 2014 - Total payback on leaving £1570 2015 - Total payback on leaving £500 I have handed in my notice and leaving them by end of Nov 12. My employer says that I need to payback £4850 however my argument is that I have worked for 11 months in Y2012, so accordingly the payment has to be reduced on prorate basis. The agreement didn't specify any prorated deduction. It didn't taken into account of months worked within a year. Do you think, I have some argument to put forward? Do you think that my employer is fair to me? Looking forward to hear from you all. Thanks for reading my post. Regards, Baskey
  9. I have to pay back an overpayment which is my fault. I was told that they can take a third of my Incapacity Benefit so that is about £35 per week (approx £150 per month). This is quite a big chunk and the overpayments dept said that they will start collecting shortly. He agreed to send me a form giving outgoings. Can anyone offer any advice on how to get them to agree to a more realistic figure. My bank account does show all my standing orders for bills etc. Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, I have been searching on the Internet for solutions to my problem with the buyback, and I found this website which I think can give me massive helps. In 23rd of March, I went to the Vodafone shop in the St. David's Shopping Centre, Cardiff and gave My iPad2 16G WIfi to the stuff. I received a quote of 180pounds. I therefore waited for a month. Finding that there was no news, I phoned the Buyback team using the telephone number provided on their website. The man answered my phone said there was no record for my iPad2, given him all the information I had. I then went to the shop immediately and asked the stuffs. They kindly checked the record for me and said the device had already been there and it might took sometimes for the payment. And I waited for another month. On 14th of May, I sent an email to the buyback team complaining my situation. I then received a reply as follows: "Dear customer I have forwarded this to our finance departmenr as i can see there was a problem on the store order and no credit file was made for your payment i will try and have this resolved and credited as soon as possible. Kind regards VF Buyback" I really want to point out that there are so many spelling mistakes here even me who is a foreigner can point out. This really makes me feel nervous about whether I am experiencing a [problem]! But still no reply or payments from anyone. I am not an existing costumer of Vodafone but only attracted by the name of the company and the convenience to sell my device to them. However, this three months have been a real torture for me who desperately need the money. I have looked through the website and I know that many people were having problems with the money they got or the device was said to be broken with no reason. But I think my situation is even worse - they haven't even said my device is broken yet! And bear in mind that, my device was not posted by myself but handed in into the stuff's hand in the shop. I should have no problems with the device itself! Now I have just sent another email to the buyback team, I wish they can give the money to me, ASAP. Thanks for reading my complain.
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