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  1. Yup. Somewhere up North
  2. Thanks, It has a portal whereby you enter the reference number from the letter. It then asks you for contact details (gave them fake detail). It then gives an amount to pay i.e 1200.00 which clearly I didnt.
  3. I did previously live in that property which I why I'm giving it some attention. Still confused.
  4. Hi All, First time here. I have had a letter from Advantis Credit Ltd requesting the following: Dear Mr x xxxxx Advantis provides professional services to a number of large organisations within the UK. We have been instructed to verify the current whereabouts of a Mr x xxxxx formally resident at xxx xxxx xxxx in relation to an outstanding matter. If you do not contact us we will assume that you are the correct person and we will contact you again in order that we can get the matter resolved. Yours ACL * The address in question is a place I lived in 4 years ago and have since lived in 2 other locations. * Although the letter has arrived into my mailbox the actual flat number on the letter is incorrect. * They have an online portal which I have logged into using random detail and it states there is a debt of £1000. What should I do here ? I haven't formally contacted them yet. Thanks GS
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