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  1. Need a bit of advice, 2013/2014 HMRC said they overpaid working tax credits by £5500. My wife was claiming DLA, we didn't receive a payment but they paid her NI contributions as I earned too much, the previous years claims where fine apparently but nothing had changed in the claim just maybe my wage might have increased slightly. Long story short we tried to go through the dispute path but missed out by being over the 30 days mainly due to me having heart surgery in-between all this. We haven't heard anything regarding the debt just on the renewal pack saying we had a debt and it would be taken out of any working tax payments but we don't receive any payments so it hasn't been dropping. Got a letter from Advantis wanting full payment or a payment agreement setting up, I don't mind paying what we owe even though we have issues with HMRC in all this. How is the best way to deal with this I am limited on how much I can pay as just before my heart surgery we got married and took a loan out and as I was off work for 4 months racked up a big credit card bill just getting by.
  2. Strange thing happened recently. A car full of Advantis employees wearing yellow fluorescent coats turned up to collect a car owned by a neighbour. The neighbour they mentioned had not lived at the address for a very long time possibly 5 years ago. The address is rented out to a lady and has for about 5 years. I spoke to one of them as the neighbour was out advising them the person they were seeking had not lived at the address for years. They showed me a document with the car details and registration number which i did not recognise as ever havng being parked at or near neighbours house. Looking online, Advantis deal with debts owed to DVLA or HMRC. What is this likely to be about ? You don't normally send 5 large men in a hatchback to collect a car, if it is just a standard collection. A bit odd. I know the person concerned did have a business which closed after a few years. Perhaps it is related to that ? HMRC tax debt ?
  3. Hi, managed to find this forum and it so far have proved to be extremely informative and very helpful. I have a number of questions before I continue with my battle with the HMRC and the Advantis. Quick Summary: Back in 2015 I received a letter from the HMRC stating I owed over £3000 as an overpayment from Working Tax Credit. Really unsure how this could have happened as I always notified them immediately after any changes in my circumstance. Queries this via a phone call and realised there was an error on their behalf. They wrote again to me stating the new amount I owed was now £1200. This time I wrote to them asking for a breakdown of what they paid me and what I was entitled too. I also stated if I had been over paid I would repay. They responded with a letter stating they had considered my appeal and denied it but didn’t provide any breakdown. I sent a further letter stating I just wanted a breakdown to check the numbers (due to their previous error). I heard nothing for 1.5 years. I probably should have chased this further but didn’t. Until several weeks ago when I got a letter for Advantis stating my debt had been passed over to them for £1600. I followed some standard advice and wrote back to Advantis stating that I didn’t acknowledge any debt to their company and I was still in dispute with HMRC about this matter. This of course prompted me to re-contact HRMC to again ask for the details of the over payment. I also called HMRC about the matter. They stated they had received the change in my details but continued to overpay me stating it was standard practice. At this point I mentioned the Advantis letter and they then said they wouldn’t discuss the matter any further as it was with Debt Collect Agency and not their matter anymore. I’ve not had any written response from the HMRC. In the meantime Advantis have written back asking me to prove that I am in dispute with HMRC and to write to them about. They have also broken down the payment to show the original £1200 plus a new bill for the following year tax year for an additional £400. I’ve never seen this amount and not had any letters from HMRC about this amount There seems to be some great advice on this forum so hopefully somebody will help me in this situation. Questions: 1) do I write back to Advantis again stating that I don’t acknowledge the debt with them and say its in dispute with HMRC Or 2) Just ignore Advantis? 3) Do I need to send another letter to HMRC asking for a SAR regarding the original disputed amount? I also need to query where this additional £400 has come from? I’m not really sure the best way to proceed with this. On a final note, if I have been overpaid by the HMRC I will pay it back, I just wanted some form of proof that this has been incorrectly calculated. Any help gratefully received...
  4. Hi All, First time here. I have had a letter from Advantis Credit Ltd requesting the following: Dear Mr x xxxxx Advantis provides professional services to a number of large organisations within the UK. We have been instructed to verify the current whereabouts of a Mr x xxxxx formally resident at xxx xxxx xxxx in relation to an outstanding matter. If you do not contact us we will assume that you are the correct person and we will contact you again in order that we can get the matter resolved. Yours ACL * The address in question is a place I lived in 4 years ago and have since lived in 2 other locations. * Although the letter has arrived into my mailbox the actual flat number on the letter is incorrect. * They have an online portal which I have logged into using random detail and it states there is a debt of £1000. What should I do here ? I haven't formally contacted them yet. Thanks GS
  5. Hello. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I am new. During the years 2010-2012 i attend university. I received loans and grants for this period. During 2011 ( the final year) me and my partner separated and obviously this affected the household income meaning I reapplied to student finance. They requested evidence which I supplied. They continued to request evidence over months, actually years after I had left uni. I supplied all the evidence I could and they then started to request evidence of my ex's earnings during the time we were together and proof of when we split (God knows how you prove you no longer live with somebody? I sent the lease but they didn't accept). Eventually I gave them my exs new details and sent everything he had given me. They continued to request more P60s or wage slips (through me) and my ex understandably had had enough of this year's after we split. They never contacted him directly. last month my mum received a letter from them asking if I live there ( I haven't for 8 years) and I told her to give them my address....as I assumed it was just student finance about my loans etc. Now Advantis are contacting me requesting £6000 for all grants received as I didn't provide evidence that I was entitled to them ( which I 100% was, I never lied and provided everything I was able to). I emailed student finance asking them to clarify this debt as I wasn't comfortable contacting a third party when I hadn't heard from them in over 4 years. No reply. I don't really know what to do, the debt is 4 years old so I can't remember any amounts. They could ask for any amount from me and I would know no different. My question is, should I contact advantis as they've requested? Thank you in advance.
  6. Wonder if anyone can help I got a late road tax fine from Advantis which I paid 6 months ago and now I have just received a letter today from Rossendales debt collectors saying I owe them £80 for the same offence. Why would this happen? Should I get in touch with DVLA?
  7. Hi All Need some advice regarding correspondence from a debt collecting agency about a £80 fine from the DVLA for being late in renewing my vehicle tax. To bring you up to speed here is what happened. Moved address about a year ago. Phoned up DVLA at the time to speak to an adviser about everything i would need to do regarding my license & vehicle details upon moving. This adviser only ever mentioned about sending my driving license in with new address. Failed to mention VC5 log book. I am completely unfamiliar with this process. Consequently my tax renewal reminder forms were sent to my old address and without a physical tax disc to see the exact date of renewal i ended up being late in paying my vehicle tax. I was sent a letter from the DVLA that i retrieved from old address stating i owed £80 with the option of writing back if you thought the fine was unfair and to explain why exactly that was the case. I wrote back explaining that even tho i specifically phoned & asked a DVLA adviser to tell me absolutely everything i would need to do following an address change, their oversight of not mentioning the VC5 had lead to me being fined . I immediately paid my vehicle tax & all money owed in arrears and promptly set up a direct debit to automatically pay all tax in the future. I also sent off my VC5 log book to register the vehicle at my new address. I sent this letter off to the DVLA and waited for a response . Nothing happened for months. No correspondence at all from the DVLA. I thought it had been written off. out of the blue i have started receiving letters from a DCA called Advantis demanding payment of £80 for their client the DVLA . I have ignored so far all letters. I have neither contacted the DVLA or Advantis. Is there any way i can avoid paying this fine? What will happen if i dont pay? Will i receive visits at my current address &/or old address? Will this escalate to going to court? Also very importantly i will be looking to take out £15,000 loan in a few weeks, will this debt/fine come up on my credit check and will it effect my ability to get the loan? Would it just be best to nip this in the bud now or do i have any rights in being able to avoid this? Any advice will be very much appreciated. x
  8. Hi everyone Got a letter from Advantis yesterday telling me that I owe HMRC £688.09. Well this was news to me as HMRC have never been in touch. What is the best way to deal with this people? I have however been chased by HMRC for the last 10 months wherein they were chasing me for a debt of £1300 because I had failed to submit a self assessment form. Having never been self employed I had no reason to submit one. The HMRC refused to accept all evidence of P60s and wage slips from my employer. They did however send me a self assessment statement on the 7th January, received 18th January! cancelled all the alleged debts. And lo and behold now I get a lovely letter from some numpty debt collectors for a totally different amount. I'm just going to put together a "prove it" letter so any help would be most gratefully received. Thank you
  9. Hello All Advantis are chasing me and my wife for £3433.13 for an overpayment of tax credits. I was made bankrupt three years ago and I'm pretty sure the overpayment to which they are referring was from before that time. If the debt was before the bankruptcy (which was initiated by the HMRC on a separate matter) shouldn't it have been included in the bankruptcy petition? My wife is named separately on the account so I would figure that even before we disputed the amount it should only be for her share and not mine if mine was cleared with the bankruptcy. Also, what is Advantis' role in this? They claim to have been sent the account by HMRC but will not confirm whether or not they purchased the debt. They are also claiming that they can only send me any paperwork they have on me if I request it in writing and pay them £10.00 for it. Any views would be very welcome. Cheers Mike
  10. Hi All, Way back in 2014 my wife and I started getting letters from HMRC saying we had been overpaid child tax credits to the sum of £180.12p dating from 2008. My wife and I never claimed any child tax credits for this year, as we were fed up with constantly being overpaid and having to pay money back from previous years. It was just not worth the hassle! We queried HMRC about how this debt was possible when no claim had been made. They were always evasive and less than helpful. I asked for everything to be put into writing, a reasonable request which they have never been able to do. After searching and reading other threads on here, I sent them the 'Prove it letter' and the 'Limitations Act' letter. They tried it on a couple more times, then all went quiet for a few months. On Friday my wife received a letter from Advantis Debt Collection Centre stating that they have been appointed by HMRC to collect the £180.12p. Yesterday I received an identical letter claiming £180.12p from me too. Today my wife had a text message from Advantis telling her to call them to discuss an 'urgent business matter'. Any advice or guidance as to what we should do now would be very gratefully appreciated! Cheers, Paul.
  11. Hi all, it never rains but it pours. I have just received a letter from my mother, it is a demand for payment for a debt of £7XXX. It is addressed to Mr C XXXXXX and is posted to my mother's address but demands payment for power used at my old address. I share my late father's initial so my mother opened the letter thinking it was addressed to him. Letter: 8th September Dear Mr +++++++ We are a debt collection agency and we have been instructed by our client Scottish & southern power to contact you in relation to an amount of £7XXX, which their records show as being outstanding. The original balance of £6XXX has incurred a 15% recovery administration charge of £9XX due to non payment. The supply relates to the supply of Electricity services to: XXXXX(my former address) XXXXX (billing end date) the amount of £7117.58 is now due for payment. Please call us on XXX to pay by debit or credit card If you are experiencing problems ETC........ If you believe that there is a valid reason why you are not liable for this debt then we ask that you contact us immediately so we can get the matter resolved. Now my mother subsequently received a phone call from Advantis asking to speak with C Palmer in relation to a debt owed to S&S Energy She informed the caller, truthfully, that Mr C Palmer was dead. when we moved house in 2014 I informed Scottish & southern of our new location and had offered them, in writing, to settle the outstanding debt on a month to month basis. They didn't write back. In fact the first thing I have seen about this debt is this letter to my mother. I can only assume that Advantis have bought the account and are trying pot luck by sending the bill to everyone with my surname in the area. I'm also intrigued as to how a debt that was around the £3,500 mark is now, 12 months later over 7k. S&S energy ignored my offer and subsequently handed the debt over to the collectors with no new address advice and because of their incompetency they are now harassing my mother, disclosing confidential information to her concerning my account with S&S Energy and because they have obviously made an error, they have doubled the bill? Just for the record, I have never lived at my mother's address. What do you suggest I do? I'm keen for them to stop hassling my mother but I am also keen to understand why, despite my reasonable offer in 2014 and my informing them of my new address, they have decided to double the amount owed and to share my account details with a 3rd party. I am happy to pay for power used but I'm bvggered if I'm paying anything extra especially to a XXXXXX like advantis
  12. Hello. Today i recieved a letter from "advantis" looking for my whereabouts.as british gas had passed debt of £370 to them. i phoned and spoke to an agent at advantis.i explained to him that i would contact british gas and pay the debt to them directly,set up standing order etc.british gas told me they could not recall the debt,as not in their policies.this debt was from a previous address,not where we live now. so basically i owe the debt to advantis.things are tough at the moment with being out of work,though got 2 interviews next week. guy at advantis said they would continue pursuing the debt unless they heard from britsih gas. guy at british gas said i didnt owe them anything now,as debt has gone to advantis. any advice please ?
  13. I have a few problems with BT. See the attachments for the full story. However, they are still chasing for the full payment of the contract. As they were unable to provide the service that was ordered I cancelled as not being fit for the purpose. Can they still charge for the service although it was not ready and we cancelled before any services were started Many thanks in advance
  14. After a long drawn out battle with HMRC claiming we were over payed by 3.5k, we discovered that we have lost our appeal and would have to pay in full or the "debt" would be handed over, we have just had a letter from Advantis who are demanding the money. I refuse on principle to pay the money as we done nothing wrong and declared everything we earned however it seems HMRC are both Judge and Jury and we really do not know where to go from here, any advice would be most welcome. Thanks in advance
  15. On Friday I received a threatening letter from Advantis regarding an unpaid water bill. 1. The bill was for the flat I left over 18 months ago. 2. The flat has been empty since then. 3. I was up to date when I moved (was moved, sheltered housing) and Thames water were informed. 4. My current water charges are paid for in the rent and so I don't have an account with Thames or any other company. I contacted Thames water and explained this and told them I had no intention of paying this and why. They told me to get the housing association to contact them with details of the payments. This I have done. I thought I would have a bit of fun with Advantis so I called them on a number they dont want you to know and flatly refused to answer their damn fool security questions. This got them going and when I told them I was not going to pay them and would see them in court they really lost the plot. The language was about right for a navvy. You can guess what it was like when I told them to prove that I owed them anything. (rubs hands and gives an evil chuckle) Great just what I wanted so I called them back and started their complaints procedure. I also filed complaints with the FSA, Trading standards and the financial ombudsman. I will let you know what happens if anyone is interested.
  16. Hi Guys, So I'll make it simple if I can. - Advantis sent a letter to me about a month ago requesting payment of £107 for an outstanding bill with Virgin Media that I had a couple of years ago. I ignored it. I thought I'd see what happens. - When they thought it was appropriate to call me at work in the middle of the day stating who they were to a colleague I thought enough is enough (like Barbra did). They told me via this phone call that they would send another letter. They did, this time with the threat: NOTICE OF INTENT TO COMMENCE DEBT COLLECTION ACTION. Scurry stuff I think you'll agree. - I thought I'd give Virgin Media a call to confirm this amount. The gentleman I spoke to was extremely helpful and indeed confirmed the amount I owe. - I asked Virgin Media if I could pay them. They said no because they had sold it on to Advantis who I now have to pay. Groan. - I have no issue with paying this money. The issue I do have is with this company, Advantis who I picture as working from a trailer parked at the side of a road somewhere. After reading all of your posts and threads on them I really do not want to have to hand over any money to them because I don't trust them to be quite honest. Also the outstanding amount of £107 is still listed with Virgin Media on my credit report. I am concerned that if I did pay Advantis then it would still show on my credit report as defaulted. Like, I just get the feeling nothing would happen. I've worked in a cold calling sales company before and I know exactly what happens in all of these types of companies. So that's where I am at the moment. Can you guys suggest anything or do you think I should just pay Advantis and be done with it? If so, after paying Advantis should I contact Virgin Media to get the credit file default removed or changed to settled or will this automatically happen. Any advice would by much appreciated. Or if you have had the same experience then I'd be glad to hear about it. Thanks guys
  17. Hi, I was going through some old paperwork and I found the initial letter which Advantis sent to my new address about a year after I moved in... It read: Are they allowed to just give out my information i.e. full name, with middle names and previous address? If not, what'd you advise I do about it? I personally am really not happy that they're just firing out letters with my name and addresses on it without knowing where they go.
  18. Hi, Sorry if I dribble on a bit here, but there is quite a bit of back story to this one. Back in late 2006 or so, we received a letter from HMRC telling us that we had been overpaid by approx £7000 in Tax Credits for the previous 2 years, and would have to pay it back. We queried this, as far as we knew we were getting what they had told us we were entitled to, and didn;t understand it. We were advised to appeal, which we did. We were subsequently told that the first year was their fault and would be written off, but the subsequent year (2005/6) was our fault, because we should have realised that they had made an error! We spent a few months sending things backward and forwards, and were eventually told that it was because we hadn't sent back the annual return. Checking our files, we had, so phoned again to query it. We were then told that we had missed one part of the form, this was done over the phone, and we were told that it was all sorted. in January 2007 we received court papers for the alleged outstanding amount of just under £4k. We submitted our defence, stating everything in great detail, and the case has remained stayed ever since, as HMRC have never responded to our defence. We did however receive a revised award notice in April 2007 for the year 2005/6, where it now stated that we were entitled to about £4200 for the year, and that we had been overpaid by approx £1000, which would be deducted from our forthcoming payments over the next year or so. just before Christmas 2013, we received a letter from Advantis demanding immediate payment of the £4k. We wrote back pointing out that we believed we did not have to pay based on the following criteria: 1: It is over 6 years since HMRC did anything, and it was out of time. 2: HMRC have confirmed to the PAC that outstanding debts from between 2003-2008 have been written off where no recovery has taken place within the previous 12 months. 3: And finally, we have a letter from HMRC from April 2007 which states that we were entitled to it, and didn't owe them anything now. They went quiet for a bit, but phoned up today (having somehow got hold of our XD number), and started giving my wife hassle, telling her that we would have to pay at least £280 per month, that we must fill out an income/outgoings questionaire, that it is now 2004/5 tax year that they are chasing, not 5/6, although the amount is still the same, that we have no right of appeal etc, etc. My wife is panicking that they will turn up out of the blue and try to gain access, or will harass her continually. My thoughts are that even if they have got the year wrong all this time, it doesn't matter as the letter we had from HMRC still states that we only owed them about £1k, and that has been paid. I also don't think they can do anything unless they can prove that we owe anything, rather than they would just like us to - although I may be wrong here? Finally, they have suggested that we pay a token £5 or so to buy a bit of time - my thought is that the minute we do this we will acknowledge a debt and will shaft ourselves - is this right? Thanks for reading Gary
  19. All help / advice/ support / sympathy gratefully received. Apologies for the length etc. I'm new here, In Sept 2005, my friends and I moved into a shared flat. Being the organised one, I was in charge of bills. I rang up British Gas to sort out a gas account. As the flat had recently been converted from industrial units, we ended up being with BG Business, despite being residential occupants and pointing this out to them at length. This led to BG never quite getting our address correct on correspondence. Out of the blue, in about April 2007, I received a final bill from BG Business, confirming that we had closed our account. We hadn’t, and I (and another flatmate) queried this with BG over the ‘phone on more than one occasion. We continued to receive gas. I moved out of the shared flat into a place of my on on 1st Sept 2007. As I was in possession of a final bill from BG Business and the issue of the account was still in limbo, I left it to my friends to sort out and set up a new account for gas and electric with BG at my new address. In late 2008 (possibly 2009) after a further house move, I was contacted on my mobile, out of the blue by BG who alleged that I owed them for gas from the original shared address. I pointed out that I had a final bill from them. They asked if I knew the names of the tenants who were living there after I left and I passed on the relevant details. Fast forward to late 2011, I am just about to become a dad and have moved house again. Having had no further contact from BG, I start receiving post redirected from my previous address from a DCA (I forget which one). Having been spooked by the first couple of letters, I took to carefully removing the redirection stickers and returning the letters to sender (no such person) and scrawling ‘please update your records’ across the front. Fast forward to now. It’s 2014. I’m in another new house. And suddenly, I have received a couple of letters from Advantis to me (my full name) at this address. The first one was the traditional phishing message (‘we have an outstanding business issue with [my name]’); the second says I owe BG Business £3k for gas at the 'not correct' address (as mentioned above) My question is: can I continue to ignore these letters? Do I need to send a ‘prove it’ letter? Is the debt ‘statute barred’ since it relates to 2007? What is my next move??
  20. Last month I received a bill from Advantis Ltd. (collectors) on behalf of Thames Water (as stated in the bill letter). I was really surprised to get a bill for an apt. I left a year ago (and at the time of moving out from that flat we left deposit to the landlord to fulfill all the outstanding bills for water/electricity for the last month. On the actual bill, the date stated is the very same date of the end of the tenancy at previous flat. I called them up and the guy was extremely useless and annoying, I ran out of patience when he was repeatedly trying to "learn more about my financial circumstances" so he could find the best way for me to pay the bill. Even tho the only reason I called for was to know How it is possible that I'm getting this bill in the first place after a year later and even if there is a single chance we had an overdue it couldn't be as much as £126. The only explanation he found was that maybe they didn't know where I moved thus it took a year to find me. BULL****! I'm officially registered in the borough council center (which is the same as we moved within the local area) and I've updated my address there. Plus I left my university as a secondary point of contact, where they also could get in touch with me. So I don't think it would actually take a year for Thanes Water to find my current location. After I refused to give my card details (for the payment of course) to the Advantis, they started to call me every morning at 8-9 a.m. with attempts to get some personal info about me, which I haven't provided. I contacted my previous landlord to ask if he has any idea of why we're getting this bill now, unfortunately he doesn't. What should I do? Should I go to the council center to make sure that there is an outstanding bill for the period I lived in that flat and that it equals to £126? Will Advantis or Thames Water actually add commissions if I will not pay the bill asap? And how to get rid of those annoying morning calls from Advantis? Cheers!
  21. Hi, a quick question on behalf of my parents. they get working tax, did and still do. However they was given overpayment in the past. They have been making repayments the last 5-6 months, they have a letter from IR, and payment slips to prove what the IR are happy with. But they've recently been getting these letters and calls off this group of jokers - Advantis. My advice was, leave them to it, with their threats of doorstep callers, and court action, as they have a recent enough letter from IR. But they don't want the worry. My mum called IR, who said they would email Advantis and call them off, they also said they don't understand why it was ever given to them. But still the calls/letters keep coming. Whats the best letter to send, is there one that pretty much says the payments are still going to IR, or a harassment letter? Thanks.
  22. Hi All, I had a dispute with tmobile in november 2007. i received a letter from Lowell which i ignored and know have been told i will be contacted by Advantis. What can i do to get this monkey off my back?
  23. Hi everyone , I received this morning a letter from Advantis Credit Ltd regarding an outstanding bill for British Gas (the letter states ending 8/10/2009) .They are asking for almost £ 4 000 in debt . I have been separated from my husband for almost 2 years and we lived at that address when we were students .During our stay there all the bills were included in rent but we have left the property due to a landlord refusal to repair the property. At the beginning of this year after joining Equifax, I received a letters from various collection agencies telling me that I owe them some money .However, is only today I found out about the amount of debt and the name of creditors. I am really stressed about having debt collector at my door or harassing my neighbours ( just moved in a new property).I am thinking of seeking legal advice from a local solicitor, how much do you think they will charge me or is better to give it a go on my own first? Thank you B.
  24. Hello All, I have a debt with Anglian Water for £175.51 which has been handed to a debt collection company called Advantis who sent me a letter about it, [ATTACH=CONFIG]46977[/ATTACH] I initially just screwed the letter up and was about to bin it, when I stopped and thought I'd better deal with it and try to arrange a payment, so I e-mailed them. After a few days, I got a response back saying that they reject my offer of £15 per month, and I should fill in a statement of means including all of my expenses, which I've done. [ATTACH=CONFIG]46978[/ATTACH] I sent them an e-mail back with the statement of means attached, saying that, no, all I can afford to pay them per month is the £15 I offered. What are my rights here? will they come to my home and try to force entry to take my goods? will they take me to court, and if so, what will happen then? Many thanks. Regards Edit: Images appear to be thumbnails, here's a link to both: dropbox[dot]com/sh/zhesvsae49n5fcp/j13bNxRSYv
  25. hi, i am a single mum on benefits and just trying to sort my debts out and was wondering if someone could help me, i could not remember this debt so i sent off a prove it letter and this is the response they sent back. a statement of account but i cant work out why it has £219 in charges, is that something to do with adjustments, i am not sure what to do next as to whether to offer a pound a month or to ask for more proof with regards to the amount they say is owed. oops sorry i will try and change picture round later, having a problem with the scanner
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